iPhone tethering rumored

iPhone tethering rumored

Summary: When I travel I carry a second phone alongside my iPhone – for one reason. Tethering.


iPhone tethering rumoredWhen I travel I carry a second phone alongside my iPhone – for one reason. Tethering.

I need to be able to get online wherever I am and Wi-Fi isn't exactly ubiquitous and free Wi-Fi seems to be getting scarcer with each passing day. To make matters worse, Apple removed NullRiver's NetShare tethering software from the App Store.

My second phone of choice is the LG Dare running on Verizon. It's a very capable 3G touchscreen phone that runs on Verizon's CDMA network, and unlike the iPhone, it allows tethering. (CNet reviewed the Dare in June 2008).

A Gimodo reader sent a squawk to Steve Jobs complaining that AT&T offers tethering for their 3G Blackberry handsets (granted, at a spendy US$30 premium per month) but yet it's not available on Apple's "advanced" device.

"Steve" (likely, one of his minions) replied:

We agree, and are discussing it with ATT.


If anything, this new iPhone tethering rumor confirms that Apple pulled NetShare from the App Store at the behest of AT&T who is trying to protect a huge potential revenue stream.

One request Steve: Don't insult us by requiring the stupid, proprietary and expensive dock cable to tether. Tethering should be available via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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  • Windows mobile makes it very easy.

    I use a windows mobile device and I just went out to the internet and found the app I needed to do it and off I went with Bluetooth connectivity to my laptop and the performance is great even with my vpn tunnels and all. And it cost me nothing to get this software and no extra cost to tether and no one told me "no you can't". Its freedom baby.
    • Get with it Apple/AT&T

      I agree completely that tethering to a WM phone is pretty darned easy and with programs like WMWiFiRouter I'm able to tether several devices (including my iPhone) to my WM phone for 3G connectivity.

      Apple/AT&T is already getting my hard earned money for my "unlimited" data plan, let me use it via my iPhone how I want!! Especially when it comes to legitimate "Corporate America" business purposes...
  • I'm sold

    That LG Dare looks to be exactly what I want. I just don't understand why you also need an iPhone.
    Michael Kelly
    • Two words

      resistive touchscreen.

      It sucks for anything but a stylus.
      • Everyone I know with the Dare...

        Seem to like it. I tried it out and am expecting to get one myself. It is smaller, lighter, and typing is better than the iPhone. Sorry man, I gotta take my money where I know the product will work.
  • This should be free

    We are already paying for internet access. How we use it should be up to us. Hopefully, this will be allowed in the rest of the world where it is commonly done.
  • What's wrong with using

    a 3G mobile broadband card instead?
    • A second wireless bill?

      I'm just guessing, I can't imagine paying $30/mo for internet that is tied (or may be tied) solely to a tiny screen. Maybe if I get a 100% raise...
  • RE: iPhone tethering rumored

    Why would anyone want an iPhone?
  • RE: iPhone tethering rumored

    Windows mobile is a confused mess of inconsistencies and bad interfaces, as are all of Microsoft's operating systems.

    As usual, the Windows fans miss the point: its about the user experience, and Apple gets this right while MS isn't even trying.

    • Function over form

      Sorry that you don't like the interface, but the function of a Windows mobile device is greater than the iphone. I can tehter with no problem, get all my email, run programs like office and many many others. I will give up the interface for that, but really the interface is straight forward and easy to use unless you are not very smart.
  • "One request Steve: "

    "Don???t insult us by requiring the stupid, proprietary and expensive dock cable to tether. Tethering should be available via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi."

    Apple's a hardware company and Apple fans buy regardless so you might not be lucky. Until Apple fans buy using the head on their shoulders, they'll probably be financially mugged at every opportunity.
  • RE: iPhone tethering rumored

    Jobs insults his customers for a long long time already.
    Even the cheapest phone allows us to go online. Except for
    the probably backward USA I do not know one country
    where you have to pay a premium to use this service.
    Maybe another idea for Steve Jobs. Only allow the Iphone
    to connect to ISP's who share revenue with you. You could
    even think about blocking internet access on MAC's. Just
    allow them on a network from AOL! What a farce! It is high
    time that huge fines will be given to Apple for anti
    competitive behaviour. If Microsoft would only think about
    the things Apple is doing the entire world would condemn
  • RE: iPhone tethering rumored

    Is it easy to tether an iBook via the Verizon LG Dare?
  • Why tether?

    I can check my e-mail, surf the web, and generally do most
    of the online tasks I do on my MBP all on my iPhone. I guess I
    don't see the need for tethering.

    The only time I used it when I had my RAZR was when I
    wanted to quickly check e-mail or to do a small amount of
    banking. Now I have no need to do those things via
  • RE: iPhone tethering rumored

    It should be included with the $45 enterprise data service. I don't think anyone who's already paying for that will be to keen on the idea of an other $30 on top of that.