Australians landed with a premium price for Mac Pro

Australians landed with a premium price for Mac Pro

Summary: Pricing on Apple's new iPad Air and mini variants tracks the US price nicely, but the upcoming Mac Pro breaks the AU$5,000 barrier.

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Australians wanting to get their hands on a new Mac Pro would be better off reviving the old tricks of sourcing their hardware directly out of the United States than buying locally.

At its event in San Francisco earlier this morning, Apple unveiled a set of new iPads and MacBook Pros with Retina display, and announced the launch of the new Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro comes in two variants: A quad-core Xeon boasting 12GB of RAM, and a 6-core Xeon with 16GB of RAM. Both Mac Pros have dual GPUs, with the 6-core variant coming with 3GB of VRAM.

Australians wanting either of these new systems will have to dig deep, with the prices for the new Mac Pros being AU$3,999 and AU$5,299, respectively. By contrast, the US pricing is $2,999 and $3,999.

Doing a raw calculation of adding 10 percent for GST and calculating the currency conversion from US to Australian dollars, Australian Mac Pro buyers will be out of pocket by AU$600 for the lower-specification Mac Pro, and AU$766 for the high-end model.

Mac Pro Low High
Australia AU$3,999 AU$5,299
United States $2999 $3999

The local pricing is not quite at the mark to say that it is cheaper to fly to the United States and back to make a purchase of a Mac Pro, but it is a turnaround in the trend of Apple's pricing to closely shadow US prices.

The news is better for Australian customers looking to make an iPad purchase, with the local prices on Apple's tablets closely reflecting the US pricing, once GST and currency conversion is taken into account.

A 16GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi will cost $399 in the US and AU$479 in Australia; looking at the straight currency conversion from US to Australian dollars, and adding 10 percent for GST, the raw conversion comes to AU$453.33. Similarly, a 128GB iPad Air with LTE costs $929, and by straight conversion with GST, it comes to AU$1,022; the retail price in Australia is AU$1,049.

Australia 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB
iPad Air Wi-Fi AU$598 AU$699 AU$799 AU$899
iPad Air LTE AU$749 AU$849 AU$949 AU$1,049
iPad mini Wi-Fi AU$479 AU$598 AU$699 AU$799
iPad mini LTE AU$629 AU$749 AU$849 AU$949
United States 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB
iPad Air Wi-Fi $499 $599 $699 $799
iPad Air LTE $629 $729 $829 $929
iPad mini Wi-Fi $399 $499 $599 $699
iPad mini LTE $529 $629 $729 $829

A top-of-the-line MacBook Pro with Retina display will cost $1,799 in the US, or AU$2,199 locally. After conversions and adding GST, an Australian customer is AU$262 out of pocket.

MacBook Pro with Retina Low Mid High
Australia AU$1,599 AU$1,849 AU$2,199
United States $1,299 $1,499 $1,799

Updates to the latest Macintosh operating system, OS X Mavericks, will be free.

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      • Sounds good, but…

        you might have trouble getting through customs without paying GST. One device, no problems. Two is probably OK, but 10 or 12? Can't see them letting you get away with that.
        Fred Fredrickson
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