Chromebook Pixel: Spoiling me for other chromebooks

Chromebook Pixel: Spoiling me for other chromebooks

Summary: My Samsung chromebook has kept me happy for months, but that's changed and it's Google's fault.

TOPICS: Mobility, Google, Laptops

I have been using a Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook since picking it up last year. The Samsung is a great laptop that happens to run Chrome OS, something that works very well for me. I like everything about the Samsung. Then Google sent me a Chromebook Pixel and spoiled me.

The Series 5 550 Chromebook works very well for me. It runs Chrome OS nicely and is a super work machine that meets my needs. There is not really anything I don't like about the Samsung, but it's no longer enough.

The culprit is the Chromebook Pixel, the expensive laptop from Google that costs almost three times what I paid for the Samsung. The Pixel hardware is as good as that on any laptop, even better in some ways. Using the Chromebook Pixel is sheer joy and it's not often you can say that about a laptop.

The Pixel keyboard is great, the trackpad is outstanding, and then there's that screen. The high resolution, even higher than the famous Retina display, is simply wonderful to use. Text displays razor sharp and graphics pop. The integrated long-term evolution (LTE) is so darn convenient when wi-fi is not available. Then there's the touchscreen. This has come in handy far more than I thought it would. Chrome OS is not fully optimized for touch, but what it can do with it makes the Pixel even better than without.

Given the high price of the Chromebook Pixel, surely I'm not thinking of getting one? As you have probably guessed, that's exactly what I am considering. My Samsung Chromebook that I liked so much is just not cutting it now that I've used the best Chromebook.

Pixel side view
Chromebook Pixel
(Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet)

I haven't pulled the trigger on the Pixel yet, as it was not in my budget. I recently bought the MacBook Pro and another similar purchase is not in the budget. But I admit I've come very, very close to doing so.

The Pixel I am using now is going back to Google shortly and the thought of going back to a regular chromebook is not appealing at all. Stepping down on the hardware, the build quality, the integrated LTE, the gorgeous display, the touchscreen...

You may think I'm crazy to be considering spending this much ($1,449) for a Chromebook Pixel, and you're not far off the mark. I don't know anyone I would recommend to do so. But the fact is I use Chrome OS, it works well for me, and I want to run it on the best hardware available to run it. It's my money, after all.

That in a nutshell is the narrow audience that the Chromebook Pixel is aimed at: Someone who is already convinced that Chrome OS will work fine for them. The price is too high for those not sure about Chrome OS. But for those like me who know it's good, and want to run it on the best hardware available to do so, the Pixel is it.

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Topics: Mobility, Google, Laptops

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  • The price is too high for those not sure about Chrome OS?

    The price is also too high for those that are sure about Chrome OS.
    NoMore MicrosoftEver
    • Challenger R/T...I rather spend

      $1,400 on a Crombook than a DIME on a Windows Surface RT.................
      Over and Out
      • Lame

        Just don't make foll of yourself again and again.
      • Don't pretend your opinion matters, Another View

        since it was an obvious troll post, it doesn't.

        Nice try at the spin though, trying to hijack the blog into some anti-MS thing. Was that to hide poor ChromeOS sales? It's like the 007th time you where the first person to bring MS into a non MS blog.
        William Farrel
      • Another View

        Okie Dokie. Glad ZDnet attracts such smart people like you! What a pleasure it is to read ABM tard content on a Google blog.
        I would love to meet you in person to see and hear you in all your glory. I can dream, right?
        • xuniL_z.. I'm always at Harry's on Friday's in down town Redomd

          Come on in and we'll chat on the FAILING's of anything Surface related.............
          Over and Out
          • I didn't know those engineers bothered talking

            to you buss boys at Harry's, seeing you spend most of your time in the back.
            William Farrel
  • $1500 for a computer that just runs Chrome?

    I don't see the point behind a chromebook. It's essentially a netbook that only runs Google Chrome, right?

    And the Pixel just looks like an ultrabook that only runs Chrome? I guess I just don't understand the concept here. Why not just buy a real laptop and install Chrome on it? There seem to be more and more touch laptops these days.
    • Being spoiled for "other" Chromebooks is like...

      ...being spoiled for other matzoh bread. I'm still glad when Passover is over (with respect to bread, at least).

      I'm still waiting to find out if the Pixel will run Windows 8, but no one on the Internet seems to have bothered to try to find out.
      x I'm tc
      • @x I'm tc

        No, will not run Windows 8
      • or .. Being spoiled for "other" Chromebooks is like...

        Being unhappy with the bottom line Yugo, when you can have one with tinted windows, pimpin' rimz and chrome trim.
  • Kevein Tofel


    Kevin Tofel a fellow blogger sold his brand new Mackbook Air. You recently order a Mabook Air then changed your order to a Macbook Pro with Retina display. I think having something to compare to makes all the difference. I would suggest doing the same thing. The only difference is that Kevin Tofel has a iMac Desktop to do video editing and podcast recording work on.
  • Yawn...

    Chrome book is not even a computer. Sell this to celebrities...
    • No doubt

      It would be too complex for you to use.
      • 1st world country problem

        Spend money on something which isn't worthy enough to buy for just simplicity.Buy any android or windows product with chrome on it, it will give you more productivity than this chromebook. Why spend money on it ???
        • You miss the point

          The beauty of the Chrome books (at least the lower priced ones) is NOT having to deal with all the agony that comes with Windows. No rebooting for updates, no programs you don't even need constantly running in the background, no constant concerns with virus protection, no battery sucking processes running constantly, no need to buy upgrades to your OS. If you can get buy without native apps its no comparison.
          Marc Ello
          • Windows RT

            Windows RT crashes ??? That's new, even windows 7,8 doesn't crash like xp.
          • Never crashes?

            Gee didn't they create a widdle blue screen with a widdle blue smiley :) on it saying:

            We're sorry. Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you.

            If it never crashes then there should be no need for the warning. Right?

          • Windows RT ??

            I think you're living in 2003 era, come back here to comment when you reach to 2013. I've never seen such BSOD on win 8, even not on 7. Before SP1, I faced 5 crashes on 7 but not a single after SP1 and same for 8.
          • Sure, you know more about RT it seems @CaviarGreen

            learn the fact that Windows 8 and Windows RT are different.
            Ram U