Dropbox rolls out new admin controls for team management

The update is the latest in a series of admin features Dropbox has rolled out over the last year as part of its Admin X initiative.


Dropbox's new web session control feature.

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Dropbox is rolling out new platform features designed to give admins stronger user controls and greater visibility into their teams' Dropbox usage.

Newly released features include a redesigned admin console with a focus on simplifying team management, a new web session control function that limits access to company data, a custom-built password strength estimator that compares passwords against a database to judge viability, and subdomain verification that controls which subdomains receive access to a company Dropbox account.

The update is the latest in a series of admin features the cloud storage company has rolled out over the last year as part of its Admin X initiative, which aims to improve the way businesses and teams use its platform.

The first wave of Admix X features revamped the admin dashboard and added more folder-level controls for document sharing, organization, and security. Dropbox followed up with a November update that added tools for centralized network control, device approvals, and reporting and auditing.

In January, Dropbox announced the release of Smart Sync, the formal name for what was previously dubbed Dropbox Project Infinite, as well as Paper, the company's note-taking and collaboration tool.

Dropbox says the Admin X initiative has helped the company grow to half a billion registered users and ramp up adoption with businesses. Last June, Dropbox announced that it was cash flow positive, and in January, CEO Drew Houston announced that Dropbox reached $1 billion in revenue run rate "faster than any other SaaS company in history."

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