ZTE partners Mozilla to develop mobile OS

ZTE partners Mozilla to develop mobile OS

Summary: The new mobile operating system is targeted to be launched in coming months, as part of plans by the Chinese telecoms equipment maker to reduce its reliance on Android and Windows.

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Browser, China

China's ZTE is partnering Mozilla, the maker of Internet browser Firefox, to launch a new mobile operating system "later this year or early next year".

"It's all part of our wider plans to create a better balance of products using various operating systems. We won't just rely on Android or Windows." said ZTE spokesman David Dai Shu in a Reuters article on Wednesday.

He added that ZTE would roll out the operating system with Mozilla over the next few months, and planned to introduce a product for use in mobile devices either at the same time or a little later.

ZTE is also looking into Web-based operating systems, but has no immediate plans to support those developed by Chinese Internet firms such as Baidu Inc and Alibaba, Dai said in the article.

Most of ZTE's phones currently run on Android, while its Tania series uses Windows, noted Reuters.

There has also been a push by other Chinese companies to introduce their own mobile OS recently. Earlier this month, Acer planned to unveil a mobile phone running Alibaba's Aliyun OS, but was reportedly forced to scrap the launch due to pressure from Google.

Topics: Mobile OS, Browser, China


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  • Yea good luck with that...

    No really, good luck...
  • @ Qbt

    Why do you say that? Of course actually it is difficult to succeed in a Android/iOS world but Mozilla have got a couple or three points which could make the difference:
    1- it aims to milions and milions of people who can not afford iPhones, Galaxy, Nexus or Lumia devices. It will, as far as they proclaims, offer a "modern smartphone experience" to people who's actually buying feature phones (like Nokia's Asha) or low-end Androids.
    2- It has already got the needed commercial and infrastructural support from important telecom players such as Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and Sprint. Those, along with others, can finally take full control of their own ecosystems of applications and services through the true open Mozilla's platform without having to share any technology with the wishes of Google, Apple and Microsoft. It's the technology many telcos companies are aiming for from quite sime time now..
    3- It will make extremely easy for developers to create software for the platform, and the very same software will be available for all other OSes and exspecially browsers.
    I find it just great as a project and Mozilla IS the open source hero for milions of people yet.