With its first vacuum tube amp audio dock, Samsung targets the audiophiles

With its first vacuum tube amp audio dock, Samsung targets the audiophiles

Summary: Samsung is bridging the gap between digital amps and the warmth of vacuum tubes with its latest audio dock.


While Samsung may not be synonymous with high-fidelity audio systems, the company is making a real case for the association with its latest set of announcements.

The first is the DA-E670 Audio Dock. Capable of outputting 40 watts of power and equipped with its own subwoofer, the DA-E670 is fairly powerful for a device of its size. It offers support for not only iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad), but Samsung's own Galaxy S line as well (who would have thought?).

Far more exciting, though, is the higher-end DA-E750. The dock is the first to use Samsung's vacuum tube amplifier technology, which offers the accuracy of a digital amp while alongside the warmth of sound associated with vacuum tubes. Like the DA-E670, the DA-E750 supports Samsung's AllShare technology and Apple's Airplay.

Of course, the real appeal is that that sound quality comes in a fairly compact package, which is good for anyone who wants a good-sounding audio system that doesn't take up a lot of space. B

Samsung is saying a lot of grand things about the DA-E750 - "[We've raised] the bar in sound quality for mainstream audio products" the company says - but it won't be until it shows the dock off in person at CES until we can verify the claims.

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  • RE: With its first vacuum tube amp audio dock, Samsung targets the audiophiles

    realy what is the point.
    MP3 compressed to hell and back then warm it up with a valve! and 40 Watts.. if its valve based wahy do you need that much power 5Watts is plenty
    also really going to get good stereo feild with speakers that close together.

    Seems that this is just marketing hype to thouse who have to much money and little music apretiation :-)
    Mark Codling
  • RE: With its first vacuum tube amp audio dock, Samsung targets the audiophiles

    No, 5 watts is not enough with those little inefficient speakers. Some makers put the tube in the preamp, one single stage often a cathode follower, but the tubes need to be in the power output stage to make the best of the "tube sound". Then a can of worms is opened between devotees of single ended, push pull, triodes, beam power tubes, etc. The least someone could do is to reveal the architecture of this product. There has been at least one costly "tube" audio product in which the tubes, mounted nicely up front, had only the heater connectiuons in use. They did absolutely nothing except glow. There's warmth. Ricardo and Gloria, can you please find out what tubes are used, how many, and what is their position inside the product architecture?
    • Real tube amps

      All samsung has done is nothing more than Luxman did 20+ years ago. They added a couple of triode tubes in the preamp stage to add even order harmonics. They do warm the sound slightly, but to really appreciete the benefit of tubes you need tubes all the way. A good low cost tube amp can be had from Yaqin. They ahve many designs, single ended, AB push pull. They sound great, and won'd break the bank, and make compressed files bearable. Of course as good as they make compressed files sound, they really make vinyl and uncompressed CD sound unbelievable.
      I was a MacIntosh guy for 40 years. I heard one of these Yaqin amps and I was sold. You can generally tell an amps quality by the weight, and my Yaqin weighs in at about 25KG.
  • RE: With its first vacuum tube amp audio dock, Samsung targets the audiophiles

    Audiophiles don't typically traffic in compressed MP3 audio files... I think Samsung has targeted a new demographic here - the 'Audiogeek' who thinks he/she is an audiophile because they have 10,000 songs recorded on one DVD and have no idea what the difference between 20Mhz or 20,000Mhz is. Sampling rate? File formats? Compression? Lossless? IMO nothing more than a clever marketing scheme. Bet they sell tons of em though.
    • RE: With its first vacuum tube amp audio dock, Samsung targets the audiophiles

      @nomacs - point taken about audiophiles and MP3. Maybe most audiophiles would not bother to ever listen to an MP3, and maybe the self-deceivers don't know any better. But I listen to MP3's on a PC, and sometimes I run them through the old 'audiophile' system - a 7' PDP-11 rack containing tube type power amps, some nice old Sherwood and Marantz stuff, and from there through some good speakers. I realize it is only a convenience instead of getting up and playing less-compressed media like the a real CD or LP, or the reel-reel tape. 2 hours of HiFi audio also fits on a VHS cassette BTW. No one probably does that - "VHS Hi-Fi" - but its dog cheap and IMHO better than an MP3. The way I see it, MP3 and other funky input is what the 'aux' input on the ol' McIntosh preamp is for. Just because the recording is MP3 does not negate the value of convenience or the preference for some better kind of audio equipment to listen with. disclaimer: I'm not an audiophile and i do not play one on TV. I do not have a $5000 extension cord or a $399 gold plated wall outlet for the system to plug into, or the special oxygen free phono cables, and I have not paid any money to have every new wire in the system sent though a special secret laboratory to be "broken in" using the kind of music I prefer. I also don't use words like "tessitura". Those words are for special audio people. Are there real audiophiles out there with secret disk drives full of MP3s? any that have a ipod etc.. shhh someone will find out!

      I still want to know what is in that box.