Vevo to require Facebook for registration

Vevo to require Facebook for registration

Summary: On March 9, will require users to login via Facebook. Registering for will thus require a Facebook account. Is Facebook about to replace YouTube on


Remember when Spotify had to defend its new Facebook requirement? Well, Vevo, the second biggest service providing online video, sent an e-mail to its users today informing them they will soon be required to log into using Facebook. The e-mail says a new version of the site is coming exactly one week from today, and from then on all accounts must be connected with Facebook.

As you can see in the screenshot above, this is further confirmed on the Vevo login page:

We will soon disable all non-Facebook registered logins to VEVO. To get the full VEVO experience, please enter through Facebook. This way you’ll enjoy a richer experience while watching and sharing music videos and all of our other content.

Vevo was one of Facebook's 17 launch partners that announced Facebook integration at the company's 2011 f8 developer conference in September 2011. already leverages Facebook's Open Graph: when users watch music videos, stories are automatically shared on your Ticker, Timeline, and News Feed. The website itself features Like buttons and Facebook comments.

Here is the full e-mail (titled "The new is coming"), courtesy of TNW, which appears to be almost identical to a Vevo blog post from two days ago:

Dearest member,

At some point in the last two years you signed up for an account at We hope you've enjoyed your time with us so far.

We've learned a lot about what you want from us, and we're about to unveil an entire new VEVO experience. We plan to give you a first-look at the new VEVO soon, but first we wanted to let you know that as part of the new VEVO we will be offering account registration only through Facebook. As a result we will be able to offer you a more personalized and social VEVO.

If you'd like to save any playlists that you have previously created, please visit your current VEVO account and connect it with Facebook today, or sometime in the next seven days. We'll be moving over to the new VEVO on March 9.

Stay tuned for that sneak peek!

Sincerely, VEVO

The rumor that Facebook wants to replace YouTube and power Vevo just got a little bit juicier.

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  • Stupidest thing to force customers

    Regardless of whether Facebook acct is free or not. If someone does not want to be associated with Facebook or user their service, there's absolutely no reason for another service provider to force their users to use that. Especially when the 2 service providers are not the same company. Regardless of whether the other service is free or not.

    If I am an existing customer, I would just requested that they removed all my account information and then delete my acct with them.
    • I wished VEVO would not exist.

      Youtube is enough.
  • facebook or vevo in power?

    not a fan of this. but is it more of a vevo thing or facebook trying to promote their idea of using people's interests for more targetted ads. i keep my facebook for keeping in touch with people, not letting the world know what music videos i am watching. i did that with the rdio/spotify app for a bit, but it just became too much. there's too many things going on with it all now.
  • Well

    I guess I will not be usig Vevo then. I don't like being forced to sign up to facebook, then have them scan my post.

    No Thanks, at all.