HP 8 Android tablet goes on sale for $169.99

HP 8 Android tablet goes on sale for $169.99

Summary: The 8-inch model, which runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is quietly launched on the company's website.


Roughly a year ago, HP attempted to make a big splash by releasing a budget 7-inch Android tablet. Dubbed the Slate 7 and introduced for just $169, it quickly received a price cut and was subsequently replaced by the Slate 7 Plus (neé HD), which currently sells for $149.99.

Cut to today and a far more subdued HP has released another cut-rate Android tablet, but without any fanfare. While the Slate 7 was rolled out at MWC 2013, the new HP 8 was merely dropped onto the company's website, perhaps because its low-end specs and $169.99 price are no longer news.

Those specs include an ARM-based Allwinner A31s quad-core CPU and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It does come with 16GB of built-in storage, twice as much as the Slate 7 Plus, and a 7.85-inch screen. Unfortunately, its 1,024x768 resolution is meager -- lower, even, than the 1,280x800 7-inch display on the Slate 7 Plus.

Will the HP 8 fare better than the company's other bargain-priced Android tablets? Do you have any interest in buying it? Let us know in the Talkback section below. 


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  • just need to hear it will get Kitkat and ...

    I may very well purchase. Unfortunately, you have to insure upgrades are going to happen these days !
    • why this?

      When I can have the Lenovo mix 2 for $199?
      • why no!

        Windows RT ... there's NOT an app for that ... market share is too small, developers aren't lining up ... MS is allowing RT to wither and die while refocusing on Win8.x
        • It is not RT!!!

          It is the full windows... read the specs and come back...
          • Look at the product specs from the link you posted.

            Microsoft Windows RT operating system..
            Anthony E
          • nope..it is the full windows

            It has the Intel atom quad core and runs full windows. I bought one.
          • Umm,

            The specs on the page you gave says plainly: Microsoft Windows RT operating system.
          • Best Buy's "geniuss"

            The problem here is Best Buys website. Yes, the product splash page says "Windows RT", but if you go to the full spec page (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-miix-2-8-32gb-silver/2341001.p?id=1219071848495&skuId=2341001#tab=specifications) it says Windows 8. & if you go to Lenovo's site it says Win 8 as well. Gotta always go back to source material.
          • Price

            Of course its also $299, not $199. Sale prices should really not be factored in since they are unpredictable.
          • I bought one too!

            The website was having issues. I had to call in to get the sale price. It is the Miix 2 and I just bought one because of price to try the new Atom 3740 two channel quad core system. We have two 11.6" Atom 2760 tablets which single channel dual core. The website also said Windows 8.0 when the Miix 2 comes with 8.1 natively. The same tablet can be had for 15 bucks more give or take on Amazon tax free. Best Buy website charges tax making this $216.00 from BB. The Dell Venue 8 uses the 3740D, which is a single channel SOC. At that price I can play and keep it for travel, or sell it for what I paid easily on Craigslist. The IO is lacking in ports, but I am not ordering it to replace the HP X2 or the Lynx. Just a play toy. Android? Deal with NSAG? (NSA = gov't spying on my communications, NSAG = Google, the civilian spying on my Internet activity)
          • Yes

            But it can't have RT and Intel, so one of those things is wrong.
            Michael Alan Goff
        • Windows8 also runs WindowsRT apps

          and there are over 200 million users and growing. Developers cannot ignore a marketshare that size.

          Which is why the Windows App store generated almost as much dollar sales volume as the Google app store did last year.

          1.2 billion Google
          .9 billion Microsoft.
          • Who cares

            the review is about an android tablet.
          • Did I strike a nerve?

      • Duh! Because it's windoze ...

        ... why would you spend more to get an inferior tablet that uses an obsolete - 1990s - OS?

        "I see windows everywhere, and it doesn't know it's dead!"
        • Heenan.. u sire are a mountain troll

          Go troll somewhere else..
          • I think you show who the troll is here

            The article is a review of an Android tablet and you are shilling Windows.

            We need better shills, these can't read.
        • Sure

          Because having the ability to run more than one app side by side, plug in almost any USB device, connect to monitors with advance monitor controls, having true multiple user profiles with granular user rights, full web browser with full java and flash, etc and so on.

          Yeah, that's just so 90's, please give me some neutered device that's powerless like my manhood.
          Rann Xeroxx
          • You are right... except for the date.

            That is so 1980s.

            Multiple monitors, true multiple user profiles with granular user rights...

            By 1991 that was everywhere... except Microsoft.
          • I see another of the "frightened four" has chimed in.

            Well, Jesse, I guess if Heenan73 is continuing downward spiral, it's nice to know he'll have your company along for the ride.

            I'd say you guys are grasping at straws, but you don't even have that to grab hold of, anymore.

            But you cling tight to your vision of history, the rest of us will happily stay here in the present.