Psystar: We're sorry but the store is down (again)

Psystar: We're sorry but the store is down (again)

Summary: Still wanting one of those trendy Mac clones from Psystar? You'll have to wait a bit longer.


Still wanting one of those trendy Mac clones from Psystar? You'll have to wait a bit longer. Psystar's store is down--again.

Visit the store, which's Tom Krazit has been monitoring frequently, and you'll find this ditty.

Thank you for visiting Psystar. We're sorry but the store is temporarily down . Please send an e-mail to with the subject line "UPDATE" so that we can update you when the store comes back online. For customers who have already placed orders: if you received a confirmation e-mail then your item is in queue to be built and shipped.

I'd ask again whether this operation was run by high school kids, but I'd just get yelled at again by a few Psystar fans again.

But it turns out that PayPal isn't too interested in Psystar. PowerPay pulled out over still unclear issues. And now PayPal says the following via Krazit:

"At PayPal, we take rights infringement very seriously. PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy prohibits the use of our services for 'items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction.' We use internal guidelines as well as reports from rights owners to determine violations of this policy. We would apply these standards to any products being sold from the site - currently there are none."

That last phrase is notable since it means that PayPal couldn't get to Psystar's site because it was down. Is Psystar legit? Who knows? Will PayPal return? Got me. But I do know this: Psystar is the ultimate buyer beware story.

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  • Push on!

    This is one story I would like to see develop. I believe that Psystar is a small startup company. Though they are trying to maintain a presence, it sometimes can be difficult under fire.

    I have been where they are and it was difficult starting out. It is even more difficult when confronted with legal issues.

    If Psystar handles and confronts the issues at hand, taking the Bull by the horns they will prevail. If they mismanage the problem, by avoiding buyers, or their complaints they will fail.

    Moreover, I believe that if Psystar continues on, they will find some Angel Investors to help them out. If they confront the Mac Eula, I believe even more support will surface.

    For the moment, they need people to have faith in them. This story could crack some age old criticisms about Mac. In addition, I believe that Mac actually may come out better in the end.

    Mac, suffers from lack of customer base. While in the long run, if they had a larger user base, they would actually accrue more income. They may be short on sell of hardware initially, but lets face it, they make money on the software and that is what everyone would be buying.

    The software is a perpetual money machine, and hardware is a one time buy. Therefore, in the end, Mac, would actually build a larger customer base by allowing Psystar to sell Mac Hardware Clones with Legitimate OS X software.
    • here's to start ups

      I have worked only for startups for the last 15 years - and I have to tell you - I really root for the little guys. But this is a case of either the little guys doing an incredibly horrible job with their start up (at least proof read your address before publishing) or its a scam. Either way - not the type of business I would respect or buy from.

      And with regard to the EULA's and IP rights - I believe it is very important to respect intellectual property (especially) as a start up - this is usually the one thing that start ups have as an asset. To say that small companies should be able to disregard the intellectual property rights of Apple or any other company goes against the very thing that is most important to the start ups.
    • Apple shareholders point their botnets and press the button?

      I think you're right, overall this is good for Apple if clone hardware is sold. They may as well make hay while the sun shines, 'cos it's all gonna be FOSS soon enough ;-)
  • Go Psystar

    I also own a small business and the Psystar story looks like a legitimate small business which has been hit by a storm of interest. The reporting by the Tech blogs has been terrible, but it appears that it has boosted interest in Psystar.

    As journalists, the "reporters" on the tech blogs have proved to be clueless, but it also proves the old saying that there is no such thing as bad advertising.

    The world loves an underdog. ZDNet and most of the other tech blogs have been doing a great job of doing a lousy job. For Psystar's sake, keep up the bad work.
  • Or, they simply underestimated demand for a cheaper Mac.

    Yeah, could very well be.
    • Re: demand

      Yeah, that must be it... heavens knows we all appreciate
      paying $400 for just a Vista license.

      For anyone who is interested in cheap, just look at one of the
      Linux distros or DesktopBSD.
  • Finding Your Own Factory Is SOOO Hard!

    I'm sure the owners are just genuinely confused about where their factory/warehouse is. There's a party in Miami every night and it's hard to remember where your business is when you have been partying until 5 a.m. Especially when all those suburban office strips all look alike!
  • Again with the "poor sad startup company" story

    It is incredible that with all the EVIDENCE pointing to a scam, people still believe that Psystar is a startup company unable to cope with demand.

    - Multiple fake addresses explained as "errors"
    - The ever changing name of the owner. Same last name, but changing 1st name.
    - Vaporware product that nobody has seen yet. A product that would violate Apple's copyrights and IP.
    - Two credit card processing companies canceling their contracts because of "violations" to terms (in other words the see the scam too).

    Yet there are still people dumb enough to think that this is just a startup company.

    If you are dumb enough to believe this is just an inexperience company starting a new business, you deserve to be scammed and loose your hard earn money.

    Hey, I have a nice bridge to sell you. I'll even throw in a $5 gift certificate to McDonalds .....
  • Rules of engagement.

    C.O.D. UPS


    Went to to their forum and there are problems with the software. Plus they do not provide a link to download. So I did a whois.

    Budapest, Hungary

    So I don't think either party is reliable. Do what I said before. Buy a Mac mobo with the TPM chip and buy OSX and get everything else yourself at your favorite discount house. These folks are real amateurs at best.
  • RE: Psystar: We're sorry but the store is down (again)

    Perhaps the Psystar people never really used computers or
    bank accounts that seriously until the past couple months.
    There is a learning curve.

    That and one of the execs was drugged, raped, and robbed
    in Philadelphia, which takes at least a few days to get over.

    • I can't resist

      Kudo's to Psystar and trying to live the dream. Thats what it is all about and there not jacking there prices up either. What I have noticed in these forums...nobody is using one of these machines? hmmmm while doing all this bashing. You can go to any number of sites and find the hardware config you need, buy your own and build it. I think Psystar is doing us a big favor, I dont want to mess with the ordering and then building, off the shelf that works for me...oh and by the way I checked prices there actually only making about $60.00 on parts and labour after the fat lady sings. Go get em boys...personally I may buy one just to support the guy....