Scribble your email: New feature for Gmail iOS

Scribble your email: New feature for Gmail iOS

Summary: Gmail is introducing a 'Scribbles' function for email on the move. Another new shiny function for Generation Y to play with?


The Generation Y tend to be a little informal in emails.

From the use of 'LOL' to smiley faces, we are known to shy away from formal email communication, and occasionally make a few blunders in that fashion when first entering the workplace.

I bet I'm not the only one who mistakenly called a previous boss 'love' or 'darling' in an email when first becoming occupied with monthly salaries, or by using a smiley face in an inappropriate scenario.

A few feature announced by Google is the introduction of the 'Scribbles' function -- a means to express yourself further than keyboard functions or a font style. Although not necessarily appropriate for the workplace, as a means of sprucing up your emails to family and friends, I quite like the concept.

Integrated in to the Gmail and Gmail iOS, you can now click on a 'scribble' button in the compose window to add a personal touch to your latest communication.

(Source: Gmail blog)

If you access your Gmail from the usual web address, then the function can be found in devices that are compatible with iOS 4+ and Android 3.1+, as well as BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

I had to admire Google's 'reasons' for introducing this feature:

"From prehistoric humans etching in caves to the modern-day thinker sketching a stroke of genius on a napkin, scribbling is a natural form of human expression. Not constrained by formatting or font styles, scribbling is a versatile outlet for expressing individuality and creativity. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun."

Right in time for the holidays, those of us who spend our Christmas backpacking or away from the family may appreciate this Google brainwave. I must admit, if I received one of these 'scribbles' in my email inbox on occasion, it would bring a smile.

I can't see it really taking off, but it's still a fun feature.

Be warned though: your family may find it amusing, while your employer may not.


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  • ???

    Could you be more specific as to what this does? "Personal touch" is a little light in that regard.
    • RE: Scribble your email: New feature for Gmail iOS



      I still have no idea what this function does.
  • RE: Scribble your email: New feature for Gmail iOS

    I think this seems to be the logical extension of touch interfaces for messaging.

    It would be revolutionary, except that this is something the Newton did.

    I found the Newton Information pack in my VHS collection 2 days ago, made interesting viewing.
  • RE: Scribble your email: New feature for Gmail iOS

    Now this sounds like fun. Most of the other stuff I can do without, but I have to have this's too cute. My daughters will love it too.

  • RE: Scribble your email: New feature for Gmail iOS

    Look closely at the screen capture. You can change the pics that you've already scribbled and add them to the email screen before you send it. Or you can even google it to find out--it's been out since the holidays. I apologize for my rudeness, but still...maybe a better pair of glasses would help? Don't be so dependent on asking people questions and/answers you can find out for yourself.