OnForce IT service app success could have bigger meaning for IT pros

OnForce IT service app success could have bigger meaning for IT pros

Summary: An extra hour could be very important for IT technicians looking to accomplish more jobs in a shorter timeframe, thus opening the door for more customers and more revenue.


IT talent source OnForce has released a new study about the power of its iPhone app, which could have significant meanings for other businesses looking to save time and money when trading out paperwork for mobile apps.

For instance, the report reveals that technicians using OnForce’s iPhone app saved an average of 12 minutes or more during every job by streamlining or eliminating administrative tasks like finding directions or shuffling through paperwork.

In larger terms, that equates to one hour for every five jobs. That extra hour could be very important for IT technicians (or even developers and employees in other fields) looking to accomplish more jobs in a shorter time frame, thus opening the door for more customers and more revenue.

OnForce CEO Peter Cannone explained the significance in the report:

The IT service industry is about seconds saved. We’ve worked hard to build an army of the best techs with the best skills and now we can help them become even more efficient by eliminating time wasted for administrative tasks like finding directions and shuffling through paperwork.

Technicians reported that they saved the most time when responding to new work orders, which they also named as their top critical business function when working in the field.

Other the highlights from the study:

  • Over 1,000 technicians have downloaded the app since its launch in December, and have completed over 100,000 actions.
  • 92 percent reported a significantly better experience when completing word orders with the app.
  • More than 100,000 transactions in a two-month span.

So far the OnForce mobile app is available for iOS, and a new Android version is going through beta testing with over 500 users to be added to the test group in the next few weeks.


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  • Wow, an Extra hour for the Onforce Slave. What should they do with it?

    This service APP is a joke, It was created to keep Onforce Slaves interested.
    The only thing they are concerned with it is the almighty dollar. Here is the Onforce's platform Model.
    1. Bill the customer, this money is immediately deducted from your account.
    2. Force the IT Pro to work for a wage that is 50% less or more than the going rate by allowing buyers to minimize amounts. In other words the buyer charges the End User $179.00 the tech gets paid $65.00.
    3. Charge the IT Pro for doing the work they already charged the buyer for. The $65.00 just turned into $58.50
    4. Charge the IT Pro for insurance that the IT Pro does not want or already has. The 58.50 just turned into $55.75
    5. Not pay any taxes on the wages deducted from the pay of the IT Pro.
    6. Make the IT Pro pay taxes on the wages deducted from the pay of the IT Pro.
  • Onforce has a good program

    In order to do business with any company you first have to know how to conduct business. I have worked several jobs on this platform and I am very satisfied with my income. One thing to keep in mind is that everything is negotiable. If a client puts a work order out and the price is too low you do have the ability to do a counter offer. The client will increase the price more often than not in order to get the work done. The companies that hire on this platform and other similar platforms always leave room in their initial offer for rate increases. I have worked several jobs that paid in excess of $600.00 per hour using these sites. The money is there to be made if you have some business sense and know how to negotiate.
    Yes there is a fee for the tech to use most of these sites. Onforce as well as the others do have expenses to cover. Nothing in this world is free. When you bid on a job you have to take these factors into account. If you do not have the basic knowledge of how to operate a business then no, this is not for you. However if you can communicate with the client most times they understand the cost of doing business and will do a spend limit increase. Whenever I bid on a job i always take into account all of my expenses from travel cost to the fees to the time it takes to do any prep work as well as the time it takes to close out the work order. If you do not have the basic knowledge it takes to efficiently run a business then you are right this is probably not for you. If you would rather work a 9 to 5, then go find a job. For me I enjoy the freedom I get by being able to work when I want,if I decide I want the day off I simply don't bid on work for that day. Then there is the satisfaction of having happy customers. My clients are always happy to see me when I arrive on a job site and when I leave a job I know the end user is happy with my work. this is a satisfaction that cannot be obtained on a regular 9 to 5 job.
    In short, some people are just not cut out for this kind of work. Stop complaining and find your niche, we all fit in somewhere. For me, I am very satisfied with the work and pay I get from Onforce as well as all of the other platforms that I contract with.
  • Onforce truth

    Onforce that is a name I will not forget. I am a Marine Corp vet, I am also disable. Finding a job in this country being disable is in possible, So I started my own business and used the onforce platform for part of my earning. I will tell you about my time that I was associated with onforce.
    Back in Sept 2008 I first start doing work through onforce, thing where fair, pay was fair. Even the onforce management was fair you could trust them. Then about two years ago I started noticing changes, When the cost of living was increasing the pay for work order was staying the same or the prices was dropping. Onforce added a new charge to their service . Insurance, I could under stand this action along with the 10% of the work order pay, now they added another 4.9% a total of 14.9% charge from the total cost of the work order. A lot of pros at onforce did not like this action, So a lot of good pros left onforce. I remained. Paying this extra cost.
    Then about 3 months ago I started having unique problems with onforce. They have a program the keeps track of your on-time status. One day I check my on-time status and it showed a no-show. This was wrong and I informed onforce about this. Their reply I will check in to it(Toby Medcaf) Two weeks go by and I check it again, still the same thing. 1 no-show. They did take the no-show off my status, but my above average position had dropped down, Not because of my performance, for the reason they did not fix this unique problem properly. Now on 12/17/2012 I accepted a service call theough the onforce platform. 65.00. I called the Customer up, it went to voice mail, I left a message for the reason why I was calling and call back information and I will attempt to contact the customer at a later time. I post this information in the work order notes. (This what I have been doing scent I started onforce and they have been accepting this) Monday arrive and I receive a note from the buyer that the note in the work order is not acceptble and the penalty for not contacting and not setting up appointment
    (Please review and complete, SECTION 3 - APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION, of the
    Service Pro Instructions.  Failure to contact the end user in a timely
    manner in accordance with these Provider Instructions may result in the
    forfeit of any Site Not Ready or Cancellation fee.  The OnForce System
    note for Set Appointment will not count as End User confirmation.)
    I found this harassment, So I charged the buyer 10.00 for unnecessary harassment and they agree to this SLI.(*** To add a note, reply and enter your note above this line ***

    *** The Spend Limit has been increased ***

    Spend Limit Increase Comment: Eu confirmed

    View work order:

    Work Order #:           10978955
    Service Task:           Information Technology :: PC Laptop :: Other ::
    Diagnose & Repair
    Service Time (local):   Fri Dec 21 2012 8:00am EST - 12:00pm EST
    Creek, MI 49014 (Residential)

    Check-in Required:      You must check in upon arrival at the location
    and check out when leaving the location.

    Appointment Approval:   Buyer approval required on appointments that
    differ from the service date

    Service contact:        
    Buyer support contact:  General Work Order Support, 877.309.9212
    Pricing:                US $75 flat fee
    Parts Supplied By:      No parts required
    Dress Code:             Business casual
    Service Pro:            Stephen B. (ID: 83299)

    Work Order Title
    H - HP Warranty Repair - Notebook

    Work Description
      - Tracking #: 550017955807 - Carrier: FEDEX
      - Drop-ship location for part (665326-001):
      Parts shipped to EU's address
      - HP Reference #: BBJH2436
      - Customer's expected ETA: 12/21/2012 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM )
    When I return from the service call and was in the process of closing this work order, the price for the work order was drop to 65.00 with no option to ask for another SLI. I just closed the work order. And am leaving onforce because of the criminal trickery action they have show to me. I cannot associate with a company that action shows it cannot be trusted.
    Steve Bristow