Facebook Home downloaded 500,000 times in 10 days

Facebook Home downloaded 500,000 times in 10 days

Summary: Will future updates to Facebook Home slow down the one star reviews it's currently getting?


It's been just over a week since Facebook released Facebook Home on Google Play, and the app has already been downloaded over 500,000 times.

The app's move into the 500,000 to one million download category was first noticed on Sunday by mobile analyst Benedict Evans.

The downloads represent only a fraction of Facebook's estimated one billion users and are still far behind the Google Play download figures for the standard Facebook app, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook-owned Instagram, which have all reached between 100 million and 500 million downloads.

Given Facebook Home's limited support for select, popular devices, it's hard to say whether the number of downloads is good or poor. However, the app is currently receiving a lot of one out of five star reviews from users. At present, one star reviews for Home dominate, whereas five stars is the most common review on Google Play for the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

Still, Home gives Facebook another way to improve its penetration on Android as its mobile app user base edges towards half of the company's total.

Earlier this year, Evans noted that in Q3 2012, Facebook had 470 million mobile app users, up from 240 million a year earlier. However, while Facebook's app achieved about 70 percent penetration of the iOS user base, it only reached 40 percent of the Android user base. Meanwhile, users accessing Facebook through the mobile web was flat.

Facebook’s Messenger also appears to have grown quickly in the past six months, with Evans noting that the app had 53 million app users on iOS and Android, with around 30 million coming from Android. According to Google Play stats, Messenger on Android alone has now been downloaded over 100 million.

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  • 500, 000?

    Is that figure adjusted for uninstalls? Or is that just total downloads?
    Holden Monaro
    • ONLY 500,000?

      There's gotta be a lot more people around who have no life.
      • But even 500k is scary....

        as an indication of how many careless &/or clueless users intend to waste more of their time than ever.
  • The one stars will continue.

    Google has lots and lots of fans that will continue to try and sink Facebook Home good or not. I think the reviews will continue to look like:

    • Substantiation?

      Where is your proof that Google fans are trying to sink Facebook Home? Facebook does a pretty good job by itself of making itself as invasive as possible. Maybe it also doesn't work that well or bogs the devices down, or perhaps people realize that they didn't want Facebook tracking everything about what they do with the phone.
      • An example would have been nice.

        The article didn't give any examples of the bad reviews. Not a chance I would download this spyware even if I had a compatible device.
        I just don't understand the incessant need to share everything with everyone.
  • I love the Zuck ads for this

    He's talking to his employees when one guys is tuning him out because of Facebook Home. Way to sell the product! Even the ads show it's nothing but a time waster.
  • I Wonder If...

    ...anything in Apple's app store has been as popular...
  • Just shows 500,000 people that shouldn't have a phone.

    If you need a facebook home app...... you actually really need to get a life.
    Reality Bites
  • So, just WHAT is the news????

    That as many as 500k downloaded, or that ONLY 500k did so???? WHAT'S the point?????