Apple releases OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: What you need to know

Apple releases OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: What you need to know

Summary: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion was released Wednesday after a year in development. Out with a slew of new features, here's what you need to know, as well as a roundup of ZDNet and CNET's coverage.


Cue the fanfare. Apple released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion at long last, after more than a year in development. First announced in February, third-party application developers have spent months preparing for the release. 

Despite the release dubbed as a minor upgrade to the older 10.7 "Lion," Apple has included a number of new features to revitalize Mac sales ahead of Microsoft's Windows 8 launch later this year.

With greater iCloud integration, Messages, and social sharing, along with a brand new Notification Center, Apple continues the "iOS-ification" of its desktop operating system to bring it closer in line with its mobile cousins. 

Mountain Lion is now available in the Mac App Store for $19.99 in the U.S., £13.99 in the U.K., €15.99 in Europe and AU$20.99 in Australia. Most modern Macs, MacBooks, and Mac minis will be able to download the operating system, and those who bought new Apple hardware in the past month will receive a free upgrade.

Here's a roundup of what you need to know, from ZDNet and sister-site CNET:

Apple's Mountain Lion: Another step toward iOS, Mac feature unification

Larry Dignan: It's not immediately clear what Apple's Mac OS speedy cadence and feature unification with iOS will mean for business users.

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Why I won't be upgrading to Apple's Mountain Lion OS X 

Rachel King: As a MacBook Pro owner who upgraded to "Lion" last July, I'm not interested in Mountain Lion. Here's why.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Hands-on walkthrough (photos)

ZDNet: A look-through at what you can expect to see in Apple's next-generation operating system, featuring 35 slides of screenshots, features, and changes to the Mac-based software.

Reporters' Roundtable: Mountain Lion and the evolution of operating systems

CNET: Apple has embarked on an ambitious plan to release a major OS X upgrade every year. What's it mean, and why? And what's missing from Mountain Lion, the upcoming update to the Mac OS?

Apple's WWDC 2012: iOS6, Mountain Lion, and more (photos)

CNET: At WWDC this year, Apple announced updates to its operating systems, iOS6 and Mountain Lion, as well as its new lineup of hardware.

With Mountain Lion, Apple brings iOS and OS X a big step closer

CNET: In addition to bringing many iOS features to the Mac, the latest version of OS X -- Mountain Lion -- further unifies the user experience while adding new security protection.

Mountain Lion release date, Apple OS X updates

CBS News: Rejoice Macheads! Apple's new operating system Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is almost here.

How to prepare your Mac for Mountain Lion

CNET: Apple's next OS is due out in July, but when it comes time to upgrade will you be prepared?

OS X Mountain Lion unifies software update into Mac App Store

Zack Whittaker: Apple has ditched the traditional 'Software Update' utility in favour of bringing fixes, changes, and updates to the Mac App Store instead.

Mountain Lion gets daily automatic updates

CNET: Apple's enhanced software updating routine has its benefits and drawbacks.

Silent security updates coming to Apple's OS X Mountain Lion

Dancho Danchev: The latest update to the Mountain Lion Developer Preview, includes the OS X Security Update Test 1.0 feature which silently downloads and installs the latest security updates.

Apple's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion features Twitter, no Facebook

Emil Protalinski: Apple is once again choosing to integrate Twitter into one of its operating systems. Facebook does not get a mention in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Does this mean it won't make it into iOS either?

OS X Mountain Lion upgrade to sell in July for $19.99

CNET: OS X users of Lion and Snow Leopard can update to Mountain Lion for $19.99 when the new OS ships in July.

Six reasons why OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion should be a free upgrade

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Ecosystem is only part of the equation.

A Mountain Lion ate my MacBook Air

Jason D. O'Grady: Mountain Lion (developer preview 1) is actually a pretty compelling release, but it's still a developer preview -- meaning it has some nasty bugs -- as I learned this weekend.

Mountain Lion features you might have missed

CNET: Apple had a plan for what it wanted to show off in Mountain Lion when it came out last week, but what about smaller changes and tweaks to the operating system?

Mountain Lion Gatekeeper: A disappointment, rather than a serious security tool

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Gatekeeper is really little more than a tool that restricts what the user can run, rather than a security tool that sorts the wheat from the toxic chaff.

iBooks: One iOS app that's sorely missing from Mountain Lion

Jason D. O'Grady: Anything's possible, of course, but there's cause for concern for anyone waiting for a version of iBooks for OS X.

Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than it sold Macs in 28 years

Zack Whittaker: A startling reminder that the world is not on the desk anymore, or on our laps. It's in the palm of our hands, or resting in our pockets ready to be beckoned at our every whim.

Apple's WWDC keynote: A quick recap in pictures (photos)

CNET: Don't have the patience to watch nearly two hours of Apple's keynote from WWDC 2012? CNET's got you covered with the highlights.

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  • Lion crashes still not fixed by Apple

    Apple's own forum now has over 300,000 comments from Mac Book Pro owners who "upgraded" to Lion who are experiencing frequent Black Screen of Death system crashes, ofter more than 20 time a day. Mine is one of them. Apple has done nothing to help us with this problem, which has turned our MBPs into annoying gadgets, totally unsuitable for business or other serious use. Why send Apple more money for another "upgrade" when they can not manage to fix the current OS?
    • Did you ever rebuild

      from format your drive and re-install Lion? We have it on over 100 Mac's at work and never a single issue. We did clean installs and we made sure all of our apps are "Lion" certified.
      • Rebuild from scratch?

        You realize the beauty of the Mac OS is that users don't need to know any of this to use the machine. No need to know how to back up to an external or even how to navigate a file system. Low level format? What's a 'format'.

        Sorry man, not to say other OSs are superior, it's that the Mac has always appealed to the technically un-savy.
        Rob Berman
        • @Rob Berman

          Funny thing is that's your greatest weakness. When something goes wrong you're left running to Apple for a solution. Which they may or may not have. You don't need to know how a car works, but who has the most reliable car? The guy who knows.
        • How mighty you are.

          Your straw man argument has me convinced. See how easily you knocked it over?
      • Interesting knowledge

        Are you running Lion on any mid 2010 Mac Book Pro 15" units?
        • Answer

          Sorry, I did not answer your question. Yes, I and many others have tried the solution you mention. Unfortunately, the crashes continued after a reformat and reinstall. I am not looking to damn Apple here, only to compel them to do something about this problem. They are well aware of it, but have not issues a single fix for it. For some users they have replaced the logic board, but for most they claim that their tests show that all is ok, even when the problem occurs in front of their Genius techs, and offer nothing.
        • Actually yes I am

          It's amid 2010 2.66 GHZ Core i7. and lion runs pretty well. I think your problem was removing Lion and running Windows 7 exclusively.
          Jumpin Jack Flash
          • His problem is that he's getting the same kind of expert help from you

            as can be expected from Apple's support group.
            Just blatant smugness and sarcasm.

            Sucks to be you
            milo ducillo
      • Reformat and Reinstall

        Huh, we were told that if we switched to OS X, we'd never need to do that again.

        Guess we were lied to.

      • just works?

        Wait, what happened to "it just works"?
        Clean installs?
        Apps need to be lion certified? What if my local zoo doesn't have a lion to certify my apps?
        • Just upgrade like a normal Apple user

          Trash it and buy a new one
          milo ducillo
        • @warboat

          "What if my local zoo doesn't have a lion to certify my apps?"

          This phrase actualy made me laugh out loud. :-D
        • Not any kind of Lion, but Mountain Lion

          You can't get by with just any Lion certifying your apps, that Lion is already old news.
    • What's preventing you from downgrading

      Back to Snow Leopard until the issue is resolved?
      • downgrading

        Downgrading is uncool. Can't do it.
        • Ask an expert

          When you can't do something, ask someone who can. Depending on their mode of operation that could you cost you from Thank You, to a beer, or.. who knows what else (including all your data).
      • Huh?

        Apple doesn't make products that cause problems. :-)
    • You are much the exeption--not the rule

      On my 5-year-old iMac I have yet to experience a system crash such as you describe since I installed Lion, and I think the older-slower hardware would be far more likely to be impacted than any newer product.
      • FUD

        Everyone knows it upgraded itself and Apple hardware never gets old or slow. All these posts are pure fud, nothing ever grows wrong. Nothing goes right either. It's just magical.