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Summary:Independent test lab AV-TEST has released their latest results for Android security products. We bring you the results for detection, features, and system impact.

In its latest comparison of Android security apps, independent test lab AV-TEST found an overall high level of detection. 16 of the 30 products tested detected 100 percent of malware in the AV-Test, and many more were close to 100 percent. On the other hand, a few had false positives.

Only two of the products (Zoner Mobile Security 1.1 and SPAMFighter VIRUSfighter Android 2.1) failed to meet AV-TEST's standards for certification.

The movement in the pool of products has not been significant since AV-TEST's last Android roundup  less than two months ago. The median overall score is the same and the average detection percentage is within 1 percent of the last tests. 

Here is a complete listing of the products tested and their detection scores:

Product Google Play link Exact version tested Score
Avira Free Android Security 3.0 (link) 3.0 6.0
Bitdefender Mobile Security 2.6 (link) 2.6.114 6.0
G Data Internet Security 25.0 (link) 25.0.0 6.0
Kingsoft Mobile Security 3.3 (link) 3.3.1 6.0
KSMobile Clean Master 4.0 (link) 4.0.3 6.0
KSMobile CM Security 1.0 (link) 1.0.0alpha 6.0
McAfee Mobile Security 3.1 (link) 6.0
Qihoo 360 MobileSecurity 1.5 (link) 1.5.1 6.0
Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.5 (link) 3.5 6.0
TrustGo Mobile Security 1.3 (link) 1.3.14 6.0
Aegislab Antivirus Premium 1.1 (link) 1.1.4 6.0
Ahnlab V3 Mobile 2.1 (link) 6.0
Anguanjia Security Manager 4.3 (link) 4.3.1 5.5
F-Secure Mobile Security 8.3 (link) 8.3.13921 5.5
Ikarus Mobile Security 1.7 (link) 1.7.19 5.5
NQ Mobile Security 6.8 (link) 5.5
Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile 3.5 (link) 5.5
avast! Mobile Security 3.0 (link) 3.0.6978 5.0
ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus 2.0 (link) 2.0.843.0 5.0
Kaspersky Internet Security 11.2 (link) 11.2.3 6.0
Quick Heal Total Security 1.01 (link) 1.01.070 5.5
Symantec Norton Mobile Security 3.8 (link) 6.0
Antiy AVL 2.2 (link) 2.2.32 5.5
Sophos Mobile Security 3.1 (link) 3.1.1245 4.5
Comodo Mobile Security 2.3 (link) 2.3.293084.125 5.0
Tencent Mobile Security Manager 4.5 (link) 4.5.1 5.5
Bornaria Mobile Security 1.3 (link) 1.3.25 2.0
Panda Security Mobile Security 1.1 (link) 1.1.0 4.0
Zoner Mobile Security 1.1 (link) 1.1.4 0.0
SPAMFighter VIRUSfighter Android 2.1 (link) 2.1.3 0.0

We have included an AV-Test-provided chart below showing detection rates, focusing on the range of 95 percent to 100 percent, but here's a concise summary of the ranges:

  • 100 percent: Aegislab (*), Ahnlab V3 (*), Anity AVL, Avira, Bitdefender, G Data, Ikarus, Kaspersky, Kingsoft, KSMobile CM, KSMobile CMS, McAfee, Norton, Qihoo 360, Trend Micro, TrustGo
  • 99.0 percent—99.9 percent: ESET, Anguanjia, Comodo (*), F-Secure, NQ Mobile, Tencent, Webroot
  • 96.8 percent—98.7 percent: avast!, Panda (*), Quick Heal, Sophos
  • In The Rear: Bornaria (87.3 percent), Zoner (67.5 percent), SPAMFighter (36.1 percent)

(*) - Program had false positives

As the asterisk legend says, four of the products falsely-detected malware in programs. Aegislab Antivirus Premium 1.1 and Ahnlab V3 Mobile 2.1 each had one false detection in a third-party app store. But Comodo Mobile Security 2.3 had three false positives in the Google Play Store and Panda Security Mobile Security 1.1 had four in Google Play. 


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