Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

Summary: Internet Explorer is still the number one Web browser, but Chrome is continuing to grow at both it and Firefox's expense.

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Internet Explorer (IE) 9 is probably the best Web browser Microsoft ever shipped. Unfortunately for Microsoft fans, it's too little, too late. While Firefox has fallen into the doldrums, Google's Chrome Web browser is slowly, but surely becoming the most popular Web browser of all.

According to Net Applications, Chrome, which just turned three years old, is now up to 15.5% of the market in August 2011. Internet Explorer market share continued its long decline and hit a new low of 55.3 percent from last month's 56 percent. Firefox continued its decline as well and hit 22.6 percent. Apple's Safari browser stayed steady at 4.64 percent. The other Web smaller Web browsers also stayed static.

I strongly suspect that Chrome is going to continue to catch up with IE and Firefox and eventually surpass them both. By year's end, I think Chrome will pass Firefox. It will take until late 2012 for Chrome to surpass IE, but I can see it happening.

If you look beyond the U.S., Chrome is already well on its way. Statcounter had Chrome exceeding 20% of the worldwide Internet browser market in June. Statcounter's numbers already places Chrome ahead of Firefox in some areas of the world.

Royal Pingdom's analysis of Web brower use shows Chrome doing even better in some regions. In South America, Chrome has already left Firefox eating its dust with 33.2% of the market. In some countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay, Chrome is even ahead of IE already the number one Web browser.

Why is Chrome being so successful? Well, first Chrome is just a great Web browser. It's screamingly fast and extremely secure. You can also run it on any PC platform. So, if you have a Mac at home and a Windows PC at the office, you can use the same familiar program.

Another plus for Chrome is that, in part because of Google's support for the Chrome operating system and Chromebooks, there's an application eco-system developing around Chrome applications. Yes, at this point, many Chrome "Apps" are really just fancy Web-site links, but real applications are coming.

In addition, Chrome now has off-line Google applications. These will become available to other HTML-5 enabled Web browsers, but they're first being made available on Chrome. I expect this to have the effect of making Chrome even more attractive to users in the short run.

In the long run, as everyone incorporates real HTML-5 compatibility in their browsers, this won't matter so much. In the long run, though, I also expect most people to be using Chrome for their Web browser both on their PCs and on their Android smartphones and tablets.

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Topics: Apps, Browser, Google

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  • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

    Chrome is great but IE10 will be great too and an integral part of Windows 8. Do you think there will be a chrome tile on Windows 8? ...............
    • If MS tries to stop *you* from putting one there...

      ...then MS' lawyers will find themselves back in antitrust court, and should; likewise if MS tried to prevent users from changing the default browser or otherwise interfered with the operation of the user's chosen browser (it might even result in a contempt of court citation). IE has been an "integral" (meaning non-removable) part of Windows for a good 13 years now, but that doesn't stop Windows users from using IE only for downloading the browser they really want and in conjunction with Windows Update.
      John L. Ries
      • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

        @John L. Ries
        Yes IE10 will be good. But do you think that Google will stop now and let MS do better web browser?

        Gee, and when IE10 will come out, guess what? Google will have whole year to implement everything fancy from IE10, and put even more into Google Chrome.

        The same goes for Firefox.

        MS can not win this race for long time. Simply Mozilla and Google can deliver quicker.
      • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

        @John L. Ries <br><br>This is so funny when I see people calling antitrust on Microsoft if they even try to pull off 1% of what Google and Apples has done for years in their products.<br><br>Let me ask you something John, doesnt Google use all its advertising power to promote Chrome? Even on other people pages without their consent, Adwords, where Chrome ads show?<br><br>How about this. If you happen to log into using Explorer, specially with IE6 a big heavy advertisement appears to download Chrome. How is that for an antitrust case? Google controls search and they are pushing Chrome on it very hard. I never saw an ad there to download Opera, or Safari or even Explorer, only Chrome. So let me ask you again? Why do you think Microsoft doesnt have the right to do the same with Windows?<br><br>Its so funny when people call antitrust and as far as I know you cannot install Explorer, or Firefox or any other Google product on a Chrome OS laptop. At least Microsoft lets you install on Windows everything you want. If you want to call lawyers I think they should really look into what Google and Apple has being doing with their platforms, where they are for sure not letting Microsoft in either but Microsoft has to play nice with all competitors. Example, Youtube doesnt give completely access to their APIs on Windows Phone but they do to Android. You must be very naive if you think Google is giving the same access to their products to Microsoft like Microsoft is letting Google to do.<br><br>Why dont they let Microsoft AdCenter put ads on Adwords? Of course they will never do this. You can blame and say Windows is a monopoly which is far from true, and with this lame excuse you could affirm Microsoft must allow Chrome to be run in Windows. If this is true you could say Android is already a monopoly in phones as well and even so Google doesnt allow access to their services to other companies like they do it for their own apps, and as far as I know Google is also the default search engine in Android, its not like they let you choose on setup from Yahoo, Bing or Google.
        So if we want to scream antitrust about choice I think Microsoft is the most open company right now regarding choice as opposed to Apple and Google where they only want to push their own services and products. And im using Chrome right now, so its not an anti Google comment, but fair is fair and Microsoft has the same right to promote IE on their services and platforms just like Google and Apple do on theirs since years.
      • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names


        Google's products often suggest I use another browser when I'm using Midori, leading me to the following page, which recommends a modern browser such as IE 7/8/9, Firefox, or Safari.
      • Exactly, IE cannot be removed.

        @John L. Ries ... I guess my question is why not? IE doesn't provide anything magical due to having a pipeline into the OS. Certainly nothing greater than Firefox or Chrome which are just add-on applications, easy to install, easy to remove. Maybe it's doing somethng when you are not using it. There has to be a reason for MS to try and buy Yahoo for 44.3 Billion. They want the Google Gold and in some ways are better positioned to get it since they can design their closed source browser and OS to be a data vacuum. What better machine to gather data than an OS? That even trumps Google.
    • Is IE-10 going to run on Win 7?

      @jatbains ... Really, how many IE's will it take to kill out the Win 7 folks?
  • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

    You're missing a rather big's easy to grow when you have no market share. Likewise, it's easy to shrink when you're the top dog. Mainly because there's only one direction to go.
    • You're also missing a point

      While not mentioned in this article, IE had market share simply because it came with Windows. There are still folks that don't know there are alternatives. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and any others require people to seek it out, download it, and install it. Big difference.
      • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

        You too missed the point. Aerowind is just saying about how Google seems gaining momentum. You are saying how MS got to that position. Big difference.
  • What a tool

    Chrome has reached 15% market share, while IE still holds better than 55%, yet you boldly proclaim that Chrome is "becoming the most popular web browser of all". I found no reason to continue reading after that bit of nonsense in your first paragraph.
    • You mean that IE is down to 55%?

      And neither the Internet, nor the commercial software industry have collapsed?

      This is good news.
      John L. Ries
    • And you probably haven't even used Chrome

      Always amusing how some IT folks fall in love with something and refuse to open their eyes. Remember all the Netware folks?

      • Refuse to open my eyes?

        @GoPower, I use IE9, FF, and Opera, so my eyes are wide open. I refuse to allow spyware on my systems, so I reject Google's crapware in all forms, whether it be their toolbar that breaks applications, their Desktop that scans every file on my harddrive and uploads the data to the Overlord, or their browser that not only lacks basic features but tracks all of my internet usage for Google's benefit. I have tried Google's search engine, but find it lacking in results, other than those of the malicious variety which it delivers in abundance. Sell your soul to the Google if you wish, but don't expect me to follow.
      • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

        Wow. Just wow. I guess we have to add "ABGer" to the list of ZDNet abbreviations. I'll tell you what -- just download and install Chromium and you can test out "Chrome" to know and understand what's going on in IT without having your brain scanned by Google while you sleep.
      • I will wear that name proudly

        daengbo, you appear to have a problem with reading comprehension. What is there about "I reject Google's crapware in all forms" that is so hard to understand? I absolutely will not download Chrome, as I am well aware of its purpose: To collect data on one's web browsing habits for Google. That is its only purpose. My data, and my browsing habits, are my own, and I do not choose to share either with Google.

        I also take exception to Google's habits of forcing it onto PCs without the users knowledge. I am constantly running into it on both personal and work PCs, and not even once have I had the user tell me that they installed it. In virtually every case, the user has no idea how it got on their system. Why is that? Is Google forcing it on users? It sure seems so to me.

        I do know what is going on in IT, as I am an IT professional with many years of experience. Perhaps you are comfortable with Google's practices, or perhaps you are just naive or oblivious to their history. Either way, I really don't care. I have watched as Google installed software (Google Desktop) that not only slowed even fast computers to a crawl but also was proven to scan the user's hard drive and send data, including passwords and financial info, back to Google. I have been forced to remove Google Toolbar from numerous systems, as it not only breaks apps but also steals data, even when disabled. I have watched as Google at first lied about, then was forced to admit that it was monitoring wifi connections and once again stealing data. I have observed as China has had their way with Google's supposedly secure servers, stealing at will Google's vast collection of data on nearly everyone.

        Chrome may very well be a decent browser, but it is not the only one. IE9 is now an excellent choice, and offers features that Chrome does not. FF has also matured of late, and also offers a variety of features that Chrome does not. I have also used Opera, and find it to be a compelling choice as well. None of the above track and steal my habits and data like Chrome, in fact they have taken steps to protect my privacy.

        So, if you wish to lable me ABG, then I am perfectly OK with that. Perhaps you should badge yourself NBG while you are at it.
    • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

      @itpro_z <br><br>"is slowly, but surely becoming the most popular Web browser of all."<br><br>He is saying the rate at which it is gaining market share is growing faster than either IE or FF, not that it is the market leader right now.
      • It is growing faster ... because it DIDN'T exist before

        @digital838 Something without any market share will show a rapid growth. Chrome may have a high version number, but it is still a beta quality product that has only being out for a short period of time.

        It is fast .... but it is also buggy ... and a privacy rapist.
    • RE: Google Chrome Web browser kicks rump, takes names

      @itpro_z <br>Let me ask you this. Suppose Windows shipped with Chrome as a default browser for the past 10 years and IE was a third party browser people had to download and install. What would be the market share of IE after 10 years? Competing with other third party browsers, I'd say about 2%...
    • Google Haters Anonymous.

      @itpro_z ... I get a hoot out of these rants about Google privacy problems. Really, what do you really know about it? What proof do you personally have? I'll tell you, what you hear and don't question. It's called Propaganda and virtually everyone at ZDNet is a victim of it.

      Just to set the record straight, Microsoft is in competition with Google, Apple and Linux. They are doing everything in their power to trash these companies through their puppet publications and propaganda threaded articles.

      If you don't believe me, take the TDL-4 rootkit MBR botnet that infected 4.5 million Windows users in the first three months of 2011. Not a wimper from your puppy watchdog ZDNet. Nothing.

      Now take a look at 72,000 articles on the web about it. Did you know about TDL-4? Did any of the readers here know about it? It's called Propaganda by omission.

      Google has a public policy they adhere to. Write an email about a red Corvette, and you'll see 4 Corvette parts ads appear. Not so bad, is it?

      It's all done by robots, no human is reading your email and only words that are appropriate are used, no medical terms, etc. Really, What in the world do you think Microsoft, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other emails are doing with your information? Answer: You have no idea. Why don't you spend your energy trying to get them to tell you exactly what they are doing?

      Here's the link to the 72,000+ posts on the TDL-4 mystery Botnet:

      You are so infused with propaganda that you think only Google is reading your information? What does that make the other companies, saints? Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo (for online advertising) for 44.3 Billion dollars. Don't you think they are serious about online data gathering?