iPhone 5, iOS 6.1 jailbreak tool released

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1 jailbreak tool released

Summary: The latest tool to jailbreak your iOS 6.1-powered device—including at long last the iPhone 5—has been released.

Evasi0n jailbreak for iPhone 5 handsets and iOS 6.1 devices. (Credit: ZDNet)

A jailbreak tool for the latest iOS 6.1 software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices has been released, just shy of a week after Apple let loose the latest mobile software.

@planetbeing made good on a promise that the software would be made available by today. The download links for the latest jailbreak software—available for Windows, OS X and Linux machines—went live today.

'Jailbreaking' is the process in which locked-down software is opened up to external applications outside the platform's protective fence. It allows third-party contibutors to gain further access to the device's features, which has spurred on a huge—albeit entirely separate—ecosystem for non-Apple App Store applications.

These apps, available through third-party stores, such as Cydia, often increase device functionality and offer services that would not ordinarily allowed in Apple's strict application ecosystem. 

Following a court ruling filed by privacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in 2010, jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad was made explicitly legal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), despite Apple's opposition. Jailbreaking a iOS-powered device will void its warranty, but restoring the device in iTunes will return the device back to its original state. 

But from a security perspective, while jailbreaking a device can open up the smartphone or tablet to apps not verified by Apple, the third-party community can in fact help make the platform more secure by fixing vulnerabilities quicker than Apple.

Apple released the latest iOS 6.1 mobile operating system last week, offering support for the new 128GB iPad model, and a feature that allows users to reset the device's unique advertising identifier.

ZDNet's Jason O'Grady described the feature as "akin to your Web browser's Do Not Track option," has more on the feature.

The software update also included support for more 4G LTE networks in a range of European and Middle Eastern countries, and a bevy of security fixes to the platform. 

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  • Jailbreaking now illegal

    Your article incorrect states jailbreaking is legal. On Jan 26, 2013, it became illegal to jailbreak a phone. http://investorplace.com/2013/01/jailbreaking-your-phone-will-be-illegal-after-jan-26/
    • Shaking in my boots. Oh wait...

      Woah! Im shaking in my boots. FYI, the article you posted is regarding unlocking, not jailbreaking. Unlocking allows you to migrate between carriers, where jailbreaking allow you to install 3rd party software and customizable features. Also, seriously... You think even if they made it illegal they could possibly enforce the law? I mean come on... People will still do it, and plenty of those people, if not all of them, will get away with it. Worst case scenario, they loose their account with whichever carrier they're with. Lol... Like laws every stopped anyone.
      Torg Ishere
    • Your post is incorrect.

      One CAN indeed jailbreak an device legally. The new law says that it is illegal to UNLOCK a device to make it work on another carrier's network. Not the same thing. Jailbreaking/rooting hacks the device to add software not normally allowed.
    • Wrong

      Jailbreaking is not illegal. Unlocking is. Also I will need to recheck but your article is missing information, it is only illegal to unlock a phone under it's original contract. It is just to protect the discount given to you for the contract.
  • Jailbreaking now illegal

    Your article incorrect states jailbreaking is legal. On Jan 26, 2013, it became illegal to jailbreak a phone. http://investorplace.com/2013/01/jailbreaking-your-phone-will-be-illegal-after-jan-26/
    • inaccurate

      The article you're quoting is actually inaccurate. It's illegal to UNLOCK a phone purchased after Jan 26, 2013 without a carrier's permission, however, you can still jailbreak your phone for the next three years. Though why jailbreaking a tablet is illegal and not a phone, I really don't know. http://gizmodo.com/5955130/jailbreaking-is-now-legal-for-smartphonesbut-not-tablets
    • Repeating your posts

      Do not make them any more correct. Jailbreaking/rooting is NOT illegal. UNLOCKING the device to work on another carrier is illegal.
  • Jailbreaking now illegal

    Your article incorrect states jailbreaking is legal. On Jan 26, 2013, it became illegal to jailbreak a phone. http://investorplace.com/2013/01/jailbreaking-your-phone-will-be-illegal-after-jan-26/
    • Wow.

      It's one thing to be wrong but 3 times in a row has got to be humbling. You got your terms confused. Jailbreaking while part of the unlocking process is NOT illegal. Jailbreaking hacks the device so that one can add software and customize the software as the customer requires. Unlocking is the process of hacking the phone to allow it to run on another carrier's network. One has to jailbreak to unlock.
  • JB makes devices less secure, not more

    Wow, you mention security and jailbreaking in a the same sentence but fail to mention that the only known malware for iOS only works on jailbroken devices? WTF? I'm not saying people shouldn't jailbreak but they need to be made aware of the risks, and it is a pretty damn big risk! Alluding that jailbreaking is more secure, as you do, is a disservice to your readers and IMO borders on negligence. If you don;t know what you are talking about you shouldn't be publicizing it.

    - H4zzmatt
    • Yes and no.

      Do you recall the Rickroll issue? Granted stock iOS devices did not get that issue but that was caused by those who did not bother to cange their root password. There also was an issue with a bit of malware that affected stock and jailbroken iOS devices and the jailbroken devices got a fix prior to Apple releasing one.

      So tell me again how a jailbroken iOS device is less safe than a stock one?
      • Simple. Read your post.

        You came right out and stated that TWO exploits affected jailbroken phones, and only one affected unbroken phones. The fact you blamed the user in case one doesn't change the fact the only reason the phone was vulnerable was because it was jailbroken.
        • Reread his post

          The issue that affect the STOCK devices was fixed FASTER by the jailbreaking community. And he did say int he first that it only affected jailbroken devices. Open your eyes dude.
  • Jailbreaking is NOT illegal

    The author of the article you link incorrectly equates jailbreaking with unlocking. Unlocking is changing the phone to accept different carrier networks. Jailbreaking is the process of allowing access to the workings of the phone but does not affect the carrier allowances. Unlocking may have been deemed illegal but Jailbreaking is most certainly not.
  • Jailbroke my iPad

    I just did this over my lunch break. I had ios 6.0 on it still since it wasn't verified that 6.1 would fully work. I still jailbroke it with iOS 6.0 because for some reason, my iPad wouldn't update to 6.1. So that was 10 minutes wasted before trying to jailbreak which took another 5-6 minutes on top of that. The big issue I'm facing now is trying to download some quick tweaks and it came up with errors in cydia saying it wasn't able to find the tweak/theme so it couldn't install it. But other than that it worked just fine, no issues with the process itself.
  • finally an untethered jailbreak for iphone 5 and ipad 4

    Untethered means freedom. I couldn't bear a tethered connection as often as I need my phone.
    Brian Hayes
  • What does "untethored" jailbreak mean?

    Please pardon my ignorance:

    Does this mean other jailbreak method require the iOS device, such as an iPhone 5, to be connected directly to a computer in order to be jailbroken or just during the process of jailbreaking it?
  • Tethered and untethered

    Tethered means that the device must be connected to a computer any time you boot it. Untethered means it will boot on its own.
    • Thanks!

      Thanks, Pepper!
  • Finally got an iPhone 5

    I have been waiting, was eligible for an upgrade since June. I finally bought one Friday because I knew I would be jailbreaking it this week.