Apple releases iOS 7.1.1

Apple releases iOS 7.1.1

Summary: Apple patches a number of bugs in the iOS platform, and takes a second stab at fixing the Touch ID fingerprint recognition "fade" reported by some iPhone 5S users.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple

Apple has released iOS update 7.1.1.

The update, which is the first minor update to iOS 7.1 (which itself was only released March 10, 2014), patches a number of issues, including Touch ID recognition, keyboard responsiveness, and problems with Bluetooth keyboards when VoiceOver is activated.

iOS 7.1.1
iOS 7.1.1


This is the second time that Apple has issued a patch for the Touch ID fingerprint recognition issue. iOS 7.1 also attempted to fix the "fade" issue that some users have been reporting.

iOS 7.1.1 is compatible with every iOS 7.1 device, which means that the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, and 5S, the iPad 2, 3, 4, and Air, both iPad minis, and the fifth-generation iPod touch.

Topics: Mobility, Apple

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  • We need Wifi Calling!

    How about adding Wi-fi Calling feature suckers?
    • Agreed.

      One of the best features of Android and Windows Phone phones.
      • One of the best features of

        supported Android and Windows phones on T-mobile.

        There. Fixed it for you.
        • Fixed what?

          Nothing I said was in error.
          • Errors of omission.

            It's a common technique among the dishonest.
        • It's not just T-Mobile

          It will be the way of the future where our phone services are virtualised and doesn't depend on specific networks.
          Data only devices will be the way and we just port our phone numbers and use data-only SIMS for mobile.
          It's in its infancy at the moment and Android and Windows Phone is supporting it. Apple will eventually do it once they realise wifi calling has made the phone in iphone obsolete. They will probably work on a way to prevent wifi calling on 4G iPads to string out the iPhone for as long as they can.
          • iMessage

            I think apple is the only one currently supporting it with native apps. Facetime and imessage supports sending msgs or calling thru wifi.
          • imessage is proprietary

            And it doesn't virtualise phone services like SMS. All it does is hijack a phone number for SMS and use peer to peer instant messaging to deliver the SMS.
            Wifi calling actually reroutes SMS in both directions thru wifi.
            Facetime is just peer to peer video calling and nothing like wifi calling where a standard mobile phone call is rerouted thru the internet. Both ends needs facetime for it to work whereas wifi calling would actually allow a standard 3G video call over IP without any proprietary apps. Apple iphone has never supported 3G video call protocol which is why they went with facetime.
          • what wifi calling means

            Your phone coverage is no longer limited to cellular coverage by your carrier. It is only limited by your wifi connection.
            It means when you travel, you don't have to worry about roaming. You are now roaming via the internet. You just get the best value local data only SIM and use your phone like normal. You don't need to redirect calls or tell people about an alternative overseas number. They just call you on your normal number and it works over the internet.
            It uses the internet as an extension from your phone to your phone company.
          • Call over internet.

            Why would Apple implement that, there are a number of services available already (Skype, Viber, etc).

            I use this (Skype) from my iPhone all the time to run my business in Ghana, calling mobiles and landlines there.
          • If your iPhone did real internet calling

            You could still use skype local number for overseas local calls when you're overseas AND still call home for the cost of a local call at home.
            Ultimate flexibility to suit different needs, not just Apple's way or no way.
    • do facetime

      just do facetime, and don't look at the screen. : )
      • Typical Mac fanboi responses

        Expect others to adapt to Apple instead of Apple adapting to user requirements.
        • Um...

          Heard of Viber? How about Skype? I'm sure there are tons of VOIP apps out there. Why are we even discussing this. Isn't FB messenger doing something about this as well?
          • they are not voip apps

            They are peer to peer proprietary protocol communications.
            They don't do 2 way rerouting of phone calls like a proper VOIP SIP phone because they don't have 2 way phone exchange hubs.
          • So?

            You asked about wi-fi calling. Who cares if it is proprietary? If you want to talk to just anyone, install Skype. It works fine.
          • the key is the phone number

            If your grandma in Mongolia calls you on your phone number, can you receive the call with just skype and a wifi connection when you don't have cellular connection?
            This is the whole point of wifi calling, it unplugs your cellular connection and plugs it into wifi over the internet.
            No skype, no sign up skype account, no skype credits, no searching for hidden IDs, no facetime, no imessage, no Apple ID, no assumptions of the technology at either end. Just a phone number.
          • RE:

            Yes if you have a Skype number you can. I have this and I use it all the time to prevent people from calling me when abroad in Africa where roaming calls are expensive.
          • so when you're in Africa

            How do you call home or receive calls from home country?
            This is what internet calling makes awesome.
            It allows you to roam using internet instead of mobile carriers.
          • Read some of my other response to learn why we're discussing it.