Striking a blow for wind v. wildlife

Striking a blow for wind v. wildlife

Summary: There's more than wheat and cattle on the Great Plains of America. There's wind.

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There's more than wheat and cattle on the Great Plains of America. There's wind. And that could mean money for the sparsely populated region. South Dakota Senator John Thune (R) has written to he U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on behalf of his state's growing wind industry.

The Associated Press reports, Thune "says a recent FWS memo on the potential impact of wind turbines on migrating whooping cranes should not be used as fodder to stymie the development of clean energy."

There's been continued controversy over wind farms and their tendency to slaughter birds, bats and other wildlife. Nobody mentions the zillions of insects that are demolished daily by windmills. So far they've not been implicated inthe disappearance of wild and domestic bees, at least. Here's a recent look at wind and wildlife in Audubon Society's monthly magazine.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Yet look at how many millions of animals are

    slaughtered on our roads every year by automobiles and semi-tractor trailers. And how many billions of insects are decimated annually on the grills of these same contraptions!

    Then how about all the senseless bird deaths from skyscrapers and cars and planes and even homes?

    The argument that wind mills are causing or going to cause such devastation is nothing more than the fodder from the oil companies as they try to prevent the inevitable! Fact is green is the way we are going, we have to if we wish to maintain the same level and quality of life we currently enjoy! To think otherwise is pure ignorance.

    Go wind power! ]:)
    Linux User 147560