ZDNet App Wrap: 5 March 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: 5 March 2012

Summary: There are always cool new apps coming out, so it's hard to keep up. ZDNet Australia brings you a taste of some of the apps that have surfaced or been updated recently.


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  • (Credit: Adobe)

    Adobe Photoshop Touch

    Price: $10.49
    Platform: iOS (iPad), Android

    A few months after its Android tablet release, Adobe Photoshop Touch has arrived for the iPad, and it's a much more comprehensive toolkit than the free Adobe Photoshop Express. However, given the limitations of the tablet as a medium, it's still not quite as comprehensive as the desktop version. It contains some of Photoshop's most popular editing tools, such as filters, effects, transform tools, image adjustment and blend modes, all optimised for touch control. It's great for casual or intermediate use, and a really cool way to carry Photoshop around with you.

  • (Credit: SonicWall)

    SonicWall Mobile Connect

    Price: Free
    Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad)

    This app, now available on Android, lets you access resources from your phone, using encrypted SSL virtual private network (VPN) connections via SonicWall appliances in the business. The idea is that the app, deployed with a SonicWall firewall, will create a clean VPN to decrypt and remove viruses and malware from traffic before it enters the enterprise network. It also identifies whether phones meet certain requirements before allowing them to connect to the company network — for example, if the phone is jailbroken, connections may be rejected.

    Although the app is free, it needs user licences for SonicWall Aventail E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA) appliances running 10.5.4 or higher; SonicWall SRA appliances running 5.5 or higher; or SonicWall Next-Generation Firewall appliances, including the TZ, NSA and E-Class NSA running SonicOS or higher.

Topics: Android, Apple, Apps, Google, Mobility, BlackBerry

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