Live coverage of the T-Mobile G-1 Google Android announcement

Live coverage of the T-Mobile G-1 Google Android announcement

Summary: I spent the last few years flying all over the place and have lots of airline miles so I decided to go a bit crazy and fly out to New York for the day to cover the T-Mobile Google Android announcement taking place here this morning. I plan to post updates to this post throughout the event (assuming I can get connectivity) and afterwards as I hope to get some hands-on time with the device.

TOPICS: Mobility, Nokia

I have to say it does look nice, but as people have said recently it is really a new feature phone (like the iPhone) and not a high powered mobile device like Windows Mobile and S60 devices. The iPhone now has more enterprise functionality than the G1. The G1 is highly dependent on developers who may be able to take it to the enterprise level. Signing off live coverage. I will post hands-on pics and videos later.

1115: G1 has accelerometer too. That is it so off to play with the device now.

1110: Online presence in Google phonebook (this is a first), no Skype client, quad-band GSM, dual-band UMTS. Google founders on stage now.

1107: No tethering, no out-of-box Exchange, voice plan required, no desktop application and no central sync page (use with you data in the cloud only), no A2DP or keyboard via BT.

1058: Q&A starting. Price is US$179 and T-Mobile US customers can pre-order today. Data for $25 and $35 per month for unlimited data with different messaging plans. I am ordering mine as soon as I can.

1052: 3rd party apps and openness again being emphasized. Developer video now being shown.

1050:Music player lets you easily see related YouTube videos or Google search results. Drag and drop on OS, looks fluid.  Nice browser controls. Dedicated Google search button on keyboard. Android market shown with games.

1045:More detailed video coming. We get lots of hands-on time soon.

1043:Teaser reel shown. I saw Amazon MP3 store, Google street view, and lots more. Looks very cool so far.

1040: Peter Chou, HTC, gave thanks to others. G1 will appeal to wide number of people. Sort statement again.

1037:Andy did not say much. G1 is open and future-proof. That is about it.

1036:History and thanks being made. Andy Rubin coming up.

1030: Intros are being made (I am 2 rows back from the speakers.) Christopher up speaking now. Launching both in US and Europe at the same time.

I spent the last few years flying all over the place and have lots of airline miles so I decided to go a bit crazy and fly out to New York for the day to cover the T-Mobile Google Android announcement taking place here this morning. I packed light so I brought my Fujitsu U810 tethered to a Nokia E71 for live blogging. I have my Nokia N95 to capture video that I plan to upload to YouTube and include here along with some other photos from the N95. Product photos will be taken with my older Pentax camera that actually takes very good macro shots. Stay tuned for coverage from New York.

1020: I like to make sure I don't miss out on things and don't mind standing in lines so to make sure I was able to get a decent seat at the 10:30 to 11:15  event I arrived 45 minutes early to get in line. There were only about 20 of us so I have a good seat up towards the front.

Here is the Agenda:

10:30 to 11:15 Press Conference and Q&A:

  • Cole Brodman: Chief Technology and Innovations Officer, T-Mobile USA
  • Christopher Schlaffer: Group Product and Innovation Officer, Deutsche Telecom
  • Andy Rubin: Senior Director of Mobile Platforms, Google
  • Peter Chou: CEO, HTC

Then from 11:15 to 1:00 pm is the hands-on demos. Stay tuned and follow the event live here via video. I will try to add commentary as I can.

Topics: Mobility, Nokia

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  • GPS support

    Rumors have been that the G1 does and does not include an onboard GPS. This is a wonderful feature on the iPhone and enables credible real-time navigation and location-based services. Hope to get a positive confirmation regarding GPS on the G1...
    • GPS is supported

      GPS is on board and Google Maps is obviously the included program. Developers may provide other apps that support it in the future.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • Wath about non branded phones???

    I wish get an "unlocked" one, it??s too much to ask?
  • Yawn...

    All been done before, and done better.
    • And you know this how?

      Apple did some things right, but their rules are somewhat draconian, meaning this can really take off.

  • Will definitely pick one of these up...

    Once he announced the price it was all over. The Amazon MP3 store and barcode shopping apps are nice and only a sign of things to come. Unfortunately the preorder system has gone down though.
  • Prove it...

    No_Ax... prove it's been done better...

    Don't worry, you won't be able to. Never to a
    definitive amount that's worth 100%.
  • RE: Live coverage of the T-Mobile G-1 Google Android announcement

    No pre-orders for business accounts. I spoke at length with a T-Mobile agent. She was surprised.
  • UMA (AKA Hotspot@Home) and couple other Qs

    That is the only question I have? I want T-Mobile, I want Hotspot@Home, and this slide out swerty keyboard phone, but UMA is the deal-maker/breaker for me. Also, can you surf over your home WiFi and not over 3G network?

    You said drag and drop for MP3, is it a generic USB interface (aka not OS dependent?)

    • Looks like you can surf on WiFi

      ...from all that I have seen and read. But the HotSpot calling is my big question as well. Its not a deal breaker but I sure would like it to be a part of the phone.
    • No UMA support

      I confirmed with T-Mobile that UMA is not supported and I doubt this can be a 3rd party add-on, but we'll see.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • Oh Man! :( Just have to wait.

        It looked so promising. I am not a blackberry fan, and none of the other phones that support @home are what I want. I want a slide out keyboard, big screen, etc.

        T-Mobile, if you are listening, your @home service is great, I really want it, but put some interesting/cool/useful phones in your lineup that I want to buy.

        Sigh, month to month on AT&T. I do like the rollover minutes, will make do.

  • RE: Live coverage of the T-Mobile G-1 Google Android announcement

    Sounds like a nice phone but T mobile does not work in most parts of the city I live in. o2 by far the best coverage but I can't justify the cost of an iphone. and I spend half my time in Mid wales where Orange has the best service. This is the problem with locking these new gadgets to one supplier, the European courts need to stamp on it soonest as they have decided to do re text messaging prices.
  • Hey - How Come They Didn't iPhone-y It?

    Was at the T-mobile Web site showing the features, and they did't expand the display so it filled up the entire monitor! That's one of the "secrets" in iPhone-y marketing the T-Mobile folks missed.

    "Isn't the iPhone so beautiful and colorful? Doesn't it look so GOOOOOOD!"

    Yep, filling the screen on my 32" HDTV, it DOES look good. In the Apple store, the New York Times front page (as featured in at lest the east coast version of the Apple ads) is just as unreadable as any mobile Web-browser page looks ...
  • No Exchange support....

    Good luck... No Exchange means no business.

    Tied to GMail is as bad or worse than itunes!

    No synch client? Hm.. How will I synch my outlook? Not
    everyone is using google services 100%.....
    • Most People have moved on.

      But being stuck in the 80's happens.
      • Moved on to what?

        Last time I checked, Exchange is still the #1 messaging platform on the market. Oh and Exchange wasn't even around in the 80's.
    • No Exchange is progress

      More and more people are upgrading from Exchange to something else. Zimbra is a popular choice for those sticking to on-premises services. I'm sure Android phones will happily sync with Zimbra without additional costs...
    • I often wonder about this.

      For my company, it wouldn't matter even if we used exchange. Except through established VPN connection, nothing from the outside world gets into our network. Do companies (a substantial number) really offer unsecured access from the outside to connect to their internal mail servers that often?

  • NO Tethering!!! oh well NEXT

    Not the platform for me then.