ZDNet Australia CIO of the year

ZDNet Australia CIO of the year

Summary: Cesare Tizi, who was the chief information officer at Australia's largest energy supplier AGL Energy, has been awarded the title of ZDNet Australia CIO of the year 2007.


Cesare Tizi, former chief information officer at Australia's largest energy supplier AGL Energy, has been awarded the title of ZDNet Australia CIO of the year 2007.

Tizi fought off competition from a shortlist which included Paul Williams from Campbell Arnott's, Michael Harte from the Commonwealth Bank and Jetstar's Stephen Tame.

The final vote was extremely close: Graham Andrews, CIO of PricewaterhouseCoopers, was highly commended by the judging panel, which included Sheryle Moon, CEO, Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA); Mary Ann Maxwell, group vice president, Gartner Executive Programs; Munir Kotadia, editor, ZDNet Australia and Brian Haverty, editorial director, CNET Networks Australia.

"Cesare led the company through a very significant period of change -- with their respect," said Gartner's Maxwell. "He changed the processes, how they did business and who they did business with."

Maxwell said that Tizi -- along with many of their other nominees -- had the qualities required to be a successful CIO but his achievement in combining both business acumen and IT skills set him apart from the rest.

"He was recognised as the businessman leading IT -- that is the mark of an accomplished CIO," she said.

CNET Networks' Haverty also praised Tizi's business skills.

"What set him apart from the high quality of nominations we got was that the nominators indicated that he is a businessman who understands technology. Bridging that gap is a huge talent and key to his success," said Haverty.

Graham Andrews, CIO of PricewaterhouseCoopers, was highly commended by the judges, who recognised the challenge of being responsible for the IT in an organisation full of "experts".

"The judges were impressed that here was a CIO leading a knowledge-based organisation and being respected by that organisation," said Gartner's Maxwell.

"All CIO jobs have their tough elements but being the CIO of an organisation where technology is an important part of what they do -- and the people in it are very often business technology experts -- is a particular accomplishment," she added.

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  • Congrats to the Winner

    but its laughable Munir Kotadia is deemed suitable enough to judge a CIO's worth.

    Speaks volumes about ZDNet Australia credibility...
  • pot kettle black

    if you can't claim your opinion by giving your name, your opinion is not worth listening to.
  • Oh the irony...

    By that logic your opinion is also not worth listening to....
  • Was that really

    worth spending minutes of your short life posting? And who are you to judge Munir? what a pointless post anonymous.
  • Language style...

    points to Jo Best... Just a guess though

    But anyway to be judged a CIO of the year, you would expect to be reviewed by some serious industry heavyweights, your peers etc..

    Now fair enough its ZDNet's award so they want someone on the panel, that slot is taken by Brian Haverty... So why the need for a fluffy journo who fails to understand the enterprise, someone like Angus Kidman you could understand maybe...

    Compare Kotadia's security blogs to Kidman's storage blogs to get an idea here...
  • Not me, I'm afraid

    A Jo Best tribute act perhaps?
  • EnergyAustralia backup disaster stuns Gartner

    Reported in Feb this year by ZDNet themselves.

  • Oops. - please disregard previous post

    Oops....thought he was EA not AGL...pls disregard previous post...
  • Unemployed Australia CIO of the Year

    Bizarre choice really given it seems he was forced out his job and "He has been at AGL for three years, but only sporadically since June"

  • Well done Cesare!!!

    Congratulations on a job well done.
    It's a pity that people can't recoginise and congratulate someone when they've excelled in their work.
    This isn't about Munir (by the way mate, get a haircut will you) or Jo Best or that Cesare is no longer with AGL, this is Cesare's moment, so well done and well earned.
  • hear hear

    good point.
  • Yes Good for Cesare

    He needs some good fortune after nasty Qantas didn't give him the CIO job and instead gave it to a foreigner..

    Oh wait no because it turns out Jamila Gordon is Australian she emigrated in 1989 from Somalia.. She just had worked in Europe the last few years...

    PS-Does he actually win anything? Maybe a trip to Europe?
  • irony indeed!

    that much bitterness and angst, it could only be one person!

    David Lording, is that you???
  • Elected by a panel of WHO?

    a couple of journos, someone fm a vendor org and Maxwell (who is the only one with any cred in the CIO space) -- total joke that he's not even a current CIO
  • Hilarious

    What a toss. The useless wanker was sacked for incompetence.
  • Ridiculous

    Ces wasn't sacked for incompetence. Just inactivity!

    Must have been nominated by his offsider - the king of spin!!

    And judged by his publicist.
  • There again...

    Anyone from TransUrban want to add anything? You guys must be stoked at this sort of recognition after the superlative effort of Ces and his cohorts...
  • Ces Tizi

    What a joke, this guy did nothing but disrupt the lives of over 200 hardworking, long serving AGL IT employees and even forced some of them to court to get their redundancy package! This guy is a waste of oxygen, and his 'management' team were all shady copies of him. Got rid of fully functional, consistently high performing systems, because they were 'old'. With AGL for less than 3 years because he got FIRED.