Turn your iPhone into an iPod Touch

Turn your iPhone into an iPod Touch

Summary: Yes, Virginia, you can use your iPhone on the new WiFi-enabled airplane flights, without worrying about its cellular nature brining down the wrath of flight attendants and the FAA. A slick tip from bynkii.com solves the problem.


Yes, Virginia, you can use your iPhone on the new WiFi-enabled airplane flights, without worrying about its cellular nature brining down the wrath of flight attendants and the FAA. A slick tip from bynkii.com solves the problem.

The great thing about the iPhone 3G is the various levels of connectivity: Edge, 3G and Wi-Fi. You're almost always able to connect. But the bad thing about iPhone on the new WiFi flights is that very connectivity. A look in Settings and the situation appears to be either-or.

Under the Settings button of the iPhone there's Airplane Mode, a control for turning off connectivity, and Wi-Fi, which lets you pick wireless networks for Internet connections. But if you're on a flight, Airplane Mode makes surfing impossible, right?

Blogger John Welch thought outside the box (or buttons):

So one of the problems with using an iPhone with WiFi service on planes is that according to many people, you can't just have WiFi running on an iPhone without activating the cell service too.

That's not completely correct, at least not with the current (v. 2.X) iPhone OS.

Step 1) Turn on Airplane mode. Boo. All wireless access is turned off. Fear not... Step 2) In the Wi-Fi settings, turn Wi-Fi back on. Don't touch the Airplane Mode button.

Sweet. Tried it out and works like a charm.

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  • Other phone's can't do this?

    Or is this yet another shameless Apple iPhone plug?
    • Shameless huh?

      Regardless whether other phones can or cannot do it, the OP is providing
      a tip for iPhone users. There isn't anything shameless about his article.

      If you don't like the iPhone then don't read his article nor ones similar.
      Also, don't respond to them you don't add anything worthwhile to the
    • I've read this article several times...

      and nowhere do I see any implication that other phones can't do this.
      Perhaps you're commenting on something you read elsewhere, and
      got confused.

      As to the 'shameless Apple iPhone plug' accusation: Since when is the
      posting of a useful tip a 'shameless plug?' This blog is called "The
      Apple Core," in case you were unaware, and frequently posts news
      and tips on Apple products. The authors can post whatever they feel
      like posting. If you don't like Apple products, which you obviously
      don't, why read it?

      On the other hand, a 'shameless plug' would be more along the lines
      of someone going onto Mary Jo's Microsoft blog, and touting Linux.
      Anyone you know do things like that?
      • LOL!

        Good comeback!
  • Why are you telling me now?

    This was new news back when 2.0 came out. I barely have time to write this response. I can't imagine having so much free time in my day where I could write articles about features on an iPhone that have existed for months. Must be nice!

    And, saying that you are turning your iPhone into an iPod touch is a little misleading. I was anticipating an article that would instruct me on how to actually trick my phone into thinking it was an iPod touch that I could give to my Mom after I get the new one that comes out in the imminent future.
    Scott Mixalot
    • what is with all the snotty replies?

      A little civility is called for now and again.
    • This blog is actually directed at more than just you...

      and there may be people who don't know this ability exists.
    • Changing iPhone into iPod Touch


      That was a bit OTT. Calm down. But it is not misleading, the method to change your iPhone into an iPod Touch is really old. So, rather than retell old news about converting an iPhone into an iPod touch need not be repeated.

      To get your contacts out of your phone, check http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/specials/en/Transfer_Contacts.pdf

      After that, delete what you don't want to give to your mother. Remove the SIM card. Edge won't work anymore, but same with the iPod Touch, you need access to a Wi-Fi access point. If missing SIM card warning bothers you, do as the article says. Turn on Airplane mode and turn WiFi back on. I would suggest that you wait until 3.0 of the OS comes out (because again it might not be free for iPod Touches like 2.0 upgrade), but if you can't wait, you can do this now.

  • Works on 1st Gen also

    Just tried this on my Gen 1 8GB iphone. Works fine.

    Great tip.


  • RE: Turn your iPhone into an iPod Touch

    I have my iphone and i would like 2 turn it into an ipod touch. I have no SIM card, and dont want to use it as a phone. When I turn the phone on it says, emergency calls. and no SIM. and thats it. I have not used this phone before because it was not mine to begin with and the owner got a new iphone and just used the SIM card in that.<br>What do I do to convert it into an itouch?<br>I also am using a mac computer and downloading jailbreakers that are free does not work, its hard to find one that actually does something. <br>PLEASE HELP!!

    I at least want to get the Emergency call thing off the screen. And at one point, it did have the passcode thing showing, but for a month it has disapeared. and i never new the passcode. =(