ZDNet App Wrap: November 19, 2012

ZDNet App Wrap: November 19, 2012

Summary: We look at the apps for Xbox SmartGlass, My next car, Duolingo, AAMI Claim Assist, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, Melbourne Zoo, Skype, and Nokia QR.


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  • (Credit: Skype)


    Platform: iOS

    Price: Free

    Shelled out for an iPhone 5 and sick of seeing black bars around Skype? Then you are in luck, as the app was released with iPhone 5 support this week.

  • (Credit: Nokia)

    Nokia QR

    Platform: Windows Phone 7

    Price: Free

    Here at the ZDNet App Wrap, we try to bring you the best applications from each and every mobile platform available.

    This is the best app we could find on Windows Phone.

    We're sorry.

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