Google's OpenSocial APIs pick up steam--MySpace and Bebo

Google's OpenSocial APIs pick up steam--MySpace and Bebo

Summary: Updated: Speaking during a press conference about MySpace joining the OpenSocial train, Google CEO Eric Schmidt painted the big picture. "The broader story is the Web has moved to the next state.


Updated: Speaking during a press conference about MySpace joining the OpenSocial train, Google CEO Eric Schmidt painted the big picture. "The broader story is the Web has moved to the next state. We knew the Web would have social framework and we knew it would be would be standard, open and extensible." Schmidt said the Google had been working for more than a year with MySpace in the social area.

MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe said, "OpenSocial APIs will be the defacto development platform for social application development." Until recently, MySpace was working on its own markup languages, similar to what Facebook has done.

Bebo, another popular social network, has also signed on to join the Google OpenSocial train. So far Google has amassed about a dozen partners in addition to MySpace and, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, Ning, Oracle, Google orkut, Plaxo,, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, and XING.

Google was asked about whether Facebook would join. Vic Gundotra, head of Google's developer programs, When you are trying to establish an open standard building on simple tech like Javascript and HTML, you want to see it adopted by as many peopel as possible. We are talking to everyone, but we are not announcing any further partners today."

Google expects more partners to join and has reached out to Facebook (given that Gundotra said that his group has talked to everyone), but no announcement about Facebook..,or Microsoft.

TechCrunch quotes Brandee Barker, Facebook director of corporate communications, who said that Facebook had not been briefed on OpenSocial. "When we have had a chance to understand the technology, then Facebook will evaluate participation relative to the benefits to its 50 million users and 100,000 platform developers," she said.

However, people in the know have indicated to me that Facebook and Google have been talking about OpenSocial. So pleading ignorance won't last as a strategy for dealing with the OpenSocial movement.

The compelling feature for developers, as Slide's Max Levchin told me, is using Web standards such as Javascript and HTML and being able to write once and play on many social networks, rather than spending developer time spend porting apps.

While the APIs and applications are not quite ready for prime time, the momentum must be a great cause for consternation in the Facebook camp.

"At the end of day, we want the Web to be a better and more interesting place and for the maximum amount of innovation to occur. It only occurs if you are building new apps as opposed to rebuilding the same over and over," DeWolfe said in support of OpenSocial APIs. Google is also MySpace's partner in ad sales.

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  • Open social wll be a boon

    Coincidently today Pramati Technologies also announced the availability of Web122 (, a project I have been working on and during this project I realized how difficult it was to get a hold of user's and his social network's information and aggregating it at a single location.

    I hope this will totally change with more and more people adopting open social. Hearing MySpace getting on board is a music to my ears.

    Any idea when in the day will the APIs be available?

  • RE: Google's OpenSocial APIs pick up steam--MySpace and Bebo

    sounds good
  • yes, please spam my MySpace account

    I'm tired of the boring networks I am being linked into.
  • Myspace is clearly...

    looking for any way to spice up their system. While it
    was the first great social network of its kind, it has not
    evolved in any significant way since it started having
    mass appeal.

    Facebook continually evolves, and also has people
    insight. Something myspace lacks, which is serious as
    people are their business - this lack is evident in their
    system, very user unfriendly, and also evident in how
    their platform is slowly dying.
  • RE: Google's OpenSocial APIs pick up steam--MySpace and Bebo

    Locally, living, deep down in the English Country, I have tried to get local communities involved in Facebook, Blogs, even Council Blogs . . . all seems to flatten out in a few weeks. I think unto now no-one has got the idea on how to involve Flic-Flac-Communities into substantially delivering any meaningful contribution to Society via Internet Communication.
  • RE: Google's OpenSocial APIs pick up steam--MySpace and Bebo

    What we need is one stop shopping for users to keep all their different blog sites and social networking in one place as well as lists of all their friends and contacts and resources from other sites. Much like Trillian and similar programs did for the bulk of popular IM services, the same needs to be done for the social / blogging sites. Duplication of effort is a big problem, duplication of information is a bigger problem.
  • Thought

    How long before Microsoft introduces their revolutionary "Live Social" and its own
    standards and APIs that it wants everyone to adopt?
    • Micosoft investment prevents Facebook going to OpenSocial?

      If Microsoft can bring out Live Social (or whatever) quickly, and Facebook embraces it, their API might stand a chance. Unless it happens very soon, Microsoft is definitely going to be left behind. If all the major players end up on Google's OpenSocial API, and it basically works, there's no impetus to move to any other offering, even Microsoft's.

      I wonder if there's some kind of injunction against partnering with Google in the agreement that saw the recent investment in Facebook by Microsoft. They may not have a choice about going to OpenSocial!
      Jason Etheridge
    • Facebook will be using Microsoft's AntiSocial API

      ...coming in Q1 2008
  • RE: Google's OpenSocial APIs pick up steam--MySpace and Bebo

    well done!