SMB security appliance breaks $10K barrier

ReadyARM integrates intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and reporting, and correlation.

Start-up security-solutions provider Avanton on Tuesday announced ReadyARM, a low-cost network security appliance designed for small- and mid-sized businesses.

ReadyARM integrates the security aspects of Intrusion Detection (IDS) alerting and reporting, vulnerability scanning and reporting, and correlation. According to Avanton[LINK: ], these features enable administrators to ensure that their networks comply with state and Federal government regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and GLBA.

The device monitors network traffic and detects intrusion attempts, alerting appropriate personnel in real-time and providing detailed reports and event history for attack tracking. Alerts can be customized to reduce the number of false positives. ReadyARM also utilizes progressive scanning levels to look for known system, application, and service vulnerabilities, testing them for potential harmful impact.

A bandwidth monitor and network analysis tool can help administrators reduce unauthorized Web surfing, music downloads, and other potential misuse of network resources, Avanton[LINK:] said. Users can access reports and monitor security issues using ReadyARM's pre-integrated Web portal, and view them through any standard Web browser.

ReadyARM is available now for $9,995. For an additional cost of less than $2,000 annually, Avanton offers updates, upgrades, backups, and support services.


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