A to Z of cool startups, apps, fundings and acquisitions in 2013

A to Z of cool startups, apps, fundings and acquisitions in 2013

Summary: We take a look back at what has been happening across the startup world and discover some great new apps, ideas and companies that made the news during 2013.


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  • Amirite

    A London-based start-up has created the “ultimate platform for debate” has developed a website and iPhone application which invites instant reactions to user submitted posts.

    The Amirite social media platform asks users to post an opinion, question or statement while others give their opinion by simply voting 'Thumbs Up' or 'Thumbs Down'. Votes are used for ranking opinions, with the most active posts being more prominently featured.

    Amirite has an achievement system to allow users to find and vote for the most contentious posts.  Users’ positive or negative opinions are displayed directly to the world with trending posts gaining more and more opinions the longer they are popular.

    Credit: Amirite

  • Bazaart

    Israel based startup Bazaart announced the launch of the Bazaart iPhone free application in June. Part collage app, part social network, the Bazaart application is intended to help users be more creative and make collages from Pinterest pins.

    Bazaart’s editor allows you to cut out the background automatically with its “computer vision algorithm”, and with your fingertips, copy, flip, rotate, scale and position the photos in your collage.

    Credit: Bazaart

Topics: Start-Ups, CXO, Social Enterprise

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  • Wrike


    Graphite was launched in August 2013 promising to reshape online project collaboration. Wrike is a social collaboration and task management startup in Silicon Valley.

    Graphite promises a “new, clean and evolved way for workers to collaborate in the office or across the globe” and it intends to “contemporize digital and social project management”.

    Credit: Wrike"

    ROFL....Give that copy editor more 'lice'....lol