IBM rolls out Blueworks Live business tool

IBM rolls out Blueworks Live business tool

Summary: The company has unveiled a business-management package called Blueworks Live, which is designed to make time-consuming corporate tasks more efficient

TOPICS: IT Employment

IBM on Tuesday announced the launch of a business-process management tool aimed at streamlining ad hoc corporate tasks.

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The new package, dubbed Blueworks Live, is intended to make business processes more efficient. It is designed to give users templates and best practices to automate time-consuming corporate tasks such as inducting a new employee or approving sales quotas.

Blueworks Live takes IBM's knowledge from various consulting projects and makes it open to the public. Via the program workers can collaborate on how to improve and document better processes. Blueworks will go live on 20 November and its price will be about £80 per user per year, which works out at about £7 per month.

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Topic: IT Employment

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