HP drops price of Slate 7 Android tablet by $30, now starting at $139.99

HP drops price of Slate 7 Android tablet by $30, now starting at $139.99

Summary: The company's latest attempt to storm the tablet market has already been discounted. Is it doomed like its predecessors?


Companies can spin it any way they like, but discounting a new product — whether as a limited-time offer or a permanent price drop — is never a good sign. Such would appear to be the case for HP, which has already dropped the price on its much-ballyhooed Slate 7 Android tablet, released in April, by $30.

When the company announced the Slate 7, its low starting price of $169.99 was one of its main selling points in the fiercely competitive tablet market. So the fact that HP has recently and quietly lowered the cost to $139.99 suggests that even that budget price was too high to muster sufficient sales. The $30 discount also applies to the pricier configurations with 16GB of capacity and optional red color choice.

Reviews for the Slate 7 have been middling at best, which may have blunted demand. For instance, our sister site CNET found that the tablet suffers from mediocre hardware, including a 1,024x600 resolution screen and lackluster cameras, and the lack of a gyroscope.

What do you make of HP's decision to lower the price of the Slate 7? Does it make you more likely to buy one? Or does it mean that it's one step closer to the dustbin, joining the company's other tablet failures like the Slate 500 and TouchPad?

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  • Another failed HP tablet venture

    Every decision HP made after they fired Mark Hurd was disasters...They wanted to 'spin-off' PC business...the Web OS saga, purchasing the UK IT firm and so forth...now they are into android all-in-ones.. and plastic android toys....what a joke
    • Let's be serious

      HP is crawling back from a disaster under Mark Hurd. To please Wallstreet, he cut R&D, and you know what happened. Meg Whitman is fortunately re-investing in R&D so give them time. But please stop taking Mr. Hurd for what he was not. If the company is where it is, it's thnaks to him.
    • Another New Android Tablet - 8-Inch Novo 8 Discovery

      I'd opt for the new Novo 8 Discovery tablet that launched in June -- and is on sale this week for $159, normally $169 at Tablet Sprint - the Novo 8 Discovery compares to the 8-inch mini iPad and offers fast Quad core performance and Bluetooth connection... and the 8" size is almost as compact as a 7" tablet but offers 65% more screen space to play with, which makes quite a difference in user experience. It also offers MicroSD storage, 16GB Memory, HDMI, a front webcam & 2 Megapixel rear camera, Bluetooth, a powerful 5000 mAh battery, and Google Play preinstalled with access to over 400,000 Apps -- Tablet Sprint also features $25 in free Bonus Apps that include an MS Office suite and several premium 3D Games, including Shadowgun --
  • HP is way to late to the Android party

    Price was the only real strong point of the tablet, but even then there were better choices already competing with it. Typically with better hardware at similar or lower prices.

    Next HP is going to do the same thing with a smart phone... sometime next year. Right now the market is already heavily over saturated with most Android phone losing money. What is HP going to do that will make them standout or get carriers to buy into their devices over someone else with more experience in phones or an established device line?

    HP should have done something a little different than just trying to put out a random device here or there. HPs wait and see approach is killing them. Instead of releasing random devices they needed to create a brand line that people can easily associate with. Perhaps do something like release every tablet with an Android and Windows model. Same with phones.

    At least something like that would standout.
    • yes, Android is all Samsung party

      and if something is left in the tablets, it is Nexus and some Asus. Rest are just hanging there. yep, the cheaper android tablets aren't selling like their counterparts cheap Android Phones. Of course cheaper Android Phones are shoved as free with contracts.
      Ram U
      • Re: yes, Android is all Samsung party

        Interesting that the most successful Android tablet is not made by Samsung.
  • HP has really bad timing.

    At this price, this is one of the nicest under 150$ 7" tablets. Most don't have Bluetooth or a rear facing camera. Beats audio is waste on a budget tablet. This has to be the worst time to release a 7 " inch tablet. Samsung just released the Tab 3. Google and Amazon will release the Fire and Nexus updates soon (possibly any day). In the sub 150$ range I would recommend it, but for me I will wait to see the Fire and Nexus.
  • This shows the folly of making Android devices

    Since the OS is the only thing that is blamed for the "failure" of certain other devices, I figured we would use the same logic here. Clearly this is all Android's fault, right?
    • Set up your straw man if you will, but that is not what the author said.

      "Reviews for the Slate 7 have been middling at best, which may have blunted demand. For instance, our sister site CNET found that the tablet suffers from mediocre hardware, including a 1,024x600 resolution screen and lackluster cameras, and the lack of a gyroscope."
      • All android tablets have mediocre hardware. Thats what the race to the

        bottom is all about. This is HP clearing them out just like they did for webos tablets. If you want to build volume tablets with margins you have to put windows on them plain and simple
        Johnny Vegas
        • you are lying

          you can buy a nook HD+ for $150 and that has a retina screen at HD resolution. How much does a $hittows 'tablet' cost, again ?
          • You know that B&N has discontinued the Nook

            and you are quoting the clearence price.

            At that price the Nook is a pretty darn good tablet though.
  • The market price point changed between announcement and release

    $170 didn't look too bad in April. Then the MeMOPad was released at $150 and widely discounted, with the MeMOPad HD on the way soon. HP had to cut their price to compete.
  • Amazon killed them

    HP would have been better off selling rebranded Kindle Fire. BTW, Amazon just priced matched HP on the 16GB HD version; better device too.
    Tired Tech
  • companies like HP

    have little more to offer than retailers like best buy. They are in this state because they became johns for m$ and intel. They did little development of products/services of their own and so have nothing to offer. I am not sure why anyone would buy ANY device from HP/Dell vs. a cheaper alternative directly from a Chinese vendor (where dell/HP manufacture their devices, too).

    Perhaps HP can target the android devices at corporations as a differentiation but after decades of brainwashing suits as to the inevitability of wintel, even that is a hard call and a lame pitch coming from them.
  • HP should know more than anyone....

    that a Droid tablet is only a toy, and not useful at all for business apps. Sorry Meg, but facts is facts, & opinions do not alter them. Leave the toys to the toymakers, & go back to doing what you (should be) do(ing) best.
  • This is proof that the market for Android tablets is very limited,

    and HP is just the latest to learn that lesson.

    The Android tablets that have been selling, are doing so because, they are being sold with targeted purposes, such as Amazon with their Amazon store. Otherwise, any company that enters the Android tablet space is doomed to failure, just like HP and others.

    However, there is another way to give the Android tablet market a boost, and that is to sell them at losses, with the hope to make up the losses with volume sales. ;)

    Money-wise, there is none to be made with Android tablets.

    Ever hear of the "post-PC" mantra?


    We're in the post-Android-tablet era. ;)

    Soon we'll be in the post-iPad era. ;)

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