Some more iOS 5 secrets

Some more iOS 5 secrets

Summary: Same drill as before - not secrets, but you still might want to check out these neat iOS 5 tricks!


My previous 'Five iOS 5 secrets' post was such a big hit and I received such overwhelming positive feedback from it that I've decided to give you some more iOS 5 secrets.

Note: All of these tips apply to iPhone and iPad, and some will even work on the iPod touch.

#1 Private browsing in Safari

Buying someone a 'secret birthday present' that you don't want anyone to find out about? This might be a situation where private browsing could come in handy!

To activate private browsing go:

Settings > Safari

Enable Private Browsing.

Next -->

#2 Check to see if your iOS is up-to-date

Normally you need to hook your iDevice up to iTunes to check to see if you have the latest iOS installed. Not any more!

SettingsGeneral > Software Update

Next -->

#3 Diagnostic data

Your iDevice collects a lot of diagnostic data that you can optionally choose to send to Apple. However, you can also take a look at this data for yourself, and even send it along to an app developer if you're experiencing issues.

Here's how to find it:

SettingsGeneral About > Diagnostics and Usage

Next -->

#4 Get hourly weather forecasts

By default the iOS weather app shows you daily predictions. Get hourly predictions by simply tapping the screen:

Next -->

#5 Control what notifications appear on your Lock Screen

Do you want every notification displayed on your lock screen? No, then you can control what shows on an app by app basis.

Settings > Notifications

From there select an app, scroll to the bottom of the next screen and switch off View in Lock Screen.

Bonus Tip -->


This isn't an iOS 5 specific tip, but it's something that I see mentioned a lot. Can you see Google Street View from an iDevice? Yes, you can!

Here's how:

From the Mapping app, drop a pin at you location:

Now click on the pin then on the little person icon to the left of the flag. This will bring up a Street View view:

If you enjoyed this post, check out the excellent '5 Good apps for the new iPhone 4S owner' by James Kendrick.

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  • RE: Some more iOS 5 secrets

    One more iOS 5 tip I've read about. Most users know that by double clicking on the home button, the multi-tasking bar is revealed.

    Now in iOS 5, a multi-touch gesture can reveal the multi-tasking bar as well.

    By swiping with four or five fingers "up or down", the multi-tasking bar car be revealed or hidden.
    • Only works from iPad as far as I can tell

      You can also do a 4 or 5 finger swipe left or right to switch between "running" applications without even needing to reveal the multi-tasking bar.

      You can do a 4 or 5 finger pinch to get back to application icon grid from within an application (basically the same as hitting hardware home button).
      • RE: Some more iOS 5 secrets

        @toddybottom Actually, I believe it is limited to the iPad 2 as I could not get it to work on my wife's original iPad.
  • Very important to turn off sending of diagnostic data

    There is absolutely no need for Apple to spy on me.
    • And yet I bet you're salivating at the same opportunity

      When Microsoft wants your data, for "diagnostics."
      • What does Microsoft have to do with this?

    • RE: Some more iOS 5 secrets


      Just keep your tin foil hat on; you'll be fine.
      • You send your data to all companies that ask for it?

        I wouldn't. But it is your choice of course.
  • Street view

    Um, this isn't a secret, been around since at least iOS 3.0. Thanks for crawling out from under your rock.
    • RE: Some more iOS 5 secrets


      Maybe you should've read where he says that it isn't iOS 5 specific.
  • Another tip...

    when using the camera, a swipe to the right will take you to the camera roll. Swipe back to the left to get back to the camera.
  • RE: Some more iOS 5 secrets .......
  • Re: Crysis Warhead on Consoles? .........
  • RE: Some more iOS 5 secrets ..........0.0.
  • Typo on bonus tip

    >"drop a pin at you location"
    You wrote "you" when you meant "your."
  • Now, that's just sad

    All I did was check out Settings and General after installation and the "secrets' were There - Oh My.
  • RE: Some more iOS 5 secrets

    The Google map Street View has been around for some time. Even works on my iPod Touch (2gen) running iOS 4.2.1. Someone needs to do a story about iOS on iPads ver iPhone ver iPod. I am finding differences, e.g., the Weather app is not on iPad