Handicapping Macworld Expo San Francisco '08

Handicapping Macworld Expo San Francisco '08

Summary: Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, that can only mean one thing. It's time to start handicapping the SuperBowl of Macdom known as Macworld Expo San Francisco.


Handicapping Macworld Expo San Francisco ‘08Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, that can only mean one thing. It's time to start handicapping the SuperBowl of Macdom known as Macworld Expo San Francisco.

Let me get me something off my chest: "Macworld" has a lowercase "w" (It's not "MacWorld.") And while we're at it, it's "Macworld Expo"... Macworld (minus the "Expo" part) is a magazine.

Looking back, here are my picks for Macworld Expo 2007:

  • iLife & iWork '07 (1:1)–iLife and iWork '08 arrived 07 August 2007
  • iTV (1:1)–the name was wrong, but the Apple TV did arrive at MWSF07
  • Mac mini goes Intel Core 2 Duo (1:1)–arrived 07 August 2007
  • Mac OS 10.5 possible release (2:1)–arrived 26 October 2007
  • Mac Pro with quad-core Intel Xeon (2:1)–available now
  • New Cinema Displays with HDMI (2:1)–nothing yet
  • iPod bump to 100GB (2:1)–iPod classic bumped to 80 & 160GB on 05 September 2007
  • Apple Phone (10:1)–iPhone was indeed announced at MWSF07, shipped on 29 June 2007
  • Thin 12-inch MacBook Pro (50:1)–no such luck
  • Mac Tablet (100:1)–'cha, right!
  • iPod with WiFi and/or Bluetooth (100:1)–iPhone announced at MWSF07, shipped on 29 June 2007. iPod Touch announced 05 September 2007

That being said, here are my picks for Macworld Expo SF 2008...

  • New Cinema Displays–These are probably the most overdue products from Apple. Displays were last updated at WWDC in June 2004 and three and a half years is an eternity in consumer electronics. Apple needs to incorporate: LED backlighting, HDMI and iSight cameras. Please Apple: offer a matte screen option and keep the prices competitive. [odds: 1:1]
  • nanoBook–This is the thinner Pro notebook that everyone's been clamoring for. Look for a 64GB SSD and LED backlighting. [odds: 3:1]
  • iPhone 2.0–Because Apple likes to announce big things at 'Expo. Look for a preview of the SDK, Java and a native iChat client. Hopefully Apple adds wireless syncronization. [odds: 5:1]
  • Blu-Ray drives–Although Apple joined the Blu-ray Disc Association in 2005 I think that Apple should wait for the Blu-Ray/HD DVD battle to be decided before jumping into the fray. Or they could always include a hybrid optical drive. [odds: 10:1]
  • TabletMac–Forget about it, it's not going to happen. This is partially based on the cold, harsh realities of the market (witness the poor PC tablet sales) and partially reverse psychology on my part because I want Apple to produce one for me. [odds: 100:1]

I'm also expecting a demo of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and a flurry of EA games for iPhone and iPod.

What are your predictions for Macworld Expo SF '08? Go on record in the TalkBack below.

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  • I'm with you on the Tablet

    As someone who still owes a working Newton, and still uses it occasionally to
    watch the younger generation fanboys go gaga, I am dying for a tablet. i even
    went so far as attempting to pre-order the ModBook by Axiotron, but the shipping
    date has been pushed so many times now, that I think waiting till they work out the
    kinks would be prudent. I know the tablet is a niche market, but for those of that
    run around with open laptops in hand always on the verge of dropping them it
    would be a great release. I'd even be willing to have it as a customization option,
    like juicing the memory and hard drive when you order your units online. This way
    they wouldn't have to put out a bunch of units that don't get sold. Hey, Steve are
    you listening? There are a bunch of us who really want a tablet. Preferably one the
    MacBook Pro variety over the iBook.
  • the tablet could happen

    Apple's very good at not giving us what we want but telling us what we want instead. I think they could release a table-like unit that would change how people feel about them.

    I don't think too many people were looking for a hard drive-based portable music player six years ago and we see what happened there.
  • Limited time slots

    The problem with trying to guess what Steve J will announce is
    the fact that there is a limited number of "time slots" available in
    his Keynote. Last year was unusual as the iPhone took most of
    the time allowed, but I would guess Steve spends about 15
    minutes on each area or product.

    First will come the numbers, giving an indication of how well
    things have gone. That keep the Street happy.

    Then there is "one more thing" at the end, which may get a
    double slot. My guess is the 13" MacBook Pro will fill this slot.

    Lots of talk about the iPhone with a second design, discussions
    of the SDK and touch. Two slots there.

    Since iWork/iLife 08 ha already been released I doubt if they get
    a lot of attention, which does leave room for the displays and
    also the continually anticipated (but never delivered) headless
    Mac between the mini and the MacPro.

    For the rest I would look to what new processors Intel is
    delivering around that time and make guesses from that.
  • RE: Handicapping Macworld Expo San Francisco '08

    Announcement of 3G iPhone using the new Broadcom
    phone on a Chip chipset (3G, WiFi, GSM, 5Mpix Camera
    control, etc) 10/15/07 POWERPAGE article
  • A Newton MessagePad! ;)

    Ok, probably not. Could we at least
    get something like Apple's awesome
    Newton Notes for the iPhone? It had a
    great collapsible checklist/outlining
    Apple_Newton#Notes (screenshot &
    description) Nothing could be better,
    especially on a small screen, for
    organizing thoughts, priorities, sub-
    tasks, errands, To Do's, shopping
    lists, etc. Everyone should be
    demanding this. If they'd ever used
    Newton Notes, they would be.
  • Tablet in 2009

    ...with a 10" touch-sensitive display and gesture-based interface. Are you drooling yet?
  • No iTablet (or whatever)

    People have been speculating/prognosticating about the Mac tablet machine for
    years. I don't think Apple wants the headache (although, what could be more of a
    headache than the cell phone market). I think the iPhone will become the surrogate
    for a "MacTab" (or iTab, or MacTabby, or whatever).
    • large touch screen is really what I want

      For my particular needs, I don't need a tablet labptop. I need more of a portable tablet display. How about a tablet display with a built-in battery that the iPhone can snap onto and plug into that redirects the iPhone display?

      I'm more interested in giving field personel access to web-based applications on a screen that allows them to be productive and that is easy to carry around. It doesn't need but a couple hours of battery life even and to recharge via a car adapter. It doesn't need to run excel or word or apps locally (iPhone does all that for me)

      oh, and it needs an Apple Logo on it! :)
      • Clarification

        Oops, I didn't mean the iPhone runs escel and word for me. What I meant was that the iPhone's built-in apps along with its ability to surf the web and run web apps is what I need. They have desktops or MacBooks for doing the heavy duty app lifting. I really just want a larger screen that can hold more information visible at one time
  • I'm interested in the nanoBook...

    I'm interested in the nanoBook, I hope they make some
    sort of blurb on it. A few hardware manufacturers
    claimed o be making it for them. We'll see.
  • I would like a Tablet

    I would like a tablet with a 5-7??? screen, that uses a simple Touch OS, and has good e book reading software. A larger battery, bigger flash drive, USB ports and a SD card reader would also be a good. That would do 90% of the things that I use a laptop for while being lighter and easier to use in a small seat on a plane. That is what want.
    KLS 12.5
  • Jason or David, what about iMac refresh to Intel Penryn?

    Perhaps not released to market, but announced at Macworld for February or March release?

    Great blog, thanks.
    The Ash Man
  • And as an alternative to the MacBook Pro we have ...

    ... the all new MacBook Bro!
  • RE: Handicapping Macworld Expo San Francisco '08

    A minor re-vamping of .Mac ... including online backup
    for Time Machine, improved iSyncing, etc.

    And maybe something big from the XServe, like