ZDNet App Wrap: 30 July 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: 30 July 2012

Summary: Box, Friday, Australian Olympic Team London 2012, ABC Radio, Fairly Local, Accellion for Good Technology, TravelPort Mobile Agent, Email Notifier and Identifier Free

TOPICS: Apps, Android, Apple, Windows

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  • (Credit: Scott Sanders)

    Fairly Local

    Platform: iOS (iPhone)

    Price: Free

    For those of you who like to make sure that the money you spend gets to the right places, this app helps you find cafes and retailers that use fair-trade products.

  • Accellion

    (Credit: Accellion)

    Accellion Mobile App for Good Technology

    Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

    Price: Free

    Good Technology and Accellion have teamed up for this app, which integrates Good Dynamics into Accellion's Mobile App platform. This allows users to access company files securely, and collaborate with them on devices used for BYOD. Good Dynamics lets developers build secure, containerised iOS apps.

  • TravelPort mobile agent

    (Credit: Travel Technology Solutions)

    Travelport Mobile Agent

    Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

    Price: Free

    If you work as a travel agent, this app lets you access the GDS Galileo Cryptic Terminal on your iDevice, providing you with an immediate response for a travel query. It remembers the 50 last commands you entered for quick entry, too.

Topics: Apps, Android, Apple, Windows

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