TEDx: an independent cozy idea worth spreading

TEDx: an independent cozy idea worth spreading

Summary: You have probably watched a TED video before. It's not a normal "web seminar"; it's longer than a few minutes, but straight to the point.


You have probably watched a TED video before. It's not a normal "web seminar"; it's longer than a few minutes, but straight to the point. You can't just watch them while you are working, you have to give 100% of your focus to them. It's not a panel, and there is rarely a Q&A, and it usually costs a lot of money to attend, if you want to see it in real life.

The crowd is more sophisticated, and definitely more patient. They are dressed better than me (no one else had headphones on).


Tonight marked a new stage in the history of TED. TEDx is an independently organized TED event. Advance Networks is the fastest growing network of global Australians, and they had the pleasure of hosting the first TEDx in San Francisco tonight at CBS Interactive's headquarters.

Ideas worth spreading

The following is just a rough sketch of what I what I learned. The sentences might not be in "blog format", but give it a read, and tell me what you think. If anything, enjoy the pictures.

The web boom and bust is like the gold rush boom and bust of the 1850s. The comparisons are infinite. When people were searching for gold 160 years ago, there were so many ships in the San Francisco bay, that pioneers had to dock their ship behind rows of other boats and swim ashore with their shovels because it was so crowded in the harbor. The web boom of now is just like that. How many Twitter lookalikes are there right now?

What can we learn from the gold rush and apply it to this era?

What does "enterprise" even mean?

Ross Dawson

Today we are moving beyond the corporation, we are building something worthwhile. Finally, the individual has the power, technologica know-how, and control to make their own decisions in the marketplace.

Ross Dawson

What is "knowledge management"?

Link together the only resouces that matter in today's economoy: knowledge and relationships.

The networks that create the relationships are literally coming to life. The global brain is very real now, says Ross Dawson.

In essence, an organization is simply a bunch of relationships in the 4th dimension: through time.


Understanding the world of media will help understand the health of organizations in the future. Web 2.0 is about participation; the inputs and how they create value. Sounds like how an organization should think, right?

As a people, we expect more and more every day. This is a fundimental driver in our participation in these organizations.

Also, we are commoditizing everything.

So what is "Enterprise 2.0"?

The application of Web 2.0 and social media inside organizatinos to bring value. Also, it is literally about creating the next version of the enterprise. The challenge is: how do we create this and keep up with it as it changes? It's only a matter of time before "social media" is a dud.

I will have to say, the coolest part of tonight's event was the actual agenda. I have never been to a tech event that has been so structured, so to-the-tee. They spoke here for 6 minutes, did this for 10 minutes. After the main presentations were over, the group sat outside CBS' Magma conference room in a camp fire style, sipping Australian wine, and tasing cheese. People sat, they listened, and they interacted.


Next time you hear about a TEDx event, you better be there. It was a night full of learning, entertainment, and knowledge.

ZDNet's own Sam Diaz was in attendance and he had some good commentary to share.

My full photoset from the even on Flickr

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    good article, and good to know that the atmosphere and ideas that TED promotes are now accessible to everyone.