Why nearly everybody will want an iPad 2

Why nearly everybody will want an iPad 2

Summary: Steve Jobs takes the stage in San Francisco and announces the second generation of iPad. But many analysts were ho-hum, saying that Apple's incremental change isn't compelling enough for anyone other than fanboys. Wrong. Nearly everybody will want one. Everybody.


Steve Jobs takes the stage in San Francisco and announces the second generation of iPad. But many analysts were ho-hum, saying that Apple's incremental change isn't compelling enough for anyone other than fanboys. Wrong. Nearly everybody will want one. Everybody.

Quoted by several sites was Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates. He said that "Apple didn't really move the bar all that much." Here he takes aim at the iPad 2 on Computerworld:

"I don't see this as heads above the competition, especially the Xoom, right now. Apple fans who want the latest will buy this or upgrade, but I don't see any overwhelmingly compelling capabilities that would make people sitting on the tablet fence go out and buy one."

Over at eWEEK.com, analyst Ken Hyers at Technology Business Research, said that while iOS offers consistency, developers and customers will really want an open platform, not the Apple closed one.

“This comes at a cost as some customers and developers bristle at the amount of control that Apple wields. From a developer perspective, Android is open-source and it’s easier to develop apps for Android devices. For hardware developers, it’s straightforward to build whatever device they want using Android.  Look at the Xoom,” Hyers said.

Let's take a closer look at some of the assumptions in this "analysis:"

Not a compelling upgrade. For the same price schedule, Apple is offering customers a device that's a third thinner, and twice as fast, while still keeping the same strong 10-hour battery lives. Oh, and then there are the cameras, and mirrored video out. But this and more isn't compelling enough.

What is clear from the many tablets that were announced and then pulled off the market over the past year is that Apple started off at a very high level. They don't have to reinvent the model. Instead, this solid incremental upgrade won't likely stall enterprise deployments. It's not such a difference that a company might wait to requalify the platform. Instead, they will proceed.

Here's the real message: Apple is the company in the lead of the tablet market and everyone else is playing catchup. All Apple had to do on Wednesday was to put out a solid, refresh that will give confidence to the consumers and enterprise customers that are readying purchase and deployment, respectively. They did that.

Some say that the iPad 2 isn't a "competition killer." These analysts have it backwards — Apple isn't the one that has to kill the wannabes. Rather, it's up to the competition to come up with a truly compelling value, one that trumps the iPad.

Unfortunately for Apple's tablet competitors, they started the race behind in all parts of the ecosystem: hardware, software, apps and accessories. Nobody has even caught up and not the Xoom.

Flash. Forget about it. And by the way, there's no Flash Player on an Android tablet yet. Maybe next quarter. Or the next. Whatever.

Apple fanboys are the customer. If we've learned anything from the continuing sales of iPhone, iPod and iPad, everybody uses these products. It's not the installed base of Mac users supporting iOS as it was in the first year of the original iPod's release. It's everybody now. Who isn't a fan of some Apple product, other than the Gates household?

It seems to me that there's an assumption underlying some of this criticism:  All computing devices are alike. With this assumption, it doesn't matter if you have a machine from one vendor or another, they are all alike. And for the past 25 year or so, in the DOS and then the Wintel markets, this has been mostly the case.

Only Apple was the exception. Its Macintosh hardware and software was different.

Now, there are significant differences between the value propositions for devices such as smart phones, handheld computing devices such as the iPod Touch, and tablets offered by different makers. The systems are different. The hardware platform too. The content proposition. The application marketplace. The support proposition. All different.

When there's uncertainty in the marketplace, customers will seek consistency, just as Hyers said.

That is exactly what Apple delivered this week.

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  • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2

    without an sd or perhaps new type storage card...wont be interested for a while
    • Message has been deleted.

      • Thats true

        @SkateNY Many people will line up to spend money they dont have on a product they dont need, to impress people they havent met.

        Yeah I'll be getting one once they've been out for awhile and the price comes down.
      • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2

        @SkateNY <br><br>No one cares about your non-interest in his non-interest.
        Hallowed are the Ori
      • I wont get an Ipad

        That right there, shows that not everyone will.

        And when I do get a tablet, its not only one, or just a 1000 units. It would be a lot more than that.
      • hmmm deleted? Why?

        @SkateNY Oh well kiwinuck states my opinion too. No SD expandable memory, No USB, No spare user replaceable battery and just an even more fragile and flimsy device, that better suits being a Frisbee..... Except my pitbull would mangle it in two or three throws. I want something that can do things other than just be a consumption/reader device that I can easily replace with a Nook Color loaded with Android Honeycomb for $249!<br><br>More powerful than iPad? OMG... don't take much to beat that overpriced featureless PoS! ....so they added two cheap cameras and refuse to disclose the ram and other specs. So what is Apple hiding? Another weak kneed game console fadish product like the Wii? iFad 2 running another underclocked SoC from Samsung without their best features or hardware. No dual band wifi is a slowww joke. Every other Android phone or tablet device has dual band 2.4/5.0 Wifi Direct (no router needed) w/ DLNA Web and Wifi file transfers/connections along with USB and HDMI (no dongle needed) to view and play games on your HDTV!<br><br>Where's the beef? Certainly ain't getting any from this regurgitated iPad 2 and all they did was put the same GPU that's already in Galaxy devices, underclock it. That certainly isn't going to render graphics intensive pages any faster when you have a slower connection to begin with. But yeah.... that no expandable memory is a real deal breaker. But doesn't hold a candle to iPad 2 still not supporting FLASH!<br><br>And if all these Apple fans would have been paying attention to the needs of everyone from college students, business users and gamers, they'd realize FLASH is required (like ActiveX used to be) for classes, gaming on Facebook, medical graphics display and now with fully hardware accelerated "3D Molehill FLASH 11" announced all of these uses on the web live just took on a whole new meaning. FLASH is just getting it's second wind. Because there is no secure purchase processing or DRM available to content providers in plain HTML5 and won't be for years. FLASH 11 has this all and will work great in combination with HTML5.<br><br>Imagine playing 3D P2P (pier to pier) Games online running at 1080p 60fps without any lag. Try Max Racer Demo to see what I mean. That's what's ahead for devices that use FLASH with 3D Molehill API's across about every hardware platform and OS. Well...... except Apple's!<br><br>Apps??? haha.... only 1000's? lol.... Millions more developers code in FLASH and over half the Apps in Apple's store are converted or share a twin App available on the web for FREE or less money!<br><br>Talk about SPEED? haha... slow Wifi and only ever having 3G is a joke in the declining world of Apple smartphones as it is. Now we know why!<br><br>4G is not set up to handle or even allow Garden Walled Networks with many times the speed of access available Apple's inferior Garden Walled Prison Farm. Yeah.... that includes Verizon's LTE 4G that Apple will never have a device signed onto!!! Sorry Apple Fans! lol.... ;) <br><br>Will run on all Desktop computers, Laptops, phones and tablet PC's except iPhone and iPad 1 and 2!<br><a href="http://alternativaplatform.com/en/demos/maxracer/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://alternativaplatform.com/en/demos/maxracer/</a>

        btw.... Xoom Wifi Only will be offered for only $539 with far better cameras, best graphics and cpu combo SoC out, USB and native HDMI, dual band Wifi, FM Transceiver, spare swappable battery ability, SD card slot for expandable memory for the cards you most likely already use in your Camera, PC, netbook or laptop, printer, phone, etc at Sam's Club!!! Will sell like hotcakes flying off a bootcamp griddle!!! lol...
    • I want SD, USB, and will wait, but, YOU must acknowledge that the masses do

      not care if a couple of idiot propeller heads like you and me want ports. The iPad 2 is beautiful and will sell much better than iPad 1.
      • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2

        @DonnieBoy <br><br>Better get ready to wait.... you will NOT see any of these ports. Everything will be saved to the cloud. Apple has always dropped old, useless, pointless, hardware and software before anyone else. They also have adopted the good technology before anyone else. Please remember this the next time you use your mouse, laser printer and any fonts you might be using.
      • The future will be both...

        @DonnieBoy wireless and port-less and the quicker the better.
      • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2

        That future requires iTunes and a tethered computer to use the device? Really?
      • Agree. And the closest competitor is....

        The Kindle. Why? Good "fit for purpose" device, solid ecosystem, simple proposition. I live in Australia, & a large number of work colleagues got the Kindle for Christmas in 2010. Most of them weren't aware that this was a later generation of the product. But they were all book buyers, looking for an eReader.
        The iPad 2 has created an even bigger buzz around the office. With the exception of one fanboy who got an early iPad, and is now jealous, most have said this is the product they were waiting for. I've seen press argue the cameras should be higher-res - the discussion at work was "Why? It's not as if you'll run around using it as a video camera. But for FT or Skype...".
        It also comes ready to go with the Apple ecosystem. Blug it into your computer, and the videos, pics, books JUST WORK. No reformatting, no "techie" required. Upgrades are "plug & play" also. No looking for unique drivers, running separate apps, or complicated reset scenarios.

        Thanks Steve. We're ready!
    • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2


      There will probably never be (maybe never is too strong, but for at least the foreseeable future) external storage on the iPad. It goes against what Apple is doing and they're thought process for iOS devices.

      The updates were nice and I really wanted to purchase an iPAD 2 but the lack of improved display (I was really expecting an HD display this time around) and the lower quality cameras used have caused me to by pass the iPad 2. It should have the HD FaceTime front camera that the new MacBooks have and it should have at least the same rear camera as the iPhone not a lower quality camera. So I'm not one of the "... everbody will want an iPad 2".
  • The Apple Factor!

    As a developer I can honestly say it's not anymore difficult to develop for a closed platform as it is for an open platform. In fact there is no difference. However, it does become a lot more difficult when targeting multiple form factors and versions as is the case with Android devices. Given the tools, it's easier to develop more compelling applications for Apple's devices. To the average customer it doesn't matter whether the platform is open or closed, because they simply want the best experience. In the end I believe that Apple offers an ecosystem that nobody can match. It doesn't matter how good the other devices are, they'll never have the whole package.
    General C#
    • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2

      @General C#
      Using MonoTouch for your iOS development?
    • Yep

      @General C# I agree. When I read a sentence that starts, "From a developer perspective, Android is open-source...." I know I'm reading junk from somebody who either doesn't know what he's saying or hasn't thought it through. So what if Android is open source? What app developer is going to be dumb enough to alter the code of Android itself and then expect his app to run on any device except his own? What's he going to do, put a note in the app store saying, "Requires my modified version of Android available on SourceForge"? For that much trouble, the app had better correctly predict the winner of every horse race and the Dow Jones Index as well.
      Robert Hahn
      • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2

        @Robert Hahn And I know I am reading junk when somebody says "who care if it is open source". Let me explain here.

        Name me a billion dollar revenue company built up on Apple software? Quick, come on name me that company? Oh wait there is NONE!

        Quick name me a billion dollar company built up on Windows software? Easy Symantec!

        Quick name me a billion dollar company built up on Open Source software? Easy Google!

        Get my drift? I had a very very long talk at a conference with a bunch of developers. And one developer said the fact that lots of people are using Apple means squat. People switch colors since the moat to do so is low. However, developers on the other hand is much harder to switch. And if you can make a billion dollars with said technology it means your technology will keep on living.

        Essentially Apple is effed!

        Don't believe me? Take a look at the technologies that endure the test of time and you will always see a billion dollar + market place around it. Not a single company that makes a billion dollars +.
      • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2

        @Robert Hahn Exactly. That was a statement of faith that Android being open is easier to design apps for. Which is absolute nonsense. In fact, it's harder because you have to take various devices, screen resolutions, and versions of the Android OS into consideration when designing a device. With iOS, you only have to concern yourself with generations as they advance. And one app can cover multiple generations of the whole ecosystem without problem. That simply does not happen on Android.

        Android may have other compelling reasons to write for it. But a political reason is not a statement of ease of development. The analyst knew that, or he's intentionally distorting the facts hoping that most people are too ignorant of development issues to see through his smoke screen.
      • RE: Wrong-thinking analysts on the iPad 2

        @ serpentmage<br><br>I'm not sure if using Symantec as an example is a good thing.
      • Found that funny myself:)


        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • Hey serpentmage, can you name any developer...


        That has made a ton of money off Roid apps?

        Quick name me a developer that has made millions off a Roid App? Oh wait there ARE none!

        The Roid demographic is one that doesn't want to pay for anything and would gladly pirate anything and everything with no concern for the developer.

        You don't read about the success stories of Roid developers because there are none. But you do read about the success stories of IOS developers. Angry Birds is an IOS App that has since been bastardized for other platforms. But it put Rovio on the map.

        Roid is about to go away, it is full of malware and Google doesn't care. But people do care. More and more of that Malware surfaces daily and with it, the Roid platform becomes more and more uncertain and unstable. Once it gets bad enough to get the attention of mainstream media it will all be over for Roid.

        As a developer, the question becomes, where is the market? And how do I reach that market, and get the best return for my efforts. And right now, that is a no brainer. Apple is exactly where every developer wants to be.

        So really... I can answer that question... Who cares if Roid is open source? Easy... Roid Fanbois are the only ones. Developers care about the money, and consumers care about choice. And all the real choices are inside the safe walls of Apple's garden.

        The malware choices and 2nd hand apps are the only choices you will find in the Roid store. Get my drift? Essentially Roid is effed!