An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

Summary: While Apple has announced that 200 new features in iOS 5 we only know about 20 or so. What about the other 180 other features? While Apple's isn't saying much, here's a list of 133 or so.


While Apple has announced that 200 new features are coming to iOS 5 in the Fall it hasn't said much beyond the 16 or so (Notification Center, iMessage, WiFi Sync, et. al.) that are listed on its iOS 5 feature page.

Here are a couple of my favorite new iOS 5 features that have largely flown under the radar:

Text macros - This new feature allows you to automatically type frequently-used information by typing a short abbreviation. It's configured in Settings > General > Keyboards > Shortcuts (scroll to bottom) where you set up short strings that are replaced by a longer text strings when typed. Text macros could get really interesting if Apple releases support for syncing them via iCloud. Apple could also conceivably release text macros for Mac OS X putting it in competition with Smile Software's essential TextExpander software.

LED Flash for Alerts - Tucked anonymously under Settings > General > Accessibility lurks this little gem that lets you see (and feel) when someone’s calling. It's sure to appeal to the Blackberry crowd that are hooked on its dedicated status LED -- something that the iPhone has previously lacked. Apple's iOS 5 implementation is more of a hack -- simply blinking the camera's LED flash when an email arrives -- as opposed to BB's dedicated multi-color status LED.

Custom Vibrations - Accessibility also allows you to assign unique vibration patterns to people in Contacts. You can even create your own vibration patterns in Settings > Sounds > Vibration.

So that's close to 20, what about the other 180 other features in iOS 5?

While Apple's isn't saying much beyond the few features that it already showcased, TechZoom has compiled a list of 133 iOS 5 features that it has independently identified to date. Here's the first 50:

  1. Notification Center: New Notification System
  2. Improved app notifications at the top
  3. Lock screen notifications. Swipe will open related app.
  4. Notification options to choose for each app.
  5. Notification sorting by app, time etc.
  6. iMessage: Text messaging between iOS devices over Wi-Fi or 3G (Similar to WhatsApp)
  7. Newstand: Similar to iBooks to store, auto-download magazine subscriptions & new issues.
  8. Reminders: A list of reminders with Geo-fence integrated with Calendar app
  9. Twitter Integration: Log in to Twitter from settings once and Tweet anything from Safri, Photos, YouTube etc. Similar to login & sharing used by
  10. AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2: Duplicate the iPad screen on television wirelessly
  11. iCloud integration: A new free service with more than 5GB data to be shared between iOS devices
  12. Open from lock screen: Double tapping on Home button will open the from lock screen
  13. Take pictures from lock screen: Volume up button can be used to take pictures
  14. Camera Grid: For more precise focus and accurate photography. This feature was available on Camera+ app
  15. Camera Zoom: Pinch-to-zoom Gesture like on
  16. One tap Auto Focus and Auto Exposure
  17. Lock Auto Exposure & Auto Focus for consistency.
  18. Swipe Left to open camera roll
  19. Crop Photos: Not available on 3GS
  20. Enhance Color tones of photos: Not available on 3GS
  21. Rotate Photos:
  22. Red-eye removal: Remove, correct Red-eye within
  23. Photo Stream via iCloud over all your iOS devices
  24. Organize photos within Camera Roll
  25. Tabbed Browsing in Safari: For iPad only
  26. Safari Reader: Like RSS reader
  27. Safari Reading List: Save web pages for offline reading
  28. Improved Performance: Like it was enhanced in 4.3.3
  29. Private Browsing: Similar to Firefox / Incognito on Chrome.
  30. Website specific data can be deleted
  31. Cut the cord: Activate and setup iOS device without a Mac or PC
  32. Over-The-Air (OTA) iOS Software Updates: Again, no need of a computer & cord
  33. Delta Software Updates: Upgrade only changed files. No need to download & install entire OS. (Similar to WordPress!)
  34. Wi-Fi Sync: Sync iOS device with PC or Mac over Wi-Fi
  35. Backup and Restore from iCloud account
  36. Sync Exchange tasks
  37. Downloads: See a list of downloaded apps from App Store from any of your iOS device
  38. Rich Text Formatting for Composing Mail (Bold, Italics, Underline, etc.)
  39. Improved offline support for
  40. Indentation Control
  41. Drag-able email addresses: Drag, arrange email addresses in To, CC, BCC fields
  42. Improved mail search: Full content search in Mail
  43. Flag Emails
  44. S/MIME Security
  45. Profile picture for Game Center
  46. Friend recommendations for Game Center
  47. Games recommendation
  48. Friends-of-friends list
  49. App Store in Game Center: App store integrated within Game Center to find & buy new Apps / Games
  50. New Achievements like Perks, Points

...for the rest of the list bounce over to TechZoom.

What's your favorite iOS 5 feature?

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  • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

    Exhaustive list = 3?
    • Agreed...

      @ccrockett@... this is an example of any journalism.

      This guy only showed 3 and hoped people will be drawn in to see the rest. What a lazy, useless fellow.

      Next time try harder or just copy TechZooms list.
      • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

        I posted the first 50 from the TechZoom list because I agree that 3 was hardly exhaustive, but was it really an occasion to call me "lazy" and "useless?" I elected not to repost the entire Techzoom list out of fairness to them.
        - Jason
        Jason D. O'Grady
  • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

    Well Jason I think you did the right thing, you don't steal other peoples work you drive traffic to them. And if ccrockett and cosuna are to lazy to follow a link then it's their lost, not yours or mine.
  • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

    The list pales in comparison to the features mango will bring!!!!!
    • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

      @jatbains And most android users will never see them because the OEM/carriers will not release mango for the bulk of the existing handsets. Might as well be vapor ware.
      • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

        @jhuddle Mango is the WP7 update that is in the works - supposedly. Ice Cream is next version of the Android OS.

        Why am I hungry all of a sudden?
      • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

        @jhuddle Microsoft has comitted to updating all of their existing phones in contrast to the mess that is Android!
    • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

      @jatbains Well goody for you...and the ten other people with WP7 devices ;-)
  • RE: LED flash alert

    How's that flashing photo LED going to work on an iPhone? If you have the phone laying face-up on a table, you'll never see it.
    • LMAO!!!


      It was supposed to be a warning light for where the antenna is, so the user doesn't hold it the wrong way...

      The designer just screwed up (again)
  • LOL!!! #34 Wi-Fi Sync: Sync iOS device with PC or Mac over Wi-Fi

    Can we really call that "New"??? Seeing as it's been around for awhile, Apple just wouldn't allow to the public because that would put the dime and the credit in somebody else's pocket!!!
    • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

      @SonofaSailor Yes it is a new feature for iOS, not a new feature overall. Use your head a little before you post nonsense.
    • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

      Google was busy perfecting wifi sync and getting Flash and SD slots to work over the last 18 months.

      Apple was busy crafting a unified OS for four distinct product lines, selling 25 million iPads, and making more money off the iPhone than Google's entire income.

      Now Apple has the features and Google still doesn't have a tablet or TV box that anyone wants to buy.
  • Favorite

    I know it's not all THAT exciting, but since I started playing with the developer preview, I think I like Reader best so far. The screen on the iPhone and iPod Touch is too small for all the extra crap that shows up when I'm trying to read an article.

    For a #2, I'd pick Reading List - no permanent bookmarks and I don't have to leave the page I'm on.
  • Patent Infringement

    Pretty sure the text macro violates a patent I filed with Nokia years ago, Although until I see it in iOS, who knows. Cool someone finally implemented it, I'm excited !
  • video mirroring

    All the new features sound very good, but I am still hoping to have the ability to connect the iPhone to a Tv and be able to use ALL, not just a few specific apps and view on a big screen TV.
  • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

    Please stop defending Apple... They don't care about their customers. All they see is dollar signs. Their products are made from garbage. I've had two IPads fail on me and my iPod has had defective screens twice (one of which occurred after I had it repaired by them. I had to argue with them for two hours over the phone until they "fixed" it).

    Also, these features are new to the iOS but have been around for quite some time... So for them to be ignorant enough to try and sucker non-technophiles into thinking that is just rude.

    I'm not a google fanboy. I personally think that Android is just as guilty as Apple. The only positive I have about Android is their customer support is eons above that of Apple. Mostly because it is handled by the carriers.
    • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

      @Juto87 I'm in the same loyalty boat as you. I owned a EVO 4G, because I thought the android OS would cater to my needs better. I didn't like the size of the phone or the OS at that point, so I returned it and got an iPhone 4. I've been happy with my purchase, and the first thing I noticed was the quality of the iPhone hardware. The phone just seems so much sturdier than the EVO. So I'm confused about your claim that their products are made from garbage. If you mean internals, then I would have to say that I've experienced problems with several different brands of phones. That's just the nature of consumer electronics these days. It's often hit or miss (even though it shouldn't be... that's whole other topic.) That's why they have warranties and extended warranties. I've owned two iPod touches and an iPhone 4, and the only problem I have had was the home button on my iPhone was sticking. Apple overnighted me the new one, I put the old one in a box, and that was it. I wasn't without a phone, customer support was polite and helpful, and I was pleased with the whole process. I'm not trying to say you didn't have a bad experience, but there a good and bad experiences with any company. Just wanted to even it out a bit.
  • RE: An exhaustive list of iOS 5 features

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