Meet Apple's new iPad, now with a Retina Display

Meet Apple's new iPad, now with a Retina Display

Summary: Given all of the hype surrounding new Apple products, there are inevitably high expectations for the newest iPad.

TOPICS: iPad, Apple, Mobility

Everyone knew it was coming, and here it is: the new iPad.

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CEO Tim Cook introduced the newest, 1.4-pound iPad at a special media, invite-only event in San Francisco on Wednesday morning, hailing it as the next step in the "post-PC revolution."

"In many ways the iPad is reinventing portable computing, and it's outstripping the wildest of predictions," Cook told audience-goers, adding that Apple sold 172 million post-PC devices in 2011 alone.

Ever since the unveiling of the iPad 2 last March, rumors have been swirling everywhere as to what the third-generation of the iOS-based tablet would look like. One of the most recent rumors was that the iPad 3 would actually be referred to as the iPad HD.

Yet, it looks like Apple is actually only going to refer to the third-generation as simply "the new iPad" for the time being.

Also as expected, Apple is finally bringing its Retina Display technology (as seen on the iPhone 4 and 4S) to the 9.7 inch screen of the iPad. That includes a 2048 x 1536 resolution with 3.1 million pixels.

Additional hot specs include the A5X quad-core processor, touted as twice as fast and four times better performance than Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip.

Apple developers also stepped up the camera features and abilities considerably from the iPad 2. For starters, the rear camera is now an iSight camera with 5-megapixel, illuminated sensor with a 5-element lens, face detection and IR filter. Another touch of HD on this tablet is the addition of 1080p HD video recording.

Bridging the spec gaps between the iPhone 4S and this iPad, hints of Siri can be found with voice recognition. Initially, it will support U.S., British and Australian English as well as French, German and Japanese.

All of this taken together could presumably drain the battery life of the iPad considerably. Yet the 9.4mm-thin device will still last up to 10 hours -- and even nine hours when using 4G.

Besides the improved performance specs, one of the features that might be most pertinent to business customers would be the upgrade to 4G LTE support with a max of 72Mbps and HSPA+ for up to 21Mbps.

So far, only Verizon, AT&T, Rogers, Bell and Telus have been announced as the designated LTE providers on this product. However, the Verizon and AT&T versions of the iPad are said to be different.

At least the iPad can now serve as a personal hotspot (if the carrier supports it) for up to five devices.

Unfortunately, the pricing scales haven't changed at all, starting again at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi edition. But considering how well past iPad models have already sold with lesser specs than these, it's not hard to see why Apple wouldn't budge.

But for the budget-conscious crowd, Apple is continuing to sell the iPad 2, now with prices reduced by $100. Therefore, the iPad 2 will now start at $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi edition.

Set to roll out in black and white options again, this iPad will be getting this biggest initial global roll-out ever with 10 countries on the release roster next Friday. Those markets consist of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and Switzerland.

If you really want to see how spot on the rumors were (or not), you can always compare and contrast the official specs revealed by Apple executives today to CNET's hefty roundup.

Given all of the hype surrounding new Apple products, there are inevitably high sales expectations for the newest iPad. A recent survey from independent mobile advertising network InMobi found that nearly one-third of mobile users will buy the new iPad.

We'll see just how much the iPad 3 resonates with consumers after it is released. It was reported on Tuesday that we could see the third-generation iPad show up in stores as soon as Friday, March 16, which was confirmed by Cook.

Image via CNET


Topics: iPad, Apple, Mobility

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  • Unfortunately the prices are the same?

    Fortunately. Not unfortunately. There was no way the price was going to go down. Up, however, is a very different thing. Dare I say, the iPads are actually fairly priced (if the competition is anything to go by). It's a far cry from some of their other offerings.
    • But now IPad 2 is worth less than half

      I could try to sell my IPad 2 now, but considering I spent $499 last April and now I could only get $299 for it at best seems like its just better to keep it and not go after the new IPad. Since IPad 2 can be purchased for new for $399, reselling your old one will already need to be far under that new cheaper price.
      A Gray
      • Less than half?

        I've already got people who want to buy my 64GB iPad 2 wifi model for more than $400....

        I'd say thats more than half.
      • Well, you didn't pay $499 for your iPad 2 did you?

        #http404 - $499 is for the 16gb iPad. Looks like you spent at least $699 for your iPad 2.
    • Ballmer is doing the angry monkey dance....

      LOL!!! Look at all the haters... I can hear them whimper and pout as they try to play it off like it's no big deal... "PCs have had this for years... snif... sniff"..

      LOL... We are not talking about PCs here trolls... We are talking about tablets and Apple just raised the bar yet again...

      You doofuses think someone is going to come out with better specs tomorrow? Dream on... They can't get the battery life with those specs... LOL!!! And all you were certain that Apple couldn't bump the screen without loosing battery or size and you were all WRONG as usual... LOL!!!

      And yes, now we are all laughing at you... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
      • Just ordered mine

        Awaiting the confirmation email, shipping on the 16th.
      • Jealous much?

        I had to laugh at your post - it's obvious that you're a "have-not", as you felt the need to post the remark you did.

        Who's laughing at who, now?

        ROTFL! ;)
        William Farrel
      • @William Farrel

        That who's laughing at whom.

      • *sigh*

        You make it difficult to root for Apple
      • lolololol....The NEW iPad!

        You can tell Steve is truly missed as the marketing department comes up with the "new" name...."The New iPad" lot of creativity there...I can't wait for next years model..."The NEWER iPad"... oh crap, i can just see the lawsuits! "Hey Johnny, did you see the new ipad (all rights reserved)?... lolololol made my day!
      • @i8thecat4 ??? Don't bash everyone else!

        Apple definitely raised the bar, but a Retina display is excessive for a tablet this size. ASUS already has a tablet announced for release (the Transformer Pad Infinity) with a display of even better quality (Super IPS+, although a marketing term, does have an incredible luminosity) even though slightly lower resolution at just over 1080p. (1920x1200)

        It also has an 8MP f2.2 aperture camera with LED flash (I do understand what these terms mean, just to clarify (not sarcastically, literally)), 8.5mm thickness (quite a bit thinner than the iPad 3), all-metal construction, 4G LTE radio (optional, with Snapdragon S4 processor), standard 32GB of storage, MicroSD slot, optional Keyboard dock with extra battery (16 hours or more), HDMI out, 1GB of RAM, and more.

        So don't bash everything else, Apple raised ;)

        The Tegra 3 is an extremely capable chip, and the A5X is not even Quad-Core. The article is incorrect. It is a dual-core processor with a Quad-Core GPU.
  • I wonder is Ballmer going to laugh at this iPad as well?

    I bet he's throwing every chair in the cafeteria right now.
    • Why would he?

      PCs have had multi-core processors and high resolution displays for a while now. ;)
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • what a comparison...

        Which you you prefer, oranges or yes?
      • iPad is not a PC

        Try again.
      • @http404

        Last iPad I saw was being used with an attacked keyboard. Seems like a PC to me.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • @Cylon Centurion

        The last Windows tablet I saw being used..oh wait I haven't seen one being used because it doesn't exist.

        You don't have to use a keyboard on the iPad. I don't all the time, sometimes I do for doing productivity things like email, posting to forums, etc..for general surfing and short emails/documents I use the on screen keyboard.
      • I don't know about Ballmer, but the world should be crying.

        The Apple faithful keep plopping down 500 to 800 every 9 months just for their ipads, let alone their new iphones and itouches and ipods, most all of which can't have the battery changed, so just more toxic waste to be dumped into our oceans.
        My wife bought me an itouch, she should have known better. First one, itouch 4g...battery drains overnight in standby mode. WHAT!? Back to Amazon it goes. She gets me another one, boy does she not take the hint, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Same thing. Battery drains in about an hour playing games or watching video. you can't even finish a movie on the itouch 4G (based on 2 brand new devices I had, back to back as my evidence) before recharging. And while doing NOTHING, the battery drains overnight when completely full when I went to bed. I have every possible service turned off. Location services, icloud (what a rip...5GB then you pay for more? MS gives me 25GB free for EVERY hotmail account I setup).
        And this device, unless you remember to put it in airplane mode or turn off wireless or hold button until it completely shuts down, EVERY time you are done using wifi on it, you are going to lose your entire charge. And Apple has the nerve to call this a "feature". LOL.
        This reminds me of when the iPad first came out, when I read Apple cultist posts. Remember? They released the non 3G model first, and held back (they claimed it wasn't ready but come on, are Apple users *that* stupid) the 3G model for around a month.
        And as sure as I'm sitting here there were Apple faithful who ran out to buy the non 3G version to "get it in their hands". But they really needed a 3G version so they bought that too a month later. LOL LOL!!!
        Who cares how many of these sell? I will never, ever be locked in to the Apple Machine. That second itouch went back as well and I told my wife, let's not try again and put that money toward something we can use and that is useful, not just a shiny toy.
        Yeah, look at all of your computing power, yet you can't even browse and download the content of your choice. What a joke. I will take an ultralight win7 laptop, or any size laptop or desktop ahead of what amounts to a consumer electronics content displayer and player.
        they are just so much toxic landfill garbage.
        I found nothing on the itouch I either needed (such as a POS camera) or could not get a better version of elsewhere for my windows laptop.
      • @xunil_z You fail so epic it's not funny

        iTouch 4G?? They just announced 4G right there you're making it up.

        You don't own any Apple devices so quit iPad 2 gets 10 hours of battery life, my iPod touch gets about the same playing music..of course its going to drain faster on video and gaming...

        Try again.
      • An iPad is a personal device ...


        ... and a computer, ergo the iPad is a personal computer. E.g. Macs are considered personal computers, even though they don't run Windows.
        P. Douglas