New ransomware variants spotted in the wild

New ransomware variants spotted in the wild

Summary: Security researchers from TrendMicro, F-Secure and Dr. Web have intercepted two new ransomware variants currently circulating in the wild.


Security researchers from TrendMicro, F-Secure and Dr. Web have intercepted two new ransomware variants currently circulating in the wild.

TrendMicro intercepted a new ransomware variant that compared to previous releases is infecting the Master Boot Record (MBR), thus, preventing the operating system from loading. Upon execution, the infected PC restarts and displays the ransom message requesting a payment in order for them to receive the unlock code.

Both F-Secure and Dr.Web have intercepted an identical ransomware variant. Upon execution it encrypts all files, by adding a .EnCiPhErEd file extension. End users are given the option to have 5 attempts to try and enter the unlock code, in between the malware deletes itself and leaves the files encrypted.

The ransomware displays the following message  to infected users:

Attention! All your files are encrypted! You are using unlicensed programms! To restore your files and access them, send code Ukrash or Paysafecard nominal value of EUR 50 to the email You have 5 attempts to enter the code. If you exceed this of all data irretrievably spoiled. Be careful when you enter teh code!

Moreover, the vendors are emphasizing on the fact that the encryption in the ransomware variants (SHA1: b8f60c64c70f03c263bf9e9261aa157a73864aaf) is not as strong as the encryption used in previous versions of the infamous GPCode.

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Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent across multiple countries, thanks to the added localization and better market segmentation of the prospective victims. Cybercriminals taking into consideration quality assurance as a process, and constantly looking for new ways to socially engineer end and corporate users into infecting themselves with ransomware variants.

End users are advised to avoid interacting with suspicious links found in spam emails, and t o ensure that they're running the latest version of their third-party software, and browser plugins.

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    Are these trojans and are they 'surf and owned' trojans? If so, as long as you 'surf safe' for the former, you will be okay. For the latter, the holes that can be used to 'surf and owned' need closed immediately.

    On another point, when they find the people who do these things, they need stiff prison sentences to send a message that these things, even more than other crime, won't be tolerated.
    • These ransom wares can also come in

      Thru emails sent from people you know and don't know. I really feel sorry for the normal users who really don't have a clue on what's happening. And I agree, with you, it's time to start catching these crooks and give them some serious jail time and hard work, to make others think twice.
    • The problem is...

      That these criminals are in other countries and not directly subject to US law. While local law enforcement may try to cooperate, these rouges are seen as Robin Hood by there countrymen. Stealing from the rich and spending among the poor.
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