Google and Apple destined for 'strategic alliance'?

Google and Apple destined for 'strategic alliance'?

Summary: Fred Vogelstein of Wired speculates on a possible announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week of a strategic alliance between Apple and Google. It's not unlikely.

TOPICS: Apple, Google

Fred Vogelstein of Wired speculates on a possible announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week of a strategic alliance between Apple and Google. It's not unlikely. Google CEO Eric Schmidt is on Apple's board for a reason, and I don't think that he got the seat because he and Steve Jobs share their iTunes playlists.

Google likes to makes strategic alliances, but not of great significance so far. The company has collaboration with Sun, without much to show, and this week announced a relationship with that leverages AdWords.

What could Google do with Apple, or more correctly, what does Steve want from Google?

Fred quotes Schmidt talking about what Google and Apple respectively bring to the party:

"We're a perfect back end to the problems that they're trying to solve," Schmidt told me. "They have very good judgment on user interface and people. But they don't have this supercomputer (that Google has), which is the data centers. What they have is a manufacturing business that's doing quite well."

Apple's .Mac effort to create an online portal has been greatly overshadowed by Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. New Mac buyers could find Google's search bar and an offer for Google's set of applications. Or, how about a upload button to YouTube for iMovies or and upload button to Google for iPhotos, tighter integration with the Mac's native iLife set of applications, given the Mac is the multimedia machine of choice.

Or perhaps, Google and Apple will carve out a Mac/iPod/iPhone-centric Google Apps for Your Domain, with some special touches added by the master of product design.

Another possibility: iTunes in the cloud. Wouldn't it make sense to put playlists in a cloud so they could be accessed from the iPhone, your various iPods and anything else with connectivity?

What's your guess?

Topics: Apple, Google

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  • Microsoft beware...

    A possible alliance between Google and Apple, Gapple, or as Google's CEO calls it,
    AppleGoo, would be, first of all, a means to really stick it to Microsoft, and as
    such, they should be really concerned. With a combined market cap of about 275-
    billion to that of Microsoft's 295-billion, this would be an alliance that would have
    the money, power, and talent to really challenge Microsoft everywhere you look.

    With innovated OS's, search, applications, hardware, music, etc. this would be an
    alliance that would be a huge mountain that Microsoft and others would have a
    very hard time in moving.

    I for one, say... 'Bring it ON!'
    • Goople !!!

      it just rolls off the tongue.. Goople, Goople, Goople
  • Would be interesting

    They would seem a good cultural fit for each other at first glance.

    However, I can also see some areas where there could potentially be some major competition on the horizon, specifically Itunes vs YouTube. They might both seem to be entirely different (maybe even complimentary) approaches at the moment. But for digital video (which is where Itunes is weakest and trying to gain the most headway) YouTube has the potential to dominate that market with free content, especially as they start to gain more deals with major content providers. It wouldn't be that hard for Google to create a client-side platform to automatically pull subscribed content to users (you can already subscribe to YouTube directors within YouTube.) Take that to the next step with a nice bundled app that's essentially a glorified RSS aggregator with a built-in media player and suddenly you've got a serious threat to Itunes.

    Then again they could just as easily partner on that same YouTube/Itunes front for the near term (which I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear.) I think that would clearly benefit Apple more than it would Google. I think Google is increasingly in a position where it could stand on its own.