Apple offers educational pricing on iPad

Apple offers educational pricing on iPad

Summary: Apple doesn't offer much in the way of discounts, so when it does, people take notice. Educators and students can now get up to $30 off an iPad.

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Apple offers educational pricing on iPad - Jason O'Grady
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Apple is offering discounts on the iPad Air ($30) and the Retina iPad mini ($20), according to reports.

This is the first time that Apple has included iPads in its educational program. 

The iPad Air traditionally starts at $499, but can be had for $469 on the company's higher education store. Other configurations of the iPad Air are similarly $30 off the retail price. 

The Retina iPad mini has also been discounted for students and educators, just slightly less than the Air. Normally starting at $399, the iPad mini with Retina display starts at $379 — $20 off — on the higher education store

Other iPads, MacBooks and other Apple hardware are also discounted on the company's higher education store.

According to its educational terms and conditions Apple offers special education pricing on Apple computers, software and select third-party products to college students, parents buying for a college student, or teachers, home-school teachers, administrators, and staff of all grade levels.

Students who have been accepted to college are also eligible.

Topics: Apple, iPad

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  • I can buy an iPad Air from Micro Center for $459.99

    Apple isn't doing anyone any favors.
  • WOW!

    So I can now buy one of the high-end $929.00 128GB + cellular units for ...

    let me think a minute ...


    Who do I make out the check to? That's too good a deal to pass up!
    • great deal

      Does it include the keyboard, or does that cost extra?
  • iPad Student Discount

    Am I supposed to be impressed? IMO, its not a discount but rather an insult. Please, Apple, simply maintain your position in the market as an extremely expensive but very good computer manufacturer. You don't need to extend a "discount" of any kind since it really makes no meaningful difference anyway.
  • Errrr

    So the base model is 6% off. The school would need to by 16 of them essentially to get one free. Way to go Apple.