Nokia unveils Lumia 800 and 710: 'the first real Windows Phone[s]'

Nokia unveils Lumia 800 and 710: 'the first real Windows Phone[s]'

Summary: American Window Phone 7 fans eager to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 will have to wait until early 2012 (or this November if you can import from Europe).

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Nokia unveils

Nokia's WP7 Lumia 800 Image by Gloria Sin

Months of leaks and speculation on what Nokia's inaugural Window Phone 7 smartphones would look like did not disappoint at Nokia World in London. The flagship Lumia 800 (codenamed "Sea Ray") gets the bold look of the N9 and runs Mango rather than MeeGo, while the Lumia 710 (codenamed "Sabre") is the budget Nokia WP7 with the same perks as the 800.

Free perks that are bundled with both Lumias were the real surprises this morning as most of their specs and photos have already been well leaked ahead of Nokia's official announcement.

Lumia 800 and 710 owners will get to enjoy these free apps and services out-of-box: the turn-by-turn voice assisted navigational service Nokia Drive, Nokia Music's MixRadio streaming app to discover local music around the world, and the ESPN Sports Hub for the latest news, stats and highlight reels. As WP7 devices, both phones will also include 25 GB of free SkyDrive cloud-based storage from Windows. Nokia also teased that Electronic Arts and Sesame Street have signed up to be app partners but would not reveal any more details than that.

As expected, neither of these phones will be coming to America until early 2012 even though they are ready to ship from Nokia's Finnish factory to the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain this November. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore and India will be getting both phones before the end of 2011. The Lumia 800 is priced at 420 Euro, which is approximately $585 USD, while the Lumia 710 is much more affordable at 270 Euro or $376 USD. You can pre-order the Lumia 800 on immediately. Nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop hinted that a LTE/CDMA version could be on its way for particular markets so a variant could be coming to Verizon according to CNET. Nokia's press release also lists T-Mobile UK as a carrier so it's possible its American counterpart could carry these Nokia phones in the U. S.

Elop and his team were obviously thrilled to finally take the wraps off the Lumia 800 and 710 phones but he went a bit overboard by declaring the Lumia line as "the first real Windows phone." (I doubt HTC and Samsung would agree.) Knowing full well that neither Lumia will any spec awards, Nokia instead channeled Apple by putting the spotlight on what Mango and their phones can do for users and playing up the Lumia 800's good looks. As head of Nokia's smartphone team Kevin Shields said, "while [the Lumia 800 is] a beauty on the outside, it's a beast on the inside." So what do the innards of both WP7 phones look like?

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 in Black, Cyan and Magenta. Image by Gloria Sin

Nokia Lumia 800 in Black, Cyan and Magenta. Image by Gloria Sin

  • Processor: single-core 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255
  • Display: Curved glass, 3.7" AMOLED touchscreen
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Internal Storage: 16 GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
  • Connectors: micro-USB, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Battery: BV-5JW 3.7V 1450mAh
  • Battery Life: 2G voice = 13 hours, 3G voice = 9.5 hours, music playback = 55 hours
  • Camera: 8-megapixel with Carl Zeiss lens, HD video
  • Dimensions:  61.2 mm X 116.5 mm X 12.1 mm
  • Weight: 142 g
  • Colors: Black, Cyan (pictured above) and Magenta
  • What it DOESN'T have: NFC, SD Card slot, no front facing camera

Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 with WP7. Image from

Nokia Lumia 710 with WP7. Image from

  • Processor: single-core 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255
  • Display: ClearBlack display, anti-glare screen, 3.7"
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
  • Connectors: micro-USB, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Camera: 5 megapixel with autofocus and flash, shoots videos
  • Battery: BP-3L 3.7V 1300mAh
  • Battery Life: 2G voice = 6.9 hours, 3G voice = 7.6 hours, music playback = 38 hours
  • Dimensions: 62.4 mm X 119 mm X 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 126 g
  • comes in black or white with colorful back covers
  • What it DOESN'T have: NFC, SD Card slot

Elop also briefly introduced a new line of accessories called Nokia Purity by Monster to color coordinate with the new WP7 phones, though he did not offer much details beyond flashing an image of them on screen (see below.

Nokia Purity accessories for Lumia 800 and 710 by Monster. Image by Gloria Sin

Nokia Purity accessories for Lumia 800 and 710 by Monster. Image by Gloria Sin

With the pace that new phones are entering the U. S. market now, I'm not sure how the Lumia 800 or 710 will stack up against its competition in 2012, or most importantly, whether Nokia will be able to sustain Americans' excitement toward these WP7 devices all the way till next year. I think putting WP7 into the much-lauded body/design of the N9 is a great first move (it certainly explains why the N9 won't be making an official appearance stateside), the rest is really up to consumers who are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem (Xbox, Microsoft Office) to opt for the aesthetics and construction of a Nokia product over rival phones likely with better specs in 2012. For Nokia and Microsoft's sake, they need to develop some intense brand loyalty (think Apple fan level) just to survive, nevermind thrive, in America.

Do you think Nokia's Lumia WP7 phones stand a chance in the U. S.?

[Source: Nokia press release, Nokia World webcast,,, CNET]


    Topics: Nokia, Mobility, Telcos

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    • I like the looks of the 710

      though I thought the absence of an SD slot may be an issue when I bought my Trophy, I found I haven't missed it. Still have plenty of room in the phone for my needs.
      William Farrell
      • 16GB is fine

        And they're right to make small handsets, but as I pointed out on Mary-Jo Foley story (comment was deleted, so I attach it below), there's a lot of handsets out there and they're gonna need some unique selling point to ship in volume. Oh and I don't like the 710, I don't see why they can't make the 800 at the price of the 710, the 800 looks far cleaner to me.

        [intro snipped]

        Comparing it vs my current favorite, the Sony Ericcson Ray:

        Ray 111 x 53 x 9.4 mm
        Nokia 116 x 61 x12.1mm

        Ray: 1 ghz
        Nokia: 1.4 ghz

        Ray: 480 x 854 pixels, 3.3 inches, 297 dpi
        Nokia: 480x800, 3.7 inch,

        Battery Life:
        Ray: 440 hours in 3G, 7 hours talk 3G
        Nokia: 335 hours in 3G, 9.5 hours talk in 3G

        Ray: MicroSD slot (4Gb card included)
        Nokia: 16Gb internal, no slot.

        Ray: Android 2.3
        Nokia: Mango.

        It's not a bad phone, they do need something, some piece of magic, some Jobsian selling point to get people to buy it. BTW, Ray is only $400, so more like $430 with a 16Gb flash card.

        [I'll copy and save this comment in case it gets deleted]
      • RE: Nokia unveils Lumia 800 and 710: 'the first real Windows Phone'

        @William Farrell I have 8gb on-board storage & a 32gb SD card on my phone & I am going to purchase another 32gb card. Storing music, movies, pictures, documents, app data, apps etc uses up allot of space. The cloud is nice, but the restricted data plans the carriers have really make that expensive. Not having an expansion slot for memory is a fail in my book.
      • The first REAL windows phones??

        Gloria - you think these are the first "real" windows phones? No front facing camera - no SD expansion

        The Samsung Focus S has better specs

        Nokia goofed - they needed to bring a phone superior to all competitors to really make a hit
    • 800 is looking sharp

      Sweet! Love this phone. Cool to see KeyShot ( being used in the design and 3D renderings!
    • 800 Looking good!

      Hopefully, we'll get some nice looking Nokias over here in the States.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Nokia unveils Lumia 800 and 710: 'the first real Windows Phone[s]'
    • RE: Nokia unveils Lumia 800 and 710: 'the first real Windows Phone[s]'

      The hallmark and the worst thing about Apple products is that they are restrictive. You want 32Gb then chuck your existing equipment away and get another one. So disappointing that Nokia is now using the same business model. I have always had nokia phones and been very happy, until now. Stupid having to go back and have a separate mp3 player to listen to my music.
    • Don't buy Nokia phones

      Nokia does not deserve your money, they have a terrible customer support a don't care to provide any service. Don't buy this phone.
    • First REAL Dimdows Phones? Really??

      So the last 12 months have been a complete waste of time, and Microsoft is even further behind the competition than we thought!
    • prfcefz 23 ctf

      xhfvpl,nyoegvrr29, txzmc.