BlackBerry 10 is the first BlackBerry to fully support BYOD

BlackBerry 10 is the first BlackBerry to fully support BYOD

Summary: I haven't been able to adopt BlackBerry as my primary platform due to limitations of BIS, but now with full Exchange ActiveSync support I can finally use BlackBerry 10 without restriction.

BlackBerry 10 is the first BlackBerry to fully support BYOD

Prior to BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry owners connected via BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) or BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) and special provisioned accounts were required on US wireless carriers. This policy appealed to carriers due to smart data management, to consumers because data was also minimized, and to businesses because they had full control over BlackBerry devices. However, the requirement for BIS or BES prevented me from fully embracing BlackBerry as a mobile platform as I will explain below. Thankfully, BlackBerry 10 now gives you complete flexibility for connectivity that includes BIS and BES if you or your company desires that.

FYI, BIS was setup through BlackBerry (previously known as RIM) and your wireless carrier. BES requires your company to have BlackBerry servers setup for employee access.

CrackBerry posted a good breakdown of available plan options and as you can see you can pick up a new BlackBerry 10 device and simply pop in your existing smartphone or BlackBerry SIM to connect. Let's take a closer look at the options BlackBerry 10 owners now have.

BlackBerry 10 with BIS

If you already have a BlackBerry with a BIS then I understand you can continue with that same plan on a BlackBerry 10 device. However, to buy a new BlackBerry 10 device you will not be required to purchase a special provisioned BIS plan. I am not clear on how BIS will work on BlackBerry 10 yet since we still have a month or more until BB10 devices hit US carriers.

I work for a small marine consulting firm in Seattle with 71 employees and we do not have a BES. Thus, when I tried using a BlackBerry from T-Mobile with BIS in the past I had a limited experience that drove me crazy. Company email worked through OWA (still not perfect), but calendar and contact syncing worked through a direct cable connection. There were also restrictions on the amount of data and forms of accessible data (YouTube video limitations).

BlackBerry 10 with Exchange ActiveSync

A couple years ago my company added an Exchange server that gave employees access via mobile devices. Our company has a full BYOD policy for smartphones with the majority using iPhones, a couple Android users, and a couple Windows Phone users. No one has uses a BlackBerry due to the limitations of BIS. With a small IT staff, BYOD smartphone policy, and no user requests for BlackBerry devices we have not been interested in investing in a BES.

I enjoyed using the BlackBerry PlayBook with Exchange ActiveSync and was seriously hoping this would extend to BlackBerry 10. After getting the Z10 in hand and going through the account setup, I was thrilled to see EAS supported out of the box. My email, calendar, tasks, and memos now sync wirelessly on the Z10.

BlackBerry 10 with BES 10

BlackBerry 10 continues to offer the ultimate BlackBerry experience through the BES. One major feature of BlackBerry 10 is BlackBerry Balance. BlackBerry Balance gives you the flexibility to use just one smartphone for business and pleasure by completely separating your data between these two worlds. You can have different email, documents, and apps associated for work and private. We have seen some things from others that let you switch skins between work and private life, but BlackBerry Balance looks to go way beyond that and provide a completely separate experience. Boeing is a major company in the Seattle area and I know many people that are issued BlackBerry devices for this company, yet still carry a separate iPhone or Android device for their personal phone. BlackBerry 10 looks to finally allow these people to have a single device for both worlds. Unfortunately, I am unable to test out BlackBerry Balance since it requires a BES.

I understand that BES gives businesses the most secure and optimal experience, but not every company is interested in investing in a BES. Exchange provides some level of security as well and for small businesses that do not issue or manage smartphones employees have the option to bring a smartphone running any modern mobile operating system. As my fellow employees see me using the BlackBerry Z10 and the connectivity option with EAS, I may see more adopt BlackBerry and maybe in the future we might even hook up a BES.

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  • good explanation

    About BIS, BES & Sync. As evident from a lot of comments on articles relating to Blackberry, lotta people having a hard time getting rid of the bad taste RIM has given them in the past. Going to take a lot of work & marketing to show folks this new OS isn't just another upgrade, they really did step up to the plate with BB10
    • Could not agree more

      I wish BB well
      • A somewhat interesting commentary....

        can be found here:
  • bb10 fix sync fix

    i am thinking that BB balance will solve a very practical issue: syncing multiple calendars/contacts/tasks between outlook and bb. Currently BES will wirelessly sync your primary exchange address, but i have not seen any fix to sync more than one account without merging the data (gmail sync). as far as i know, not even windows phone 8 will sync multiple calendars on outlook/sharepoint/bb. balance will most likely allow at least two accounts to be fully sync'd, one through BES on the business side and one (or more) through active sync on the personal.
  • Good article.

    Good informative article. Thanks.
  • interesting

    first of all nice to see someone writing about the practicalities of implementing bb10 rather than the usual 'can blackberry survive' story. I did also read the article from crackberry and I am confused why I would ever need bis on the z10. what will BIS service give me over a standard Internet data plan. I still get BES and how balance could work nicely. but please someone explain why BIS even if I am converting from an old BB bus service.
  • I'd say it is the only platform

    to completely support byod. All others dont separate as thoroughly.
  • "I am unable to test out BlackBerry Balance since it requires BES"

    Do you have a server that can host a trial install of BES? Admittedly reverting to a non-BES config would mean a wipe and so on but still.
  • New Mobiles

    Yes really this hand-set is very good for adjustment to make clear camera view, Is your blackberry price list are good for new dimension of technologies.