Eminem overtakes Lady Gaga on Facebook

Eminem overtakes Lady Gaga on Facebook

Summary: Eminem is now the second most popular person by Facebook Likes, ahead of Lady Gaga but behind Michael Jackson.


Eminem now has more Facebook Likes than any other living person. He just overtook Lady Gaga, who had an eight-month reign as the most-liked living person on Facebook, but is still behind the late Michael Jackson. Lady Gaga held the lead since June 2010, when she overtook President Barack Obama (who has since dropped significantly in rank).

Jackson is first with 29.15 million Likes, Eminem is in second with 28.91 million, Lady Gaga has 28.89 million, Rihanna has 25.38 million, and Linkin Park has 23.37 million, according to Famecount. Those numbers were taken at the time of writing; they're still growing at drastic rates.

In fact, the 38-year-old Detroit rapper is currently averaging over half a million Facebook Likes a day. At this rate, he will soon surpass the King of Pop on Facebook as well, grabbing the title of the most popular person, living or deceased, by Facebook Likes.

Rihanna is reportedly growing more quickly than Eminem on Facebook. Who do you think will be the first to hit the 50 million mark?

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  • RE: Eminem overtakes Lady Gaga on Facebook

    I liked Eminem's earlier stuff, but this latest album I just can't get into. All the songs sound the same. Lady Gaga does mix hers up a bit, not crazy about the new Madonna song she has though. I can't understand how Linkin Park has 23.37 million likes, they are terrible.
    Loverock Davidson
  • If Eminem dies then he has a shot at 1st!

    that how it looks like it works.
    Will Farrell
    • Only if he will die quite young; the same goes for Gaga and Obama

      @Will Farrell: and since Jackson is dead he is not that active promotionally, so even without dying others may be "outliked" (though hardly anyone of the current ones can be compared to scale and significance of MJ).