Google's 32GB Nexus 7 looks set to race Santa to the UK and US

Google's 32GB Nexus 7 looks set to race Santa to the UK and US

Summary: Ads have emerged suggesting Google is getting ready to offer a version of its low-cost Nexus 7 tablet with 32GB of storage, but for almost the same price as the existing 16GB version.


A new version of the Google Nexus 7 tablet with double the storage space looks likely to be winging its way to UK store shelves before Christmas, going by a retailer's ad.

The new model of the Asus-manufactured seven-inch Nexus 7 will come with 32GB of storage instead of the existing 8GB and 16GB options, and will cost £199, according to Argos, which listed the device in its Christmas Gift Guide. Argos's price for the bigger-capacity tablet almost exactly matches that for the 16GB version.

Argos has listed a 32GB version of the Nexus 7 in its Christmas Gift Guide. Image: Ben Woods

Neither Google or Asus responded to a request for comment, so it is not known whether Google intends to keep offering the existing 8GB and 16GB variants.

The deal is not yet available on Argos's website, and the retailer has not revealed exactly when the 32GB Nexus 7 will go on sale. The ad in the retailer's guide was first spotted by the TeckComesFirst site.

In the US, several leaks have already suggested that the 32GB device will be available for around $250. One US Staples Advantage promo was spotted by self-confessed 'Google/Android fanatic' Joe Sanchez, who managed to take a screenshot of retailer's online listing for the device before the page was removed.

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  • Tough for Apple and Microsoft to compete

    32G Android Nexus priced at half the monopoly consensus price. At $500/2 the Nexus 7 should win over users who need a handheld device while walking around.
  • My next tablet

    Yeah, the 32Gb Nexus 7 will be my next tablet. No question about it. 16Gb was just too little internal storage for me to bite, but 32Gb hits the sweet spot. It provides enough storage to hold all your apps and a dozen or so movies, which are pretty much my requirements for a 7" tablet. I'll keep my music on my phone, because I want something I can strap on my arm and listen to at the gym for music.
  • Nexus 7 3G The Next Apple

    I currently own an iPad 2 and am seriously intrenched in the Apple ecosystem. So you can only imagine my great anticipation for the iPad Mini. However, recognizing Apple's penchant for creating quality products but with no great Wow factor, I began to explore alternative 7 inch tablets.

    From my research, the Nexus 7 began to pique my interest. And when I found that there existed the possibility of a 32G upgrade, I was close to making the transition into the world of Android OS (October 29 will ultimately determine that decision). But what further piqued my curiosity, was during Apple's unveiling of the iPad Mini, their comparison to the Nexus 7. Not a good idea. In essence, Apple did Google a major favor by comparing the two tablets. When you take into consideration the form factor of the Nexus 7, it's portability, HD screen, and last but not least, it's cost, it appears to be the go to tablet. Plus, when you compare a competitor to yourself, you are tacitly acknowledging their viability.

    Google! A than you letter is in order.