ZDNet App Wrap: March 18, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: March 18, 2013

Summary: Apps under the snark-o-scope this week include ABC, Sydney Royal Easter Show, Road Mode, Citrix Mobile Enroll, Feedly, Meeting-Recorder, Kickoff, and Flickr.

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  • (Image: Zenprise)

    Citrix Mobile Enroll

    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    If your IT infrastructure team has a XenMobile Device Manager server buried in the basement, and you want to access your corporate email, then you'll be needing this app.

    Working across iPhones and iPads, the app gives access to work email, calendar, address book, and documents; sets up automatic configuration for company's Wi-Fi; and the ability to find, locate, and lock your lost device.

  • (Image: Feedly)


    Platform: iOS, Android

    Price: Free

    From the exodus created by Google Reader, Feedly has quickly picked up quite a few users.

    This app is great for quick or casual perusal of your RSS feeds. It looks nice, has some good gestures (which they recently switched the orientation of, presumably to allow for Flipbook like page flipping), and opens the linked stories in its own WebView, rather than jumping the user over into a browser session.

    For people that consume RSS items by the hundreds, ie, journalists, Feedly isn't quite the RSS-munching app that is needed.

    For everyone else, it's worth a look as your Google Reader replacement.

  • (Image: Lin Pei)


    Platform: iOS

    Price: $1.99

    Here's a nice way to organise audio memos: In calendar format. Add to this the ability to add sound and video to the recording with iCloud support, and it's a great mix.

    Certainly a step up from the default recording apps available on various mobile platforms.

Topics: AppWrap, Apps


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