HTC One Mini competes with Apple iPhone 5 for single hand crown (Gallery)

HTC One Mini competes with Apple iPhone 5 for single hand crown (Gallery)

Summary: When I want to carry a small smartphone that disappears in my pocket I take along my iPhone 5. HTC's upcoming One Mini feels even better and more compact than the iPhone 5 and should appeal to many folks.


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  • Right side showing volume button differences

  • microUSB is on the bottom of the One Mini

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  • Still trying to decide between my iPhone 5 and HTC One

    I have another week left before I can no longer return the HTC One. There's pro's and con's to each one. The one hand use of the iPhone 5 is one of its strengths compared to the One. Decisions, decisions.
    • Get a Nokia Lumia

      Cost less, built super solid, wireless charging, NFC, excellent apps.
      Sean Foley
      • check apps

        Check to see if the apps you want are available before diving into WP8. It seems my local TV station and newspaper are not interested in WP8, as many don't see the need for such a small audience.
  • no nfc on iphone should be a deal breaker

    Even if you don't use it now, you will eventually, the iphone is a year 2010 phone, this is 2013
  • Going out at night

    "when I am going out for the night and want a device that slips into and disappears in my pocket "

    If I am going out for the night the last thing I want is a phone ringing in my pocket while I am on the dance floor.
  • My Nexus4 disappears in my pocket

    My Nexus4 disappears in my pocket. I find no problem with size. Will be interesting to see if iPhone joins in the modern world of larger screens.