Google Maps for iOS surpassed 10M downloads in less than 48 hours

Google Maps for iOS surpassed 10M downloads in less than 48 hours

Summary: That was fast: Google Maps for iOS was downloaded more than 10 million times in less than 48 hours.


It's official: Google Maps for iOS is a huge hit.

Jeff Huber, senior vice president of commerce and local at Google, revealed on his Google+ page on Monday that the new mapping app experienced more than 10 million downloads in less than 48 hours.

"We're excited for the positive reception of Google Maps for iPhone around the world," Huber continued. "Congratulations to the Maps Team on the recognition for the passion and hard work they poured into it, for this release and over the last 7+ years."

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Google Maps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad debuted late last Wednesday.

The launch of the app follows the firestorm this past fall surrounding Apple's beleaguered efforts to release its own mapping platform. Complaints ranged from inaccurate directions to completely erroneous locations altogether.

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for the problems, admitting that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company "fell short" with the new mapping platform included in iOS 6.

The iPhone maker followed up by highlighting alternative mapping apps in the App Store, and it was only a matter of time before Google trotted out its own.

For iOS users who still don't have the app but want to download it, Google Maps for iOS is available for free from iTunes now.

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  • Yep

    So search, mapping, YouTube, video chat, Digital assistants, and email are all better with Google! Why do people need an iPhone again?
    • Hmmm..

      I would say that Search, Maps, YouTube.. Yes are better. Actually there are aspects of Apples Maps I really like. But until it gets, Public Transportation and walking directions it will take a backseat at least while I'm on foot. I find myself looking at both when I get directions. The locations so far have matched up(I haven't had a issue but I live in a populated area). If they do then I use Apples. Again I just like the turn by turn better. But put me on public transportation or walking in the city. Break out google maps.

      Video chat, probably the gold standard is still skype. It just works everywhere.

      Digital Assistants. The iPhone works pretty good, better then on my droid. But both still have a lot of work to do on them.

      Email? Thats about as generic as it gets. You can pick anything and it's good enough.
      • Nah

        Seems more people want GMail and it is better on Android.

        As for Digital Assistants, Google Now has surpassed Siri. No, it isn't perfect but most reviews admit Google is ahead in this area.

        Another area is typing! The swipe style keyboard built in to jellybean is crazy good and crazy accurate.
        • There are so many good features in Android

          You got it. Google Now and Swype are fantastic, killer features on Android.

          My Nokia Lumia 920 is a fantastic phone and I'm really happy with it but I give Google a ton of credit where credit is due. Too bad apple can't bring this sort of innovation onto the market. The best thing they've been able to do is Ping. Where is Ping now?

          • Lumia 920

            Only thing that keeps me from buying one is the lack of a free tethering app.
          • tethering is built in - if you have the right data plan

            The Lumia 920 tethering is built in, no app needed. But you have to have a data plan that supports tethering. Which, BTW, the new AT&T shared data plans do, without an added charge. So if you (or your family) have multiple 3G/4G data devices, go for the shared data plans and get tethering.
          • Wow

            Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
          • Go nut yourself

            And love that
  • Apple is gonna have a very tough convincing users to switch back!

    They've blown it.

    I thought Apple stuff, just worked?
    • Switch back?

      Switch back from what? If you are talking maps everyone I know with an iPhone is still using Apple Maps as it works great here. A lot of us have downloaded Google Maps simply because it's available but since there are no issues with Apple Maps it's just more convenient. Apple doesn't care which you use, your still on an iOS device and that's what they really care about.
  • Map is just fine in the US

    It is not the download that counts. It is the actual usage. Mine is going to sit there for a long time.
    Rsdofny Us
  • Apple Maps..

    I want to like you. You take me to the right place 99% of the time. I love your turn by turn. But you need to catch up in a few places. In high density areas we NEED public transportation, we NEED walking directions.

    So I'm sorry, until you close the gap I'm going to have to use Google Maps. Sorry, it's not me.. It's you.
    • The nice thing about the iOS ecosystem is that there are excellent Map apps

      Currently, the Google iOS Map app is better (via Google themselves) than it's native Android Map app. (Sort of ironic)

      However, I will continue to use Apple's Map App on my iPhone 5 since it hasn't failed me in any US search feature yet. (First time Washington DC trip - worked perfectly)

      When I need public trans info or walking info which Johnpford requires, I will always have the Google Map app as a backup on my iPhone 5.

      Till then, the Apple Map app will continue to be my easy default iOS map application.

      (Just my experience and my anecdotal remarks are not meant to apply to everyone. However, according to recently published research the usage stats of all iOS devices that can take advantage of Apple Map features and the new Google Map features indicate that the change from iOS Map usage to Google Map usage has been negligible. That stat DOES NOT say mean that Google Maps have not had a "healthy" download adoption rate - it has. Rather, once downloaded, the iOS users tend to still reply on Apple's Map app. This indicates that for most users (and not by a simply majority either), the Apple Map app has been quite acceptable for them.)

      PS .. I'm sure I will arrive at an example where Apple's Map app directions are inaccurate just as during the past seven years I have been led astray by Google's map info. (To be fair, that has occurred five times or less with Google Maps). However, I don't anticipate being led astray with Apple's Map app at a rate greater than Google's map direction results.
      • Could you post the link to that?

        "Rather, once downloaded, the iOS users tend to still reply on Apple's Map app."

        I remember reading an article somewhat related to this but if we are talking about the same article, I think you misunderstood. Here is the the article I read:

        It does NOT conclude that the shift from iOS map usage to Google map usage was negligible. It concludes that people did not wait for Google Maps before upgrading to iOS 6. It did this by looking to see if there was a large bump in iOS 6 upgrades after Google Maps release. There wasn't.
        "The takeaway? While a vocal minority may have claimed that they were holding out for a dedicated Google Maps app before upgrading, it seems that overall, many had decided to already take the iOS 6 plunge long before the app’s arrival."

        My apologies if you were referring to a completely different article. If so, could you please post it?

        It is nice for iOS users that they finally have the 2nd best mapping app available on their platform. This is an improvement over the 5th best mapping app that is built in. Maybe, if Nokia sees fit, they will release the #1 best mapping app for iOS? Until then though, Nokia WP8 have exclusive access to the #1 best mapping app.
        • Spoilt for choice?

          It's my guess that iPhone users are rather happy to have a choice of mapping Apps and happy to have an improved google Maps App. They can now choose the one that best serves their needs whether it be from Apple, Google, or even Nokia. I'm not sure I see a particularly bad side to that.
        • I stand corrected. Your interpretation was the correct one, Todd

          Although I didn't read that article from Tech Crunch, I did read similar articles a few days ago citing the same data info.

          Some many articles to "skim". I suspect I might have to read a few of them in the future! Grin.

          Thanks for keeping me on my toes.
        • Exclusive access to the #1 best mapping app

          That should help Nokia sell two or three additional phones this year, good for them.
      • +1

        Apple maps didn't fail me either. And I don't use iPhone for email, so gmail app is sort of waste for me. I use HTC Evo 3D or WP8 for emailing, texting etc.
        Ram U
        • Use Siri and Google Maps together

          Use the phrase, via transit, at the end of a Siri command requesting map directions and iOS will use Google' map app instead of Apple's mapping application.

          The following example will illustrate.

          Siri, get directions to the nearest Sears via transit.

          After Siri executes the command, iOS will display the Google Map icon at the top of the page with a rectangular button next to it. Tap the button and iOS will use Google maps (if installed, of course) for routing directions.
      • you are super sillious

        Nothing more to say