Kesha's Twitter account hacked

Kesha's Twitter account hacked

Summary: Kesha's Twitter account informed her 3.1 million followers that she was about to release a new song. The celebrity deleted the tweet, saying it was false, and said that her account had been hacked.


American singer-songwriter and rapper Kesha (stylized Ke$ha) had her Twitter account allegedly hacked yesterday. Whoever did it decided to announce her latest song was about to be released.

Here's what the tweet in question said:

Single out in a couple hours. Ugh so f**kin stressful... wish I could stay on da (the) beach forever."

It was potentially seen by Kesha's 3.1 million followers, or even more, given that Twitter is a mainly public social network. After the singer spotted the false message, she realized her account had been compromised and quickly deleted it. She then posted this explanation:

animals!! i love u! i got hacked. single is not out YET. promissse you'll be the first to know!xx

Kesha's account may be verified, but if someone gains access to a verified Twitter account, it doesn't become unverified. It's currently unclear if someone outside of Kesha's inner circle actually managed to gain access to her account. It's certainly possible that someone she knows and has entrusted her Twitter account password with decided to post the malicious tweet. Hell, it could even be a marketing stunt, although I would argue this is the least likely of scenarios, especially given the recent slew of celebrity account hacks. Either way, let's hope she changed her password.

I thought this story was familiar, but apparently I got my American pop singers mixed up. In September 2011, Pink claimed her Facebook account was hacked and her personal photographs were stolen. She announced the security breach on Twitter.

I have contacted Twitter about the breach of Kesha's account and will update you if I hear back.

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  • Kesha's Twitter account hacked

    So many things wrong with this... like how she got 3.1 million followers and why anyone would care about her new single coming out, or even why anyone would bother with her for that matter. If you heard any of her songs you'd feel the same way.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Totally agree

      Ha! I love this. I definitely agree - glad I'm not the only one who sees how horrible she is!