First mainland NBN sites announced

First mainland NBN sites announced

Summary: NBN Co has announced the first sites on the mainland to be connected to the National Broadband Network.

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NBN Co has announced the first sites on the mainland to be connected to the National Broadband Network, sites that will be considered "live trial" areas to test network design and construction methods.

NBN Co's Brunswick site

The Brunswick site
(Credit: NBN Co)

The test sites will allow NBN Co to look at the effect of conditions prevailing in different areas across the country such as terrain, housing type and density, climate, and existing infrastructure.

The areas that have been chosen are:

  • Part of the Melbourne suburb Brunswick (around 2600 premises)
  • An area of Townsville covering parts of Aitkenvale and Mundingburra (around 3100 premises)
  • Minnamurra and Kiama Downs, south of Wollongong (around 2600 premises)
  • Part of west Armidale including the University of New England (around 2900 premises)
  • The rural town of Willunga in South Australia (around 1000 premises)

The NBN Co has maps of the streets the first sites will cover on its website. While Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia have been included in the trials, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory will miss out on the first round.

Actual construction work is expected to start early in the second half of the year.

There will be three stages of construction: laying the passive components of the network such as the fibre cable, deploying active network equipment in fibre access nodes, and giving retail providers network access, which will finally be given to end users.

Stage one and two are expected to be completed by early next year.

"The first release sites will provide critical information about the practical application of our designs, construction methods and technology in the real world. This will allow us to validate our network design and the total end-to-end systems in a live environment, following full testing in our integration labs," NBN Co chief executive officer Mike Quigley said in a statement.

"The first-release roll-out will also allow us to test different construction techniques, so we have selected sites that represent the diversity of situations we will encounter across Australia in the volume roll-out."

The thousands of blocks on premises will form "fibre serving area modules" — the network building blocks to be replicated across the country.

Topics: Broadband, NBN

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  • Retail Providers

    Are there any announced retail providers of connectivity to these locations.

    When the NBN lays cable, where exactly are they cabling back too? I assume it is not the local Telstra EX?
  • How much will it cost Taxpayers?

    The last I heard was that to roll out NBN to Tassie would cost $26,000 dollars per/household!

    Conroy 'splashed" another $100 million just recently in Tassie alone! And thats the start of it....

    What will the cost be in these suburbs to Taxpayers?
  • ummm

    ummm that's what governments are for and why we pay taxes, so the governmnet can provide services for us.

    you sound like the same guy saying the same stuff everwhere throughout zdnet.

    are you are liberal party member, telstra employee or both? give it a rest.
  • - A Taxpayer

    Acutally a taxpayer who would like to see the Government not waste public money!

    Actually even a business case would be
    a start before money is wasted!
  • Perth missed out?

    Why did Perth miss out on the first trial?
  • Usual reason

    Liberal State Govt, No election coming up, too far away etc so on and so forth just like why we did not get much cable and are stuck with huge metro areas that cannot get decent (or any) ADSL.
  • why we pay taxes:

    we pay taxes for infastructure, and welfare, and health care and all that other hullabaloo. We on the other hand, do not pay to have our tax money spent on frivolity, on improperly thought out ideas to try and win public support.

    Heres an idea labour, instead of burning my money up how about you just throw it from the roofs, atleast that way people can get some benefit.
  • they have already done that

    actually laour have already done that, you didn't get your $900?
  • Hope it goes underground

    I just hope that the NBN is going stick all it's cables underground. And while they're at it, they might as well rip down the Optus eyesore cables, which will become redundant.
  • good point

    yes if they install cabling (trenching or telephone pole... whatever)...

    Where are the exchange points in which to connect the last mile cabling (ie the fttp)..

    Does NBN Co own an imaginary back bone network in which to connect to?

    Ohh, i forgot that in the senate schedule, they better hurry that through, before laying their cable..