ZDNet App Wrap: April 15, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: April 15, 2013

Summary: Heading up the App Wrap for this week are: Facebook Home, TripGo, Triptastic, Play Books, Eurorisk, Australian JobSearch, Ninja SMS, and Imgur.

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  • (Image: Facebook)

    Facebook Home

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    Here's what all the fuss was about: a Facebook launcher, to put it another way, the Facebook takeover of your Android phone.

    If you live inside of Facebook, then it's worth checking out — if you have a compatible device. And if you don't live your life on Facebook, you shouldn't be surprised if it isn't everything you ever wanted in a phone.

    But rather than take my word for it, check out this 19-page gallery on Facebook Home instead.

  • (Image: SkedGo)


    Platform: Android, iOS

    Price: Free

    Since the last App Wrap, the NSW government announced that it had worked with six app creators to bring real-time train information to commuters.

    TripGo is one of the six apps lucky enough to have government support, and we like it because it supports more modes of transport than simply public transport.

    iOS and Android users have a wide range of supported apps to choose from, but Windows Phone users, your one choice is TripView Sydney on the Windows Phone store.

  • (Image: Rupert Hanson)


    Platform: iOS

    Price: $2.99

    Triptastic is an iOS only app that appeared last week and supports the NSW government's real-time train data.

    Users of the app love it, so maybe there is something in its "dynamic, gorgeous interactive maps" claims.

    Android users that want to get their hands on this app will have to sit tight for a little while yet — but at least it is a possibility.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps


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