New Microsoft job site highlights consumer-focused openings

New Microsoft job site highlights consumer-focused openings

Summary: Microsoft has launched a new recruitment site aimed at recent college and MBA grads, called "View My World." The most interesting thing about the site is the types of jobs Microsoft is highlighting there.


Microsoft has launched a new recruitment site aimed at recent college and MBA grads, called "View My World." The most interesting thing about the site is the types of jobs Microsoft is highlighting there.

New Microsoft job site highlights consumer-focused openingsOpenings on the Xbox, Zune, Silverlight, Windows Live and Windows Mobile teams get top billing on ViewMyWorld. The Flash-based site uses video clips, links to blogs and RSS feeds to show off the up-and-coming opportunities at the company on primarily consumer-focused teams. There are interviews with current (and predominantly young) Microsoft employees -- as well as a couple of now-former employees who are made to seem as if they're still on staff.

(There are also a few "Singing Cowboy" videos interspersed throughout the site. Staffing Manager Heather Hamilton advises those without a sense of humor to forgo those. And no, the cowboy is not a Microsoft employee, in case anyone was wondering.)

The ViewMyWorld site is a lot more like Microsoft's slick "On10" marketing site than it's like the traditional Microsoft Jobs site (to which the ViewMyWorld site links).

But what's most telling to me about the new site is that Microsoft seems to see the jobs in its primarily money-losing sectors -- rather than its lucrative Windows, Office and Servers businesses -- as being plum posts for new Microsoft recruits. I wonder: Would a hotshot just out of a good school really be more interested in joining the Microsoft Zune team than the Windows one?

I wasn't convinced by Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie's contention voiced earlier this year that the most interesting innovations in technology are coming from the consumer market and that tech companies without a consumer presence will face a tough road ahead. I wonder if that argument holds more sway with recent grads ....

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Mary Jo has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications and Web sites, and is a frequent guest on radio, TV and podcasts, speaking about all things Microsoft-related. She is the author of Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft plans to stay relevant in the post-Gates era (John Wiley & Sons, 2008).

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  • The good programmers will stay away from this. Pretty boooooring to help a

    tired monopoly milk a couple of old cash cows.
  • what working for microsoft hahahahahahahha

    that a good once NEVER NEVER never i would be homeless i would not wwork for ms even if there the last job on earth
  • I clicked on that this morning

    But since I was using my Vista computer but the Base Filtering Engine was on and that meant my IE 7 was still connecting when I left for work. It will have opened up by the time I get home so hopefully I won't have to click on anything else to see the extra shiny MS jobs.

    Come on, people. Fix this thing or give me a clue as to what I need to do. (No, changing OSes is not an option. I'd like some help, not smart-ass stuff.)
  • Donnie - French

    You guys have MBAs? Ah, I see, sour grapes huh...
    • hey no axe even if i had a

      mba i would never work for Microsoft ever i would never work for a American company ever. again my ethic
      • Yes, Microsoft is bad for all US companies. They make all Americans look

        bad. I can't blame you.
  • Interesting indeed...

    Yes, I think it very telling that MS is hiring in the direction of consumer devices/technology. It does in fact show the direction Microsoft would "like" to go, however I really have to wonder if they can change their world view enough to do so.

    Microsoft has labored long and hard to become the 800 lb gorrila in "business" computing and obviously done very well at it. My question is can upper management "un-learn" the mind set that goes with it and then learn what it takes to be consumer oriented with their offerings.

    Further, I have to question their ability to get where they want to be in the consumer market by farming all the hardware out to "partners". I think they learned a hard lesson with the "PlaysForSure" efforts as the hardware produced left MUCH to be desired when left to third parties to develop and build them. (Apple on the other hand took direct control of designing the iPod and the software that runs on it.) I really believe that is why they tossed it out in favor of the Zune.

    Heck, I am of the opinion that they are making the same mistake with Windows Home Server. Allowing third parties to design the hardware (with who knows how many variations) may keep it from taking off as it should. I fully believe they would have been better off designing the entire thing as a consumer device (ala XBox) themselves.

    Of course the problem they would hit is the old anti-trust monster and law suits from every direction...
  • Chance of a lifetime...

    I forwarded this link to my son at college and told him to have all of his graduating friends apply. Of course, I told him to make sure they knew the interviews would be long and tedious, filled with curve ball questions like "Why would ANYONE use an iPod when Zune v2 is out?". I told him my rep and I wanted to see the resumes first to perform the proper vetting process. Working on Zune and XBOX 360 is a chance to define how we live and play for the next 100 years. My son was silent and then said he would recommend the XBOX 360 positions to his friends who are good at "fighting fires". My rep and I knew this meant only real warriors would be applying.
    Mike Cox
  • omg, work for MS? no way. I'll just...

    post my resume to instead.
  • RE: New Microsoft job site highlights consumer-focused openings

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