Welcome to this new ZDNet blog

Welcome to this new ZDNet blog

Summary: This is the first post on this new ZDNet blog and I want to thank the ZDNet team for offering me a spot here.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

This is the first post on this new ZDNet blog and I want to thank the ZDNet team for offering me a spot here. This blog will be focused on emerging trends and their possible consequences on our lives. I started my own blog on this subject, Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends, in April 2002 and there are about 1,300 items of interest that you can find there. You'll usually find there a long daily post and occasionally some shorter items. Enjoy reading and let me tell you what you think. Roland.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • The VT shooter and the issue of guns

    I have had this bee in my bonnet for some years now since I had to leave work for my health and to keep myself mentally busy so as not to vegetate too much began to study quantum physics in more detail, extrapolating what I already knew from my training at Redstone in Alabama where I had been assigned as an instructor after serving in the former West German republic in the 2/56 ADA at the Depot for four missile batteries of the NIKE/HERC radar guidance missile field technician M.O.S. in a little town named Pirmasens. What I am pasting below is a little composition I composed after the news of the shooter at VT here on the East coast. Mayby some of you folks can get some ideas, do some research and come up with some viable product for the market. I am not sure what frequency ranges would affect those single electrons in the molecules of the microtubules but someone probably knows the distance the electron travels in moving from one spot on the molecule and can figure out the wavelength of the frequency bands that would have the most effect such as causing the nerve to shut down resulting in unconciousnous of an individual. But be careful, those microtubules might just be the physical seat of conciousnous of our brains and nervous systems since it is the impingement of all the radiated very tiny RF signals of those electrons moving around and the composite overall electromagnetic signals along with the electrochemical ion exchange pulse wave that we usually think of as a nerve signal where as the microtubules have some affect on the overall signal that we have no knowledge of just yet. It may turn out that the affects of the microtubules are on our emotions and the interaction of all the electrons radiating their individual signals when they move is what gives rise to conciousnous in the transitions phase of signals as they mix together and radiate around inside the skull over the very short distances involved, the actual single elctron producing a very small power signal to begin with but it does exist at the quantum level anyway. Anyway here is the blog I wrote.
    If the only type of guns available for someone like that fellow at VT were of a type that only incapacitates people or any living thing with a nervous system, wouldn?t that be a step in the right direction? It is possible to build a very real kind of ?Star Trek? phasor or a kind of pneumatic hand gun that spits out tiny slivers of solidified quick acting anesthetic drug instead of deadly lead copper or steel jacketed pellets we call bullets or ammo. The ?phasor? would affect the tiny microtubules in each and every axon of each and every neuron of all nervous systems like ours. All it has to be is a M.A.S.E.R. or Microwave Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Before there were L.A.S.E.R.s, which were invented by a certain scientist who was working at Bell Labs at the time and might have also worked on government programs for the M.A.S.E.R. which preceded the laser and was mainly for developing radar technology and communications links with satellites in orbit for which we owe such communications links to that use them for phone or television signals, or internet. The ?phasor? only has to emit RF at the precise frequencies to do things with the single electrons in the single molecules that form the chain that forms the tubular structure of the microtubules in the axons. This single electron is only remarkable for one thing, it moves from one spot on the molecule to another, what it has to do with consciousness and our nervous systems information processing and handling of the greater electrochemical signal nerves carry in the main ion exchange pulse that travels the length of the neuron?s axon is at present unexplored and unexplained. Research is of course needed in this area because the intent is something that knocks people out, not kills them and this ?phasor? could possibly kill if the wrong type of signal is beamed into your nervous system for too long a period of time and suppresses the refractory period of nerves when they reset themselves electrochemically or something else entirely unknown might happen. The thing is that it very well might be possible. The pneumatic drug sliver dart gun is of course easier to design and build and distribute worldwide to replace those lead throwing models and will not leave corpses all over the place if the proper drugs are chosen or mixture of quick acting drugs that just penetrates the skin and dissolves into the tissues and into the blood stream. Not tiny actual hypodermic darts, though those would work too, I mean solidified slivers of a drug mixture, like a water ice bullet that is kept frozen until it is used in a gun for a self disappearing lethal weapon as is popular in some spy novels if not in real life, though such is certainly possible, a disappearing bullet like one made of ice from water that is. Only these are drugs in solid sliver form that quickly melt after penetrating clothing and skin to dissolve under the twin conditions of the body heat of a human body and the moisture in the body that is the plasma from blood perfusing all tissues from the vessels that carries it there and carries it away with the waste products. Another type of weapon might be a simple hand gun that fires a single individual capture web type of thing that wraps around the person without hurting them and binds their arms down their sides and their legs together so they can?t run, it could administer an anesthetic dose after it wraps around someone too and make them easier to handle if not start the quieting down process to return them to their senses. You might think this is ?Liberal? crap but believe me, if you know our justice system they will be tried in a court of law and probably sentenced. The thing is you can?t predict when a single individual is going to do something like this, not unless you want to institute a Nazi like thought police state in this country and around the world. Far better to improve the technology so that it is safe for anyone to use, on any one else and we can advance beyond the deadly lead throwing machines that are so effective but are used not under rules of deadly force most of the time but with actual intent to kill or maim and it is this we want to prevent from happening so getting the weapons makers to switch to these new kinds of weapons technology for personal use might make our world a bit safer for everyone. It would be easy to get people to use them, just make using the old lead throwing guns illegal in favor of using the new technology ones. At least that is something our system of government can do for us as part of its job of regulating commerce and businesses instead of simply banning them, the idea of an effective hand weapon I mean and its interpersonal use. New laws that might come onto the books might ones that makes it a crime to use such a weapon on anyone such as a bus driver, or anyone else engaged in performing a public service of course. It would hurt the driver or operator of large people carrying machinery, but if the operator is suddenly incapacitated, who is going to drive the thing? Once again technology could come to the rescue with one of those so-called expert super computer systems installed in the vehicle that is a programmed expert operator of that machine according to all the data gathered and programmed into it from a large sample of human operators who are all asked questions as to the proper responses in their operation of the particular vehicle in question whether it is a passenger bus or private car, or aircraft or water craft. The thing is in effect the auto pilot of the vehicle that might take over if the driver is incapacitated in any way suddenly and drive until a safe spot to park the vehicle can be found for it to stop and summon help. Now you might not agree with me on all of this but it is a couple of solutions that would prevent such kinds of tragedies in the future, especially if such weapons were, like those portable defibrillators that are all over the world now, made available in all schools for the staff of a school or university to use or any business area too by any establishment so they can be used to stop such individuals and protect innocent human lives.